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I wonder if passersby notice and miss that we no longer do Raymond Federal Bank and McDs?  Now both those gardens are red-barked and so much less floriferous.  Here they were on May 1st 2008 when they were still under our command…er, care:

Part of this garden is now under landscape fabric and river rock. Bye bye to the bulbs. I am sad for them.

We planted shades of red and yellow tulips for the red and yellow drivethrough. Whoever planted the rhodos had not come to the same colour theory.

fast food drive through tulips

I don’t mourn these jobs, because of the Great Revelation of June 2007,  but it does make me sad to think of bulbs under heavy fabric and river rock.  A similar thing happened (but in a hateful vengeful way) when a friend of mine divorced and her embittered ex took casaron to her lovely garden and to be even more sure of its death covered it with fabric and rocks.  That was pure, mean revenge, but sometimes these things happen just because of a lack of appreciation for nature’s imperfections…  A river rock boder sprayed with weed killer will rarely have anything out of place.

I definitely do not miss the difficulties of working in the drivethrough garden, always listening to the intercom’s “May I take your order” and getting ready to balance on the kerb to get out of the way of vehicles.  One had to be careful to maintain one’s dignity while bending over in front of an audience.  I do know that we got compliments about the garden from almost every driver whose car passed by us while we worked here.

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