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Thinking about yesterday’s entry, I began to dream of when the downtown Long Beach park looks more like this:

“Obelisk Park”, Long Beach, last summer

Meanwhile, after some wimpiness about the weather in the morning, we set out to severely prune a long row of Rosa rugosa ‘Blanc Double de Coubert’ at Andersen’s RV Park. I don’t necessarily recommend this, and would not guarantee that this year’s blooms will be lush, but owner Lorna wants it done, and frankly I am all for the quick removal of all the woody old growth and the ease this will create for spring weeding.

Andersen's roses before

Andersen’s rose hedge, before

Andersen's rose hedge, after

Andersen’s rose hedge, after

There is still considerable weeding to be done among the thorny short stems that are left.

Vernice and Sophie

Vernice and Sophie, reunited


and a cute critter

Vernice used to work at Andersen’s with her  spouse Nick, who died last year.  We miss him. We are thrilled to have her back at the RV Park at least for the winter, as was our friend’s dog Sophie who dearly loves her Auntie Vernice.  The tedium of weeding was also lifted by the finding of a cute critter, either newt or salamander.

My thoughts are turning increasingly to what the gardens will be like in the coming year (and what we must do to make it so).

west garden, 2 February

Andersen's west path

Path in same garden, summer

Winter is (surprisingly) my favourite season because it is my time off to rest and read, but as soon as we return to work, I long for the floriferous months of spring and summer.

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2010: The year when I began blogging again here on WordPress.

4 February, 2010 

Second day of work, 2010, after emerging from a six week hibernation.    When I begin to list the spring clean projects ahead, I realized we should have started a week ago.  Yesterday, we got masses done at Andersen’s RV Park; today, we started on the parks and planters of the City of Long Beach.

Our first task: to cut back the Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ so that the early crocus show off to their best advantage.  Allan set himself to this task while I took a bucket down the street to do the 12 street planters to the south, also cutting back sedums and other perennials which had been left for winter architectural structure but now looked like yesterday’s news.

Was so impressed to return after an hour and find the park so very tidy.  Soon it will be a mass of spring bulbs.

Off I went to check on the 24 planters to the north of the park while Allan chopped away at tattered ornamental grasses on the other side.

I was rewarded by the site of the most interesting bulb foliage: tulip with a variegated edge.  Might be an exciting new one I tried (will look up the name by the time it blooms) or the old reliable ‘New Design’.

As always, I was faced with a dilemma about one of my favourite container plants, Santolina: If I cut it it back now, it looks terrible for a month.  If I don’t, it will become leggy and wooden and not be the lovely, soothing silver ball shape that I prefer.  And as I learned this winter, if I cut it back before a hard December freeze, it will die completely.

Facebook photo album of  City of Long Beach parks

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