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Here are some photos of the garden glories of 2009 in our old garden, which is now for sale, listed by Discovery Coast Real Estate.  We heard today from our wonderful realtor that someone viewed it who recognized and could identify, even in the dormant season, special plants in the garden.  My dream is to find such a buyer.

When I say all this could be yours, I mean almost all…Not sure the blue poppy is still there, although it did return in 2010, and the wonderful yellow climbing dicentra may have bit the dust.  I have tried to be sure to show photos only of plants which I have left at least a piece of behind, with the exception of Rosa mutabilis, because that photo does show how colours pop against the green of the house…I have moved a few shrubs to my new garden, but none pictured here, and only enough to leave room for the new owners, whoever they will be, to plant some special acquisitions of their own! (Oh! and one photo shows a baby RED leaved contorted filbert…THAT I took with me, but had to leave behind two enormous green leaved contorted filberts that look amazing in winter.)

Sometime in the next few days, I will ply you with an imaginary tour of this garden, and then will move on to sharing some preliminary scenes of our brand new garden.

(P.S. Er, I took some of those hellebores, but I left some, too!)

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Actually, we have moved.  More on this later!  And we have put up our beloved Tangly Cottage cabin and garden for sale.  We wanted to be just a little closer in town with a view of the port, so have only moved a five minute walk away, and the name Tangly Cottage goes with us to our new home and garden.  MUCH more on this later.  Meanwhile, here is a slide show of the rather wonderful garden which you will own if you happen to buy our former abode.  While of course I have moved some shrubs and divisions of perennials, many plants are quite simply too big to move, so I am fervently hoping that a gardener is the buyer.

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I can’t even begin to include in the slideshow all the plants i will be leaving behind, but here is a partial list of the ones that are too well established to move:

TWO very large “Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick’ contorted filberts which anchor the lower garden.

Davidia involucrata

Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Frisia’

Stachyurus praecox

Salix magnifica

Back cutlead elderberry

Assorted mature boxwoods, some tall columnar ones

Azara microphylla

Ilex convexa

Descaisnea fargesii (Chinese blue bean shrub)

A hedge of glorious assorted white roses, including ‘Bobbie James’, and the blueish Rosa veilchenblau

Hydrangea quadricolour…(hmm, might be able to take that one!)

Some very cool clematis and other vines along lower fence

Corokia cotoneaster

Drymis with glorious red stems

Assorted large hardy fuchsias

a white Ribes sanguineus (‘Icicle’?)

double file Viburnum, two different kinds

and lots of perennials of which I am taking divisions but leaving part for the new owner….

Features: the pond, a stream which runs from the pond to a small lower pond most of if not all of the year, 16 years worth of luscious soil amendments, a monstrous great boulder which a geologist friend says goes back to ancient times, lots of river rock we brought in over the years…

To be perfectly honest, and in the interest of full disclosure, I am also leaving you some bindweed, some horsetail (although not much of that!) and some creeping butter cup.  But the soil is so good by now that weeds pull out with ease.

I can only hope that a gardener wants to buy it, that somewhere there is a gardener whose dream is a rustic cabin on the Long Beach Peninsula with a fantastic garden.

Here is the link to the real estate listing. You will see that one of the most enticing things about the place is that it is affordable.  The cottage is rustic, and needs to have a propane or pellet stove put in, and might benefit from someone having room to expand it, but oh…the garden….


Update:  Here is a link to my realtor’s blog on the subject of our house for sale (which links back to this page in an endless loop!)…

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