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Thursday, 6 July 2017

It was just an ordinary watering day.

On the way out of town, I saw something that displeased me.


bike parked in a tree garden (Allan’s photo)

No one in the adjacent business knew whose bike it was. ¬†ūüė¶ ¬†It’s a garden, not a bike rack.

Long Beach


Long Beach welcome sign


We gave the welcome sign some fertilizer. ¬†It is heavy on blue with Geraniums ‘Rozanne’ and ‘Orion’.


Agastache ‘Summer Glow’ does not provide the big show that we used to get from Agyranthemum ‘Butterfly’. ¬†I have regrets.

We saw our friend Ed Strange (Strange Landscaping) and crew working on the garden at Subway and stopped for a chat and a pet for Jackson.



My good friend Jackson and me

Allan and I watered the 37 downtown planters; he walked south and I walked north.


This Geranium ‘Rozanne’ looked wilted. ¬†Had I forgotten to water it last time?


Nope…someone had pulled out a bunch of stems and just left them in the plant (twice this many once I was done teasing all the broken ones out).


Brodiaea ‘Queen Fabiola’


Queen Fabiola and Rozanne


Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ finally blooming. ¬†It was WINDY.


delicately delicious white alpine strawberries in a planter…the shopkeeper gets to snack on them because people don’t think they are ripe yet.

Allan’s Long Beach watering photos:


Rozanne, cosmos, California poppies



Geranium ‘Rozanne’, Brodiaea ‘Queen Fabiola’, and the not showy enough painted sage with just a tuft of pink bracts at the top.


Why is the painted sage not coloring as much along the stem this year? (or last year)


white painted sage, also not showy…

painted sage

compare to these from pre-2016 with more colour from bracts


elephant garlic losing its little hat


lots of people by Hungry Harbor and Sweet Phee’s

We got done with our watering in time for the luxury of a sit down break at Abbracci Coffee Bar.


leaving our weeding buckets and hoses outside


Pink Poppy Bakery’s “Dad Tested Chocolate Chip Cookies”


my favourite of the new paintings by Brad Carlson

Revived, we weeded Veterans Field and Fifth Street Park.


Fifth Street Park (Allan’s photo)


I clipped back this big Miscanthus to show off lilies that are planted too close and must be moved this fall.


Allan’s photo

We watered the seven Sid Snyder beach approach planters.


I should bring two Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ to replace the plants that got stolen from either side of the lamp post, and plant them with plaintive “I want to live here!” tags. ¬†It’s been so long I can’t remember what was stolen. ¬†Eryngiums, I think.

We met this little rescue dog named Molly.  Her person told us that Molly had been thrown out of a car in a bag.  Thank goodness she was rescued and now has a great life.


Molly (Allan’s photos)



Echinops (blue globe thistle) in the planter by Worldmark resort. (Allan’s photo)

Allan carried big jugs of water to the westernmost planter, whose water does not work and whose new plants are still there.



New gazanias are a bit distressed, must remember to water this planter twice next week.


I would have trimmed off the wilted foliage. Maybe Allan did after taking this photo.

On the way to Ilwaco, we went around the block for a closer look at the planted boxes in front of Artistic Bouquets.  They were planted up by John, an apprentice of Mark whose garden we toured yesterday.


Artistic Bouquets planter…I got Agastache ‘Golden Jubilee’ envy.


Allan dropped me off at the boatyard to weed and water, while he got the water trailer and watered the Ilwaco street trees and planters.


weeding the back edge while watering from behind the fence

All had to look good because Friday night would be an art walk with people walking from downtown businesses to the port. ¬†We would not be going because for the past three years, I find art walks to be too peopley for my social comfort zone. ¬†Today marks the three year anniversary of a shunning situation that represented the worst side of small town living. ¬†However, the resulting increased desire for reclusiveness has gifted me with much higher productivity and less aimless “hanging out”. ¬†I think it is a good thing, and also quite possibly a bad thing, or, as Monk would say, a blessing and a curse.


south one third of the boatyard garden

The weeding went pretty easily, and I had long enough hoses to do over half of the watering from the front side, which enabled multi-tasking.


Allan’s photo, looking south



Allan’s photo


Allan’s photo: reseeded poppies by the sidewalk



Allan’s photo


a flying bird!

Our reward for a long work day will be three days off.

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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Our plan to finish the port on Friday suddenly got changed when I saw an ad in the paper last night that Ilwaco Freedom Market was holding a BBQ in their parking lot on Friday. ¬†Their strip of bark/would-be garden would have to be done Thursday, along with the curbside garden in front of their store. ¬†I wondered if this would change up our schedule so much that we’d have to work on Saturday…

Port of Ilwaco

In this infrequently watered garden, the recent hot day and the wind had crisped up some of the dog daisies.







Some daisies were good enough to stay through the holiday weekend.

The curbside garden got a good watering, as did the garden next door at Salt.



Eryngium ‘Sapphire Blue’

Allan had the terribly boring part of the job (his photos follow): Running the string trimmer along the sidewalk to the marina:


and the tedium of weeds in a barkscape with tatty landscape fabric (which we are slowly removing; obviously it does not prevent weeds).



I hope that we can create more joy in this bed by next year.

On the way out of town, even though we were feeling time pressure, we circled round the block to deal with this in a tree garden (Allan’s photos):



Fortunately, the sign-putter did not get mad about being told it just could not be in the tree bed, no matter how gently placed.


It’s not even a great patch of garden….However, the sign sets a bad precedent for future damage.

Long Beach

We checked on and did not feel the need for any work at the welcome sign.



The Fun Rides have now moved into a parking lot area near the center parking lot berm.  We felt the need to at least string trim said berm.  Allan dropped me off at Veterans Field to weed and took time for a bit of strimming there.

Before: a rough edge had been left.


meadowy look around the anchor

flag pavilion garden: am thrilled Salvia patens came back

Salvia ‘Hot Lips’ and Salvia patens

Eryngium ‘Sapphire Blue’

I think Sapphire Blue reseeded itself into plain old eryngium, left  ??maybe

Meanwhile, Allan faced the tedium of the boring and never watered center berm:

a string trimmer job, with some dandelion pulling

He found a dirty diaper as well as weeds. Unfortunately, used diapers are not an unusual find in the parking lot area.

I started the watering round earlier than Allan did so was able to do four blocks of planters to his two.  My walkaround:

I realized that the theme of most of my planters IS the meadow look.

cosmos and California poppies

Today, I had the hard task of carrying bucket water to the four Fish Alley planters…a long walk to the back end. I sometimes think this is the hill I will die on.

It was windy…again.

Basket Case basket

I am very disappointed in the Salvia viridis, painted sage, this year.  They are supposed to look like this:

pink dahlia, pink painted sage

But this year and last year they have been disappointing. ¬†Everywhere I’ve planted them this year, they are just putting out one small disappointing bract on the top:

The bract (colored leaf) is the showy part and should be all down the stem! Why is this happening?


If these plants don’t shape up, I am going to go off them and not use them next year. ¬†For so many years they have been the most asked about plant (many times per each summer watering session) in the planters. ¬†Last year, when they were also dull, no one asked about them at all.

Allan’s watering walk around:

????? What have we here?

nice round lavender

a crab shell deposited in a planter

Cosmos and California poppies

So he saw this woman with a hat clearly decorated with planter flowers (Cosmos and Geranium ‘Rozanne’ and California poppy). ¬†She told him her two year old had picked them, and she was perfectly happy to have her photo taken.

In other unrelated news, a local realtor told Allan that she had seen a woman picking a bouquet from under the trees. ¬†When the realtor suggested the woman not do that, the woman (not the woman in the hat) kept picking, saying she “had permission”, which the realtor doubted. ¬†Allan assured her that permission had not been given by us.

In better news, he saw someone taking photos of the flowers, as it should be.

We finished Long Beach by weeding in Fifth Street Park.  It is taking a long time to get interesting.

slow to be colorful; we are not allowed to let much of the garden be taller than the fence.

I cut off the spent stalks of Camassias.

Eryngium ‘Jade Frost’ and cerinthe (Allan’s photo)

Port of Ilwaco again

More watering of the Howerton curbside gardens was essential. ¬†Allan started east of the Pavilion while I watered and weeded by the Nisbett Gallery, port office, Time Enough Books…

Coast Guard helicopter overhead (Allan’s photo)

Someone had braided a grass by Loading Dock Village. Allan thought a clever student from the driving school did it while waiting. ¬†(Allan’s photo)

Eryngium and santolina (Allan’s photo)

Eryngium and yarrow (Allan’s photo)

Port office south side…which the office staff waters.

the marina

In the curbside gardens, I have found eremerus (foxtail lily) to be a big disappointment.  They just mostly dry up like this one:

in the center, all dried up and no flower

And only one looks like it should, so I may have to give up on planting them:

beautiful tall spikes of the one happy Eremurus

port office curbside

Artist Don Nisbett told me he’d given this little bed 11 gallons of water on the recent 90 degree day. ¬†Thank you, friend!

I spent a lot of time grooming the dead flowers off of the sea thrift.

example: before


Allan caught up to me and dropped off the trailer at the boatyard, went home and hooked up the water trailer, and came back to help me finish watering at Time Enough.

veronica at Time Enough

Time Enough garden boat

Purly Shell yarn shop shares the Time Enough building.

I felt a strong desire to have a nice dinner at Salt Pub.  Not tonight.

Allan still had to water the Ilwaco trees and planters.  At 7:30, he dropped me off at the boatyard to weed.

I walked down to the north end to begin.  There, the weeds were the worst with lots of tall velvet grass.

taken while Allan watered planters at the boatyard intersection

a trio on a walk (Allan’s photo shows two out of three dogs)

8:15 PM

I was thrilled to find some sweet peas, planted from seed, prevailing against the horsetail.

tree garden watering where the sign had been (Allan’s photo). I do not like that wild sweet pea in there. He does.


boatyard: I had got this far by 8:50 PM.

I was getting close to the stretch that had been partly weeded earlier this week.

I have planted a few lilies in the boatyard to test if deer will eat them. I think a human picked some of the flowers off this one.

I love heleniums.

8:55 PM

I started to wonder when Allan would show up, as the song lyrics “Gettin’ dark, too dark to see…” ran through my mind. ¬†I pictured slowly pushing my wheelbarrow home in the dark. ¬†The odd thing was I still had loads of energy and could have weeded for another two hours (by headlamp?), thanks in part to my Unloader knee brace.

At last Allan drove up to the trailer at the other end of the boatyard.

what I got done

The whole stretch has to be weeded reasonably well by Saturday.

It was 9:30 at home before the trailer was unhitched and parked.  Allan saw this disturbing sight on the roof next door:

Not good news. Raccoons severely damaged the shake roof on my old house…

They are bold and unafraid.

I didn’t know I still had it in me to do a ten hour day and was well chuffed.




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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Our good plan for another torrentially rainy and exceedingly windy day was to attend a gardening lecture at the Ocean Park Timberland Library.



Ocean Park Timberland Library



I have had in my possession since it was first published a copy of Maggie’s useful book, The Bountiful Container. ¬†I fill my garden up with so many ornamentals that I leave not much room for a kitchen garden, so my plan is always to grow more veg in containers. ¬†Despite the best of intentions, I don’t follow through well with this. ¬†I’m hoping to do better…one of these years.



Maggie introducing her lecture

She told such a good joke to begin with that I simply must repeat it for my frog loving friends.  But I must wait to avoid giving a spoiler to anyone who might attend her Saturday lecture at Ilwaco Timberland Library.


container ingredients


audience questions (Allan’s photo)


beginning to plant a small container



demonstrating how to break up the roots

We had all put our names in a bowl, and one winner got to take the planter home.


one lucky winner


Maggie’s three books, some rosemary from her garden, and some handmade bookmarks for us to take



Todd was there, too. It had been a standing room only crowd.

On the way home, we stocked up on one of our favourite garden tools at Dennis Company.  I can lose quite a few now without being bereft.


Goldies: $1 each!

A stop at Long Beach City Hall to get our check inspired Allan to take some photos of the  garden.


And a stop on the way home at the Ilwaco Timberland Library got a hellebore¬†photo from Allan…

A and netted me a new batch of reading material.


new books for me


Saint Patrick’s Day reading at Ilwaco Timberland Library

Between then and dinner, I concentrated on finishing Deep South by Paul Theroux.  After a rough start, I had fallen in love with the book.


Smokey and Calvin: unusual snuggling!

Dinner and our weekly meeting of the North Beach Garden Gang followed at Salt Pub.



reflection in a rain and wind swept window


Allan’s photo, heavy rain and wind obscuring the marina view


delicious pho, and crab hush puppies in the background

Friday, we are expecting good enough weather to go to work.

PSA: An interesting birding event is coming soon at the Port of Ilwaco marina.




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Monday, 17 October 2016

Long Beach

Another inaccurate weather forecast had called for a day of 30 mph wind and a half an inch of rain.  Instead, we got a glorious warm day and were able to do post-storm clean up of the Long Beach planters.  I had been looking forward to that.  Even though the storm had not brought the predicted 90 mph, over 50 mph wind in Long Beach had made the planters look rather battered.

After dropping books off at the Ilwaco library and adding some Geranium sanguineum starts to that garden, we began clean up at the Long Beach welcome sign.





both sides. The geraniums 'Rozanne' and 'Orion' on the back side were still blooming.

both sides. The geraniums ‘Rozanne’ and ‘Orion’ on the back side were still blooming.

We hoped to have time to return to the sign later in the day.

In town, we tidied up the beat up plants.

 Geranium 'Rozanne' about to be cut back

Geranium ‘Rozanne’ about to be cut back (Allan’s photo)

further tidying

after, further tidying

It was so hot that for awhile I thought I had a flu-ish fever.  (Ok, it was 61 degrees.)

Todd stopped by with some bulbs from a shared order Brent and Becky’s.

I'm showing him a santolina that died.

I’m showing him a santolina that died.

The smoke shop owner told me that the sign she had made to protect the flowers has been stolen…before the wind storm.


If you see this stolen sign (how ironic), it belongs to the Herb ‘N Legend Smoke Shop.

Allan trimmed this lavender.

Allan trimmed this lavender.

We had made the right decision last week to leave the blooming, top heavy ‘Super Dorothy’ roses in Fifth Street Park. ¬†The wind was not enough to topple the fence or to remove the flowers.

Super Dorothy Rose (an improved Dorothy Perkins, from Heirloom Roses) Allan's photo

Super Dorothy Rose (an improved Dorothy Perkins, from Heirloom Roses) Allan’s photo

Allan's photo

Allan’s photo. ¬†I am so glad we did not cut these.

This catmint is about to be cut to the base.

This catmint is about to be cut to the base.

after, with lots of California poppies pulled from the kitty corner planter

after, with lots of California poppies pulled from the kitty corner planter

This is far from the final clean up.  Another go round will be on bulb planting day and then a last go round will come after a hard frost.  I trimmed the green santolinas after Allan took the photo above.

excellent chrysanthemum, several years old (Allan's photo)

excellent chrysanthemum, several years old (Allan’s photo)

from the other side (Allan's photo)

from the other side (Allan’s photo)

We did have time to get back to the welcome sign.  After dumping our debris at the city works yard, we scraped up the last of the old, tarped, soggy pile of Soil Energy mulch into five buckets.  Now we are officially out of mulch.

parking lot gardens fall colour

parking lot gardens fall colour, euonymous (burning bush)



At the sign, we planted 200 tulips bulbs, red and yellow for the front of the sign, and purple and pastels for the sunset colors of the back of the sign.

the sprinkling of bulbs food

the sprinkling of bulb food

My favourite garden guru Ann Lovejoy has written that bulbs come with all the food inside of them that they need for the first year.  Here, the bulb food will nurture older bulbs, like the grape hyacinths already coming up along the front.


This year we planted the tulips more toward the front edges in hopes any tall narcissi will bloom behind them.  Last spring we tried to shift the tall narcissi to the back.  I know we missed some.

a nice ledge to sit on while planting

a nice ledge to sit on while planting



after. I hope the city crew has time to get us another yard of mulch.

after. I hope the city crew has time to get us another yard of mulch.

At home, I sorted the packages of Todd bulbs into the appropriate areas of Bulb Central.  I am now awaiting the arrival of another batch via UPS and then bulb time will resume.

I planted the questionable Costco bulbs, the ones I had not unpacked soon enough.  The totally soft ones went into the debris pile.  I hope the just slightly soft ones might still have some life in them.


1998 (age 74):

Oct 17: I peeled apples and tomatoes from about 11:00 to 6:00. ¬†That’s a lot of time to get 5 pts applesauce and 2 pts tomatoes. ¬†(It would have been 6 pts applesauce but I ate the other one. ¬†Delicious even without sugar.)

Next week:

  • Plant hydrangeas in bulkhead
  • Plant primroses in tam area
  • Plant all the perennials from behind house
  • Throw out the annuals
  • Pick up apples daily




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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

We heard a big storm would arrive at the end of the week, so we embarked on some jobs of light deadheading and grooming, hoping to have time for one fall project.  I had actually started a work board, with a list of bulb planting and a project list.  The bulbs are not here yet and the project list is so far just one thing:


Mike’s garden

We finally got round to clipping the boxwoods at Mayor Mike’s garden.  I started the project and had to turn it over to Allan when my back went into a big SPROING.

tidy boxwoods; I just wish they were close enough to meet.

tidy boxwoods; I just wish they had been planted close enough to meet.

Allan's photo

Allan’s photo

The Red Barn

After clipping back tall Helianthus along the fence

After clipping back tall Helianthus along the fence

one of two whippets who came to be petted

one of two whippets who came to be petted

mother and son (Allan's photo

mother and son (Allan’s photo

Diane’s garden

I like Helichrysum 'Limelight' climbing through a barberry.

I like Helichrysum ‘Limelight’ climbing through a barberry.

Diane's roadside garden

Diane’s roadside garden (Allan’s photo)

I should add the moving of the long narrow portion of this garden to the list of fall projects.  We had been going to delegate it to Dave and Melissa (Sea Star Gardening) but now I think we will have the time and energy to do it.  The plants must be dug and stored in a pile of mulch till the septic system is redone and then the garden remade next spring.

The Anchorage Cottages

center courtyard

center courtyard

our good friend Mitzu (Allan's photo)

our good friend Mitzu (Allan’s photo)

looking east over the Anchorage lawn

looking east over the Anchorage lawn

Long Beach

We did get done with the Anchorage in time to embark on a project.  We decided to re-do the planter in front of Stormin’ Norman’s kite and gift shop…IF we could find a parking place next to it, and we did, sort of.  (Allan had to unhook the trailer and wheel it to the crosswalk end of Fish Alley.)  I was happy to have a job in the shade because the sun was actually hot.

I had dreaded this project because I thought all the soil would have be dug out and replaced.  We don’t have a pile of new soil at City Works yet and I feared we’d not be able to scrape enough out of the dregs of the old pile.  I also predicted it would be ever so hard to do, and it was.  My motivation was that I felt that Stormin’ Norman deserved a much more interesting planter.

before: a great splodge of Muehlenbeckia axillaris (wire vine)

before: a great splodge of Muehlenbeckia axillaris (wire vine)

I planted the wire vine a few years back, thinking it a house plant that would make a delicate little trailing accent and would not survive the winter!  It swamped the planter and almost everything in it.

a big project

a big project

combing through the soil for little pieces of root

combing through the soil for little pieces of root; moved the Geranium ‘Rozanne’ to the outer corners

replanting bulbs

replanting bulbs



I was surprised at how much soil was salvageable.  We did not have to top the planter up with more.  This disadvantage of not removing all the soil is that I fear the vine will resprout from tiny bits of root.  We will keep a close eye on this planter to remove any that reappears.

On the way south: Something bad had happened to a lamp post downtown.



good for us that is not a planter lamp post.

good for us that is not a planter lamp post.

Oh, how I laughed when I saw this reader board at the bank.  They seem to have run out of “r”s for “Cranberrian Fair”.


Kite Museum

We even had time to check on the kite museum.  I was glad we did; the cosmos looked pretty awful.

before...and the shade was cold now.

before…and the shade was cold now.


after…to be re-checked later this fall.

at home…a clematis in bloom:


I finally finished reading Nella Last’s Peace and loved it so much.  I will share some of it on a rainy day post later this fall.

Real time update Saturday 15 October:

Here is the storm moving past us offshore. And staying out there, giving us only 60 mph wind gusts at the port, a normal seaside storm. No more tornado warnings today. That was the worst weather anxiety I’ve ever had here. 



1997 (age 73):

Oct 11:  I only worked about 3 hours.  I was going to plant bulbs in the patio but ended up rolling up the flat hoses, raking up the cut up branches that I chopped a few days ago, picked up the weeds etc that I pulled yesterday in front and brought in wood from the wood box.  I feel I accomplished a lot even tho no bulbs got planted.

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I have some guest photos from Lorna (former owner of Andersen’s RV Park), and a good thing, too, since the first part of this entry is just about a book. ¬†Lorna continues her appreciation of city planters wherever she goes.

photo by Lorna Follis: "This grouping of pots at the Rose Kennedy Memorial Park in Boston was stunning. "

photo by Lorna Follis: “This grouping of pots at the Rose Kennedy Memorial Park in Boston was stunning. “

photo by Lorna Follis: "outside a big church in Boston"

photo by Lorna Follis: “outside a big church in Boston”

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Rain and wind kept even Skooter indoors for the day.

Skooter by Allan's window, on a comfy rag pile

Skooter by Allan’s window, on a comfy rag pile

I had been hoping for rain because I had a book to read that I had been much anticipating.


I had learned of this book while reading Jambusters (Home Fires), and this is a passage that was quoted.



Her son Cliff grew up to be a sculptor in Australia.

I fell¬†in love with Nella soon after I began reading. I must go on about this for awhile, although I will refrain from including¬†everything that moved me so much. ¬†If you don’t share my fascination with life during the Blitz, scroll down past the book photos¬†and you will find some garden photos.


Her description of her cat: “He is not anything to look at, and is not too particular about keeping his white bits as clean as he could, but he has a kind and really thoughtful nature for a cat.

I was thrilled to learn that the book was made into a television show, which I should have by next week.


Tea was mentioned so often that I had to have a nice cuppa Builder’s Tea.


Volunteer war work changed Nella, brought her more independence from her domineering husband.





I was especially moved by her love for her home, and the effect that bombing had on her.  I often reflect on how much I like my sentimental possessions, many from my own grandmother.





“If I could, I’d gather my dear, wide-windowed house and take it far away, and hide it safely in some quiet spot. ¬†….It’s not a good attitude of mind, I know‚ÄĒ’Thou shalt not make any graven image’‚ÄĒbut then the soft sheen of my ‘autumn-tiled’ hall takes my eye…and my hand goes to stroke a cushion or curtain, or to move my brass tray to catch the sun.”



I loved her idea of inviting soldiers to Christmas dinner when her sons were away at war.  That is exactly what my grandmother did.  I recently published a retrospective of her WWII guest book on my Grandma blog.


Some of her th0ughts about war:


I’ve become obsessed with Nella Last now and have ordered the next two books of her 30 year diary that she wrote for the Mass Observation. ¬†She seemed to believe in reincarnation. ¬†I wish she’d come into my life as a friend. ¬†Here are some more quotations as collected by the BBC.

You know how much I like diaries. ¬†Not only do I want to read Nella’s but also all of the Mass Observation, and there is not enough lifetime left to so do. ¬†There are more excerpts of different lives available in several books. ¬†I can see many more interlibrary loans in my future.



Sunday, 2 October 2016

I finished Nella Last’s War. ¬†It had been a slow read because of my pondering over so many passages and looking up places and people that she mentioned.


The weather continued wet and wild, perfect for guilt free reading.


Monday, 3 October 2016

Todd stopped by in the late morning with a gift plant from Joy Creek Nursery.


planted!  He knowsI like a tiny bun of a plant.

In the afternoon, our dear friends Bill and Carol Clearman came over. ¬†Master craftsman Bill is going to work on our bathrooms with the goal of a new bathtub (to replace an old one which was removed by the previous owner; she put her roll top desk in that nook, and the plumbing is still all there). ¬†I’m¬†getting ready for knee surgery and old age some day by replacing the other old tub with a walk in shower of the same size.

Carol and Bill and me

Carol and Bill and me

Skooter watches Bill depart with sketchpad.

Skooter watches Bill depart with sketchpad. (Allan’s photo)

I finally got out into the garden on a pleasant enough day.

some plants from the Hardy Plant weekend sales

some plants from the Hardy Plant weekend sales

We'd had a fair bit of rain.

We’d had a fair bit of rain.

Skooter enjoying the dryer weather.

Skooter enjoying the dryer weather.

I wish I could remember the name of this vigorous tall shrub from Xera.

I wish I could remember the name of this vigorous tall shrub from Xera.

a lacy new-to-me Helianthus from Blooming Nursery.

a lacy new-to-me ‘Gold Lace’ Helianthus from Blooming Nursery.

still blooming tall magnificent white sanguisorba (against a white sky)

still blooming tall magnificent white sanguisorba (against a white sky)

the center bed of the back garden

the center bed of the back garden with Geranium ‘Rozanne’ still throwing out a few blue flowers.

I picked so many Cox's Orange Pippin apples that I will be giving them away to friends.

I picked so many Cox’s Orange Pippin apples that I will be giving them away to friends.

driveway gate

driveway gate

front path with new boxwoods

front path with new ‘Blauer Heinz’ boxwoods

thinking of getting some dwarf boxwoods for this side, too.

thinking of getting some dwarf boxwoods for this side, too.

the driveway garden

the driveway garden

The crab pots, formerly part of the front fence, are now on the west side of the garage. Next year: some sort of small vine here, I think.

The crab pots, formerly part of the front fence, are now on the west side of the garage. Next year: some sort of small vine here, I think.

Grumpy old St Fiacre, having to live in a feminist household.

Grumpy old St Fiacre, having to live in a feminist household.

evening in the back garden

evening in the back garden

Aster lateriflorus 'Prince'

Aster lateriflorus ‘Prince’

At dusk, look what arrived from our friend Maddy of Pink Poppy Bakery!


Because these signs have been getting vandalized or stolen, Allan mounted it high on the fence, even though he did the project as dusk fell.  Here it is the next day:


Tomorrow:¬†I’ll catch you up on Allan’s weekend.


1997 (age 73):

Oct 1: RAIN‚ÄĒWIND ¬†My Bluestone perennials came. ¬†I checked them off and put them under light in greenhouse after trimming off dead and broken leaves. ¬†It really poured this afternoon. ¬†Don called re his order of Dutch Garden bulbs. ¬†I told him they should be here soon.

Oct 2:  RAIN  I actually hemmed one of my new jeans.

Oct 3 RAIN  I hemmed the other pair of jeans!

1998 (age 74):

Oct 1:  11:30-5:00  It was warm but not too hot to work.  I started working on strawberries moving the runner plants into the rows.  I was even saving the itty bitty plants at the end of the runners.  I put them in trays in the greenhouse under lights.

Oct 2:  Noon-5:00  It was raining when I got up so I dashed out to pick tomatoes.  I froze 3 Sealameal bags with uncooked tomatoes.  When I finished the sun came out so I started working on the strawberries.  Four rows were just a solid mess of plants.  I finished 3 rows.  It is going to take 3 or 4 days to finish.  I got rained in once but sorted stuff in the garage while I finished.

Oct 3: ¬†11:00-4:00 ¬†FIRST FIRE IN STOVE. ¬†I worked on strawberries again. ¬†I got rained in at 2:00 but went back out when the sun reappeared but it really started raining so I had to quit at 4:00. ¬†I still have 3 or 4 rows to finish. ¬†I already have 8 trays of the itty bitty runner plants. ¬†It’s strange how I feel when I’m working on the strawberries‚ÄĒat peace is the way I can describe it. ¬†[Mom told me,¬†after moving to Long Beach,¬†that working on her strawberry rows was her favourite gardening activity.]




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Thursday, 15 September 2016

The Ilwaco post office is place for conversation because everyone in town has to come pick up their mail.

The Ilwaco post office is the place for conversation because everyone in town has to come pick up their mail.

a stop at the library to pick up books

a stop at the library to pick up books

Former client Gene pulled up in his car to ask gardening advice about lavatera, montbretia, and buddleias.

Long Beach

deadheading the welcome sign

deadheading the welcome sign

welcome sign

welcome sign with cosmos and echibeckia


in town....I have my eye on that lavender for removal because it is dead looking on the other side

in town, watering the planters….I have my eye on that lavender for removal because it is dead looking on the other side

Watering the Funland planter was a bit of an obstacle course.

Watering the Funland planter was a bit of an obstacle course.


This planter will be redone as soon as the crew has time to get me a pile of soil.

This planter will be redone as soon as the crew has time to get me a pile of soil.

Fish Alley entrance

Fish Alley entrance

Gaura 'Whirling Butterflies' in Veterans Field

Gaura ‘Whirling Butterflies’ in Veterans Field

This fellow was knitting as he and his cute little blue dachshund strolled by. (Allan's photo)

This fellow was knitting as he and his cute little “blue” dachshund strolled by. (Allan’s photo)

Fifth Street Park

Fifth Street Park

a late trigridia bloom

a late trigridia bloom

Fifth Street Park

Fifth Street Park

Fifth Street Park

Fifth Street Park, a Basket Case basket

All the watering and deadheading made us hungry.  For the second time this week, we had lunch out to try to get some energy to finish our workday.

Captain Bob's Chowder

Captain Bob’s Chowder


This time, I walked around and checked on the Ilwaco planters while Allan watered.


blue for Azure salon

blue for Azure salon

Allan had to move to another faucet while filling the water trailer tank because a boat was being hoisted in.

Allan's photo

Allan’s photo

She's been working on her boat, the Ocean Accord, most days. (Allan's photo)

She’s been working on this boat, the Ocean Accord, most days. (Allan’s photo)

I finished up with some more weeding at the boatyard.

a tall pink aster, maybe Harrington's Pink

a tall pink aster, maybe Harrington’s Pink

a dog patiently awaits for a human to come down the ladder

a dog patiently awaits for a human to come down the ladder

'Hopley's Purple' oregano

‘Hopley’s Purple’ oregano

sweet pea 'Black Knight'

sweet pea ‘Black Knight’

And then, at last, a good five hours after lunch at Captain Bob’s, we went for our weekly dinner at

The Cove Restaurant

Cove owner Sondra's dog Lacey

Cove owner Sondra’s dog Lacey

belly rub!

belly rub!

This week, our garden gang had the pleasure of being joined by Our Kathleen, who was down for a week at her beach cottage.

a big harvest moon rising over the treeline

a big harvest moon rising over the treeline

an autumnal pear and beet salad

an autumnal pear and beet salad

Melissa's cod and risotto with lemon sauce

Melissa’s cod and risotto with lemon sauce

Mayan pork conchinita

Mayan pork conchinita

noodle bowl

noodle bowl (Allan’s photo)

poached pears with huckleberries

poached pears with huckleberries

after a wonderful repast

after a wonderful repast

We lingered till the vacuum cleaner came out.

closing time

closing time

We now have four days off. I have no particular plans other than my hope for a good rainy reading day on Saturday (as predicted) and some smallish gardening projects.


1997 (age 73):

Sept 15:  Wet, rainy and cool.  Would like to build a fire in stove but will wait till Bill Jr cleans chimney.  He said there is a lot of creosote in it.

1998 (age 74):

Sept 15:  I received a box of Hydrangea plants and a box of Poppy plants from Spring Hill.  Both orders had been cancelled by them.  They are really mixed up. My froggie is in the garden sink so I put the frog/toad house in the sink with a latticed tray over him.


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