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Friday, 25 August 2017

I felt more like sleeping, followed by blogging, rather than weeding and planting.  My first excuse was that the weather was in the mid 70s.

Smokey helped with blogging…

…which immediately exhausted him.

I felt guilty about not gardening till Allan told me I was resting my foot.  He watered the post office garden, for which we had run out of time last night, and saw this:

Grasshopper says it’s late summer.

In the late afternoon, our friend and former client Lorna arrived for a planned visit with her son, daughter in law, and grandchildren.  Lorna used to own Andersen’s RV park and now lives in Seattle.

Ellie heading straight to the bogsy woods to see if the fairy doors were still there.

Lorna’s observant son commented on the ‘Seashells’ cosmos….

and the pink turtleheads.

Lorna noticed the bright hips on Rosa moyesii.

entering the bogsy woods (Allan’s photo)

When we got to the bogsy woods bridge, Lorna’s son asked if the river was right past the willows.  I told him that was a most insightful question because it used to be riverbank before the port was built two blocks out on fill in the 50s.  He said it feels like the river should be there.  I liked that.  (If the river were right there, I’d have a view point clipped out through the willows.)

Ellie revisiting the fairy doors, which she had last seen in 2012.

The children loved the Impatiens balsamina, a noxious but delightful weed whose seeds pop with vigor.  I grow a tiny patch of it in the middle of the garden for the amusement of visitors (and I don’t let it escape).

Grown ups like it, too.

it was noted that the cup tree has a resident (one snail)

The dogwood propellors were a hit. My hand was unsteady.

Before they left, they had to smell the 7 Up Plant (Stachys ‘Hidalgo) and the peanut butter plant (Melianthus major).  Lorna told me later that when they left for home on Sunday, Josh exlaimed, “I want to see the peanut butter plant!”

After this excellent visit, it was time to go to

The Cove Restaurant

for our North Beach Garden Gang dinner with Dave and Melissa.

a painted rock found outside

Flowers in the foyer were provided by Todd, including some glads from corms I had given him.

Ed Strange and Todd joined us for dinner.  Todd brought zucchinis for all; his dad has now grown and given away 950 zukes (a specially nice one with a thin, tender peel) this summer so far, from 54 plants.

delicious dinner salad


Ed puts off an incoming phone call.

Saturday, 26 September 2017

After much sleep, followed by news reading, I felt we should go to the Saturday market, as I had taken no August photos of it for the Discover Ilwaco Facebook page—partly because we’d had events on at least one Saturday and partly because of my sore foot.  Today was my last chance for August market photos.   We procrastinated till almost three because the weather was in the upper 70s.

I thought the gardens looked good as we approached.

looking west on Howerton Avenue

This dog did not like hats!

Once I removed my hat, he was a happy, friendly dog.

Port Office garden

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

mushroom (toadstool?) solar lights at Suzy Q’s Magical Glass

Salt Hotel and Pub and OleBob’s Café

tiny birdhouse ornaments from Wood Turnings

hot and windy


Allan bought some peaches.

Allan’s photo

These are marshmallow guns. (Allan’s photo)  I am mystified as to how they work.

At home again, I did the tiniest bit of gardening by weeding some planters and adding worm castings to the top of the soil.

Frosty helping

Devery arrived home.  I gave her some zukes and a cuke (and a pepper) and she gave us half of a blackberry pie that she had made from blackberries growing against the next door garage.

Devery’s home made pie

Of course, I then had to go next door to see Royal.

Royal seemed happy to see me.

Devery’s begonias

Frosty, who had followed me over, was eager to make friends with Royal.  Both Frosty and his brother Smokey grew up with dogs and quite like nice ones.


We heard voices out front, and there were the J’s, with new puppy Julius Caesar.

Jay, Julius, and Junior (who also got petted)

In the background, you can see that Allan has loaded his boat in preparation for boating tomorrow.

I did manage to run four of the sprinklers in the evening.

Skooter demands a toll of petting as I go to turn on the faucet.

Allan went out to work for two hours.

pruning at CoHo Charters (before)


And watering at the Ilwaco Community Building, which can only be done when it is closed.  Someone repaired the concrete that was broken last week.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Not only was the weather 79 hot degrees, but I had an almost overdue book which I needed to finish.

This certainly spoke to me, as my Social Security will be less than that:

at a campaign rally

I didn’t have much left to read in that excellent book and could not resist reading another one, a gift from Allan that was as much photos as text, The Making of Dunkirk (the recent film).

This inspired some reading of articles online.  I think this short video is especially good and moving.

I did finally go out and managed to plant all of four plants.

In the background is my bright new Thuja ‘Forever Goldie’ from Westport Winery nursery.

And a ‘Full Moon’ Japanese maple from Westport Winery, probably not in enough sun…but in the place where I can see it from the front window.

The wind had knocked tall plants askew in the front garden.

Veronicastrum now sideways.

cardoon at eye level instead of towering overhead

Skooter avoiding the sun

Somehow the many garden projects I intended to do today, like moving a big tatty daylily to make room for more new plants and saving some poppy seeds into a bucket did not happen.  When I walked back to the bogsy woods to arrange a sprinkler, half an hour before sunset, I noticed sheets of bindweed on the east fence by the neighboring gear shed.  I definitely would have addressed THAT problem if I had seen it earlier in the weekend.  Now it will have to wait four more days.

Pam Fleming, Seaside gardener, sent this photo of a charming bouquet picked by flower expert Prissy:

photo by Pam Fleming

Tomorrow: Allan’s Sunday boating



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