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Every year comes the Kite Festival to the city of Long Beach.  Sometimes I get jaded about it, but I shouldn’t because I’m always happy when I go….especially now that the beach approach garden is full of rugosa roses that can defend themselves against the eager crowds.

In 2009 me mum was in hospital and I thought I would be skipping kites altogether but as it happened we nipped down to the beach for a couple of hours on two different days and took in the lovely, colourful and soul-refreshing sights.

I’m especially fond of seeing Ray Bethell flying his three kites to music, one from each hand, one from his hip.  And of course I always root in the Rokkaku Challenge for Andersen’s Raiders from our gardening client Andersen’s RV Park.

No matter how many times I’ve been to the kite festival, I always get a tear in me jaded old eye when I see the beautiful colours in the sky.

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