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As soon as Patti’s bright blue bug approached the kerb at Ann Marie’s house, I said “PLEASE let this be the tour garden!”  If it hadn’t been, I would have begged to go through it anyway, because I could tell from the parking strip gardens that here lived an avid plant collector.  But indeed it was an official tour garden owned by artist Ann Marie. Eryngiums, Perovskia, Lavender, Sedums, Dianthus, Stipa tenuissima, and more thrived along the sidewalks on both sides of the corner lot.

beautiful plant collections in the parking strips

From the street, a golden catalpa drew my eye into the garden and as I looked up I saw my favourite grass, Stipa gigantea, and beautiful tall white barked eucalyptus trees. Oh, and I had to ask what the catalpa was….always exciting to me to find a garden where I don’t know the plants.

Golden Catalpa…want…

The eucalyptus creates a transition to a patio next to the house where cold water and bread and homemade jam awaited us.  Patti buttered and jammed some bread and handed it to me because I was too absorbed in plant life to stop at the table. Delicious.

eucalyptus and patio

looking up from the sidewalk

We climbed the front steps and rounded the corner to be met with more garden pleasures which vied with the eucalyptus grove and the parking strips for my adoration.

Back garden vignettes: note the use of stacked broken concrete

The focal point of the back yard, the north side with a glimpse of the blue Columbia, was a cushioned sit spot with fire pit and statuary. There we met Ann Marie herself and were able to gather information about her plants.  Many came from Dancing Oaks Nursery; Sheila and the Rainysiders keep recommending it and so, Sheila, I am now ever more convinced we must come to visit you…and Dancing Oaks.

The seating area…a detail…and how it all ties together

Because it was hard to leave this garden we ended up back by the eucalyptus and noticed another patio which had slipped by us before.  A friend who lives in a wing of the house has her own patio area here and has placed this charming parasol to shield her fish from the sun!

The fish parasol and another of Anne Marie’s little details that makes the garden so perfect

Patti asked Ann Marie if this were a low maintenance garden and she laughed….and said she had worked many hours to ready it for the tour. I commented that she had no plant ghetto left at all…those plants we have not got round to planting yet.

This is truly a collector’s garden and felt like being transported to a Seattle or Portland tour because of the exciting plants. Thanks goodness I am planning an excursion to some choice nurseries soon….(You would think we never worked at all anymore).

[2012 note: We did get to Dancing Oaks and to Sheila’s garden the next year (I believe).]

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