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Tuesday, 25 June 2019

We started our day with a Shingrix jab at the local pharmacy.  The pharmacist said that sometimes the side effects are less with part two of the shot, and sometimes more.  It’s worth it if it prevents shingles, as I know from experience. He also said side effects other than arm pain would not start till tomorrow, and so we went to work.

Port of Ilwaco

I almost forgot to bring some more plants for the port office garden.  We went home and got some old standby Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’.

Allan’s photo

We got to see the Purly Shell dogs, Aria and my very good friend Jack…

….and got an update that my old stairmaster is happy in its new home.

I was ever so pleased to be able to weed and water the western and easternmost curbside gardens and CoHo Charters garden.

Phormium in bloom at the Skywater Gallery’s parking lot garden
before trimming the oxeye daisies

I got to pet this “pocket bulldog” pup.

I had the strongest urge to get myself one.  “Why?” said Allan.  That’s why:

Allan’s photo

I need more santolinas all the way through the bed above.

Allan’s photo

Last time we worked in these beds, a boy said to Allan that he was sorry he hurt the eryngium last year!  (Not calling it by name, of course.)

Brodiaea ‘Rudy’ (Allan’s photo)

I am thrilled that I have finally produced a garden at the Freedom Market, even if it is all “weeds” (appropriately).

It is a cannabis store, AKA “weed”…well, you get it.

looking east down Howerton
west end of the marina

We moved to the east end of Howerton for more watering and tidying.

crack in the sidewalk
California poppies
the fasciated toadflax
trimming the sea thrift
the ever annoying Euphorbia ‘Fen’s Ruby’; don’t plant it! (We didn’t it, it hitched in on something else.) Allan’s photo

The new bakery has tidied its parking lot garden.  It is but a food truck now, with rave reviews for the cinnamon rolls, but will eventually be a sit down bakery with breads and pain au chocolat, the sort of pastries we cannot get around here.

looking east
looking west
santolina, lavenders, eryngium

It felt fantastic to have (almost) the whole stretch of Howerton watered yesterday and today.

We had arranged to meet Alicia after work at the almost brand new Waterline pub at At the Helm Hotel.

nearby, my favourite bed
Allan’s photo
sword ferns that we had trimmed at the entrance

At the Helm Hotel

Allan’s photo
Allan’s photo

our view from the pub

Before our meal, Allan trimmed one more sword fern that was bringing down the tone outside our pub window.

We feasted. I wanted to try out several things to get photos for the Discover Ilwaco Facebook page.

Allan’s photo
Cobb salad
a tasty stew

We had a good long meal and a good long gabfest and ended the day by pulling the spent oxeye daisies out of the curb in front of the J’s cottage.

Allan’s photo

Yesterday, Skooter had been helping Alicia garden next door.  We had not seen him last night, but sometimes he comes in after we go to sleep.  We had not seen him today, either.  Guess where we found him at midnight?  Locked in Alicia’s garage.  He had snuck in when she put the wheelbarrow away.  He had much to say about it.  It is now the first place we will look if he is gone for more than half a day.

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Sunday, 24 February 2019

Despite chilly weather, we spring cleaned from the east to the west end of the Howerton Avenue curbside gardens at the Port of Ilwaco. You may note we did not trim most of the santolinas. Because it is still freezing cold at night, I am waiting on them till closer to actual spring.

Dramatic clouds decorated the horizon south of the marina.

East end garden (Allan’s photos):

David Jensen office, before and after:

Oddly, while Allan was trimming one of the grasses today, a man walked by and said “I’ve never seen a man do that,” apparently meaning he had never before seen a man gardening.

A rain shower sent us home to unload the clean (non weedy) plant debris we had collected so far….more gleanings for my compost bins.

Half an hour later, we were back on the job.

From now on, I will call the former ShoreBank building “At the Helm”, the name of the new hotel with pub (The Waterline Pub) that is due to open sometime this year.

I could not help but clip some of At the Helm’s ferns. The Stihl trimmer made quick work of it. Last year, no one trimmed them and the many dead fronds hurt my eyes.

Looking east from the Ilwaco pavilion (At the Helm is the red building):

The drive-over garden (between two big driveways):

Powell Gallery/RiversZen Yoga garden (Allan’s photos):

Removing some weedy catmint from a bed by the Don Nisbett art gallery; I put some small, clean pieces back in:

I had a look at the garden on the south side of the Port Office. What to do? I will have to ask if the plan, after last year’s building remodel, is to have a deck or to recreate the garden.

The marina in sunshine:

Port Office curbside garden (Allan’s photos):

The good mulch (Gardner and Bloome Soil Conditioner and/or Harvest Supreme) that we added to the Time Enough Books curbside garden has been well worthwhile. The garden is full of poppy seedlings, and the plants are now much more vigorous than before.

Narcissus ‘Julia Jane’

The rest of the photos are all Allan’s.

West end gardens:

On the work list, as soon as the nights are less cold, is the addition of some Phlomis and a few other plants to these beds.

I got to meet a wonderful dog. She said “Woo woo woo!” and was ever so soft.

Despite the break for rain, we got the whole length of Howerton done. The Toy (the Stihl trimmer) really speeds us up with this kind of work.

Across the street from the west end garden:

Allan said he could not decide which photos to send me of the rainbow he saw later at the east end of the marina. I couldn’t decide among them, either, so here they all are.

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