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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Hardy Plant Society Study Weekend

presented by the Northwest Perennial Alliance

Tong Garden, Seattle

A host was giving out bottles of water under the white tent.

easy access via the driveway

around to the back garden. The green lawn is an adjacent golf course.

a glorious sun room to the left

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

I love Little and Lewis.  We toured their former garden years ago.

dripping columns

Little and Lewis columns, a dream of mine to have this

Allan’s photo: I hope he was figuring out how to make something like this!

from all angles

Everyone’s photos involved a lot of waiting for other tour guests to leave the side of the water feature.

On the terrace overlooking the Little and Lewis columns:

just around the corner

Allan’s photo, nicely trimmed and thus fresh-looking salal

Back to the terrace view: I love this sort of thing.

Allan’s photo

exploring the shady side

looking from the shady end of the garden into the bright sun

Event speakers Jimi and June Blake from Ireland

the sun room

Next, we enjoyed the front garden.

Allan’s photo

Little and Lewis pool…

I think that is Mount Rainier on the horizon.

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

one more look

I could have happily lingered much longer in this small but so satisfying garden.

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