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Friday, 12 October 2018

The bulbs arrived. As with every year, I thought I might have the garage and clipboard all organized before the arrival.  This year, the bulbs arrived the earliest ever, so that is some excuse for the first part of the day being devoted to getting the sorting space organized.  I spent the rest of the day doing the intake, with a lot of arithmetic that even with a calculator hurts my brain.  By the end of the day, I had the packages all sorted into an area for big tulips, small tulips, big and small narcissi, alliums, crocus and muscari, and assorted small bulbs.

In between printing and binding copies of his boating book, Allan kept me sustained with snacks delivered to the garage.

I got a nice message today on my Our Ilwaco Facebook page.  A woman named Kathy Moyer had painted the flowers in one of our Ilwaco gardens.

art by Kathy Moyer

At midnight, I was able to read a chapter of Hagar’s Garden by Marion Cran.  I do wish I had finished it before Bulb Time.

Skooter has turned into a lap cat.

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Allan went shopping across the river. Although I wanted to get right to bulb sorting, I walked down to the Cranberrian Fair at Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum, hoping that “The Card Lady’ would be there.  The superb creator of homemade collage greeting cards for all occasions was absent this year.  I do hope she is well.

at the Cranberrian Fair

The Bog Bus will take folks up to the Cranberry Research Station and Cranberry Museum on Pioneer Road.

Dudley’s Harvest, a cute local book about a cranberry bog dog.

Rose Power and her creations

Karen Brownlee at the wheel

I love her cranberry plates.

Karen’s maritime butter dishes

Harmony Soapworks of Oysterville

blacksmith demonstration

I got the smithy’s email address, having recently read three pages about blacksmithing in one of Marion Cran’s books; I will send him photos of those pages.

The Nahcotta railway car was open for touring today, evoking my longing to ride on the Clamshell Railroad.

Nahcotta railway car

I had a look at my favourite part of the museum (other than the Nahcotta), the “village street”.

newspaper office

Nearby is a display about the seining horses of yesteryear.  I found an interesting video about the old timey fishing with horses, here.

I can’t imagine the horses liked it much.

Allan’s book, Southwest Washington Paddle Trips, is now on the shelves in the museum gift shop and at Time Enough Books at the Port of Ilwaco.

Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum gift shop, top right

at home again

The weather was warm and calm and lovely.  I felt sorry for myself having to be indoors sorting; then I reminded myself of my friends with office jobs who have to be indoors every day.

With Allan gone, there was no van parked in the driveway to give me a sense of privacy.  The garage was hot with the big door closed and just the back door open.  Finally, in a stroke of genius, I built myself a barrier inside the big door….

…and then I opened it and could breathe fresh air again.

Allan’s photos upon his return:

a few jobs sorted and ready to go

I managed to get enough clients’ bulbs sorted and bagged and boxed and ready so that we could work Sunday and Monday.  I would have continued to sort on into the evening, had not Nora’s granddaughter and her partner come visiting her house next door.  This inspired me to knock off bulbing at dusk so that the four of us could have a pleasant campfire dinner.

Nicotiana ‘Fragrant Cloud’ aglow just after sunset around the campfire circle

Allan’s photo


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