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Saturday, 20 July 2019

Gardens, Sea and Art tour

presented by the WSU Master Gardeners of Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties

Ocean Shores

Garden 8: Fruit, Berries and Roses

Allan’s photo

A path winds through front garden trees…

…to a fenced side yard full of fruits and veg.  I am always impressed with a successful kitchen garden, especially in a maritime climate.  Kitchen gardening is something at which I do not excel.

a serious deer fence (Allan’s photo)


Allan’s photo

lemons and oranges


Allan’s photo

roses and grapes

at the back of the grapes


Allan’s photo


Allan’s photo

inside the green mesh house

Allan’s photo

potted paulownia tree

into the back garden…

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

..where a path led off into the woods.

We returned to the front garden and made our plans with Peter and Kilyn for an early dinner.

Peter contemplates the front garden

Allan and I waited till Teresa caught up and then we all met at…

Galway Bay Irish Pub

Allan’s photo

We enjoyed our meal and could see why an Ocean Shores friend had recommended this place.

bangers and mash

potato soup

Just before we left, we found that if we went through the Guinness door…

…we would come upon an dining patio that looked most appealing.

It lacked the large table that we had needed for our excellent feast.

We parted ways, till meeting again tomorrow morning at Markham Farm.

pink petunias on the way to Markham

The last page of the tour booklet:

Still to come before returning to the workaday world: Markham Farm, of course, and a return visit to Cindy’s garden, one of our favourites from last year’s tour.





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