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Sunday, 21 July 2019

Cindy’s Garden

Terri of Markham Farm took Allan and me, Teresa, and Kilyn and Peter to see an excellent garden that had been on last year’s garden tour.

Peter, Terri, Cindy, Teresa, Kilyn (Allan’s photo)
sloping garden by Cindy and Carl’s parking area
Cindy, golden Leycesteria, and a bouquet from Terri
Just inside the garden entrance
shed wall
great wall of china
Allan’s photo
house wall; Cindy said she is going to re-do this area
steps going up to the She Shack, greenhouse, and new gazebo
at the top of the stairs

the garden shed (other side from the wall of china)

Carl has built all of the buildings on the property.  All Cindy has to do is come up with an idea and he makes it appear.

Peter and Allan, feeling inspired?
Peter in the new gazebo (Allan’s photo)
Cindy’s She Shack
in Cindy’s She Shack (Allan’s photo)
a wood stove for cozy winter days

We moved on to the shade garden.

the fourth wall of the big shed

I think these boxes are from a flower bulb farm.
Allan’s photo
along the woodsy side of the garden
Allan’s photo

This little shed had been shaked since our last visit.
Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo
Allan’s photo

a most beautiful primrose that Cindy grew from seed

She swears by a technique called winter sowing.  I must read up on it.

She explained how she found an easier method than milk jugs, but I can’t remember because the whole process was new to me.  Something about using pots instead, maybe…Oh I do wish I could remember.

I just about wept over the beauty of that primrose last year.

Cindy found the wood base of the table below in an alley in the nearby city of Aberdeen!

We emerged from the shade onto the big lawn with sunny borders along three sides.

the front of the newly shaked shed
a monkey puzzle tree in the middle
view through to the wall of china
sunny border


Allan’s photo
monkey puzzle (Allan’s photo) I learned they are dioecious. These catkins 2/3 the way up indicate this is a male tree.
looking back
Allan’s photo
Allan’s photo

variegated horseradish

We thanked Cindy for opening her spectacular garden to us and then we all returned for one last hour or two at

Markham Farm.

Terri had made clam chowder and served it with cheese and crackers, crudités, and watermelon slices, as we sat around the fire circle on the deck.

me, Kilyn, Terri and Bill (Allan’s photo)
relaxation after much garden touring

I took one last walk around the deck…

Down by the barn, Teresa and Terri and I gleaned some seedlings from the European bladdernut tree; Teresa had also collected some hydrangea cuttings.

The back of our van was full of plants from the garden tour plant sale, and the plants that Ann had brought me yesterday, and some from Terri today.

I felt deeply verklempt to part ways with Kilyn and Peter…just till next summer’s tour season, I hope.  They would have a long drive back to Canada on Monday.  After they had driven away to their Ocean City campground, I found a bottle of wine from them on the seat of our car, one that I greatly enjoyed with dinner for the next week.

Next year’s WSU Master Gardeners tour will be in Satsop and Montesano areas.  It’s the best tour on the coast.  I’m already looking forward to it and hoping for a reunion with good friends.

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