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Onward to Cistus with the Rainysiders, CPNs all. (Certified Plant Nuts). From Scappoose we all drove to Portland and crossed the bridge to Sauvie Island’s bucolic farmland, where eventually a grove of Eucalyptus and the roofs of the interesting garden houses said Cistus! long before we could read the sign.  The nursery throws a spell of sparkling silver and grey all around itself. The first time I went there was before the garden houses were built, and I immediately realized I knew very few plant names for their exotic specimens.  I’ve never felt so out of my depth in a nursery, not even at Heronswood.  Of course, that meant I wanted one of everything.

Other than the overwhelming and intoxicating selection of plants, one thing I love about Cistus is that it abounds in cats and dogs.

This kitty knows where to lounge to maximize attention. Last year, Allan took a photo of the same white cat sleeping on the checkout desk computer (right).  A friendly orange cat twined around the plant sales tables….and a faithful lab  followed her owner worker from place to place and finally took a rest. Another old dog slept behind the counter.

but back to plants…

Looking toward the checkstand (L) and from the checkstand out toward more plants (R)

Cistus Nursery container display and shopping wagon

My plant haul starts to form up on a green cart…I got some trees for Solstice House and another Tetrapanax papirifer ‘Steroidal Giant’’, this one for my mom’s birthday present.  (I love mine.)

Finally, a comparison” both these vignettes grabbed me: the first is at Joy Creek, the second at Cistus…both with Euphorbia in front of a pink flowering tree!

Oh, and that flash of desire I had in winter for big blowsy colour in my garden?  I have totally returned to wanting my garden to be a tapestry of silver and structure a la Cistus.  (Cistus will have plenty of flowers through the season, but the structure is so strong and so intricate; it would be easier to achieve in my mom’s sunny garden than in my own.)

We returned home to the news of a large pick up truck having driven into the Shelburne garden….Well….garden accidents can lead to a clean slate for new planting.  Good thing I have a pile of new plants ready for new homes!

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