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4 June 2018

To make this somewhat entertaining for the reader, I will start with some photos that show the Long Beach town scenery, and then get down to the nitty gritty.

Wind World Kites storefront was recently repaired. We hope it gets painted bright blue again.

Third Street Park gazebo

Lewis and Clark Square


Hungry Harbor

Sweet Phee’s

Fifth Street Park NW (We will redo this planter in fall, I hope)

Fifth Street Park SW

Fifth Street Park NE

Fifth Street Park SE

Now for the aforementioned nitty gritty.

Long Beach planter reference post

This is a record I am trying to do once a month while watering the planters.  About half of the planters are photographed from across the street before they get groomed and watered, to avoid the stressful and slightly dangerous crossing back and forth.  The others are lucky enough to get photographed after being watered and tidied.

I took the photos walking north to south on June 4, 2018.

block one, west side:

Dennis Company north

Dennis Co south

Block one, east side:

law office before removing bulb foliage

Dennis Co storage lot

Block two, west side:

Scoopers north with would be huge escallonia cut back hard

Scoopers south, leggy erysimums will need replacing

block two, east:


by NIVA green

block three, west side:

stoplight corner

Wind World Kites (he likes the Crocosmia!)

Stormin’ Norman’s

Third Street Park gazebo

block three, east side:


Cottage Bakery


Police Station

Block four, west side:

Third Street Park.

Hungry Harbor Grille

Sweet Phee’s…pretty much swamped with golden oregano

Fifth Street Park. I WILL redo this one in fall!

Block four, east side:

Lewis and Clark Square

Carnival Gifts, all spring flowering shrubs (blah now except for geraniums)


frying pan, shrubby, dominated by hebe

Block five, west side:

Fifth Street restroom; the plan is redo this one in fall because the veronica blooms too briefly.

Smoke Shop

Block five, east side:

Fifth Street pond

north of tattoo shop

As I write this and get to block five, I just found out that Allan hadn’t remembered to take his set of photos for the last block and a bit.  So the rest of the photos were completed by him on June 14, 2018.  

My idea has been to show how the planters read from the street.  He took a different approach, which makes them look more interesting but is not really what passersby see (since they don’t stand out in the street with a camera held up high).  I like these and am debating whether to switch to this angle in the future.  If you have made it this far, what do you think?

Block five, continued:

Herb N Legend Smoke Shop (west side)

Streetside Taco (west side)

Coastal Inn (east side)

Block six, west side:

Credit Union

bus stop

First Place Mall

Block six, east side:

empty lot

Paws by the Sea Pet Supplies (has big old escallonias that are clipped low in spring)

Powell and Seillor accounting (redone last year after a vehicle smashed the planter)





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Saturday, 15 July 2017

The WSU Master Gardeners of Grays Harbor and Pacific County present:

Somehow, probably because of not reading the description thoroughly, we completely missed finding the greenhouses.

by the parking lot, one of several garden boats (Allan’s photo)

the plant sale in its last hour (Allan’s photo)

We were able to get a free spider plant, something that Devery had been looking for.

Allan’s photo

on the deck overlooking the river (Allan’s photo)

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

view of North River (Allan’s photo)

Allan’s photo with houseboats in distance (that belong to this property, or at least the moorage does)

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

another garden boat (Allan’s photo)

and another (peonies, as I recall)

inside a small fenced garden

I could use a sign like this for after my lilies bloom.

walking down to the river…

…to take this picture.

Allan has boated past the North River Resort and had blogged out about here, so it was especially interesting to him to see it from onshore.  The whole 83 acre place is for sale, with a video overview available here.

Old Downtown, Raymond

a riverside drive back to Raymond

After the scenic drive back to the town of Raymond, we took a detour to the old downtown to see what sort of landscaping or containers it might feature.

a lavender trimmed grocery store

a long concrete planter with butterfly decorations, just watered

from the back

three attractive containers by a gallery

I liked the downtown banners (one of several bird themed ones)

I’d like to have seen that movie; it played the following evening on the Peninsula, way up in Surfside.  Unfortunately, it was the evening that the Ilwaco planters must, without a doubt, be watered.

another planter, also just watered

Dennis Company’s main store had floriferous planters outside.

with sunflowers

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

Well done, Dennis Co!

As we drove toward home, we cruised by a garden in South Bend where an old friend and great gardener lives.  Next post!





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