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Thursday, 24 January 2019

This is out of order with Allan’s post from yesterday.  That makes me feel all squiggly but it cannot be helped now.

Before I could start on gardening projects, we almost came through on our offer to help Jenna move three loads of furniture and boxes to her new Mermaid Sandcastle in Long Beach.  I say almost because after two loads we all pooped out.

Before leaving home, I saw that the tommy crocuses are beginning to bloom.  This means I have left it too late to achieve my big plan of the winter mulching with eight yards of soil energy.

This first narcissus has been blooming for a week.

As has this hamamelis.

Pieris full of buds.

Iris unguicularis

However, my new project will generate some soil and will cost more than the eight yards of soil energy would have, I fear.

At noon, we joined Jenna at her Ilwaco shop and started packing the van and trailer.

Jenna in her Ilwaco venue, before dismantling it to move.

While we were loading, two darling dogs on the loose came by, on a run away from Biocharm Farm east of Ilwaco.

He had run through a marsh.

Their human came to fetch them.

Between loads, we delivered a B&O tax form to Long Beach City Hall, where we found a hellebore blooming.

For our second load, a strong friend of Jenna’s showed up in Ilwaco and helped Allan load some heavy furniture sorts of things into the trailer…and then he did not come to Long Beach to help unload them!  That was the end of the idea of doing the third load. After we hit the wall of exhaustion, the three of us repaired to the Shelburne Pub for dinner.

It was light enough to look at the Shelburne garden.

I concluded (or hoped) it can wait till the second week of February before we start work.

I was pleased to see this in the front door window.

While Jenna and I settled into a cozy corner of the pub….

….Allan went upstairs to check on the second floor plants.  I was so pleased to see in his photos that they look good.

room 4 deck

on another tiny deck

on the big deck with Narcissus ‘Julia Jane’

old nandinas on the big deck

We toasted Jenna’s new Mermaid Sandcastle.

And then we feasted.

new hummus appetizer

my favourite: chopped salad with chicken

Allan’s mushroom burger

Dessert followed.

I hoped for good weather so that my project could proceed at home.



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I’m still running behind on blogging due to the caterpillar emergency evening, so here I continue to attempt to catch up.

Larry and Robert’s garden

Monday morning, the first item was to water Larry and Robert’s garden because we had planted a new little tree. We could not count on rain to keep the new plants happy, and in fact found a couple of perennials with thirst-wilted leaves. (The green Echinacea seems highly miffy when it comes to needing water.) Allan drive and I walked a bit later as I still had a few potted plants to water in my own garden. On the way, I looked over the fence to admire Judy’s Eryngium, nicknamed “LB”.

Eryngium 'Sapphire Blue'

Eryngium ‘Sapphire Blue’

Saliva patens on Larry's front steps

Saliva patens on Larry’s front steps (from The Planter Box)



The Depot Restaurant

We next checked on the Depot garden to see if those plants needed water. The Eryngiums had fallen over a bit.

but we were stakeless

but we were stakeless

The garden did need watering because the sprinkler system does not hit the new garden.

Planter Box and Basket Case

Next, The Planter Box…for some Dr Earth organic CATERPILLAR spray. We have to deal with them at a commercial job, whereas, as I have said, in my own garden I would let nature take its course. Look at all the glorious cosmos that Planter Box still has for sale:

glorious cosmos for sale at Planter Box

glorious cosmos for sale at Planter Box

another great Planter Box annual: Salpiglossis

another great Planter Box annual: Salpiglossis

I bought some stunning Gazania there, and we then nipped over to The Basket Case to get a different kind of Gazania. There we saw a sign welcoming the Sisters on the Fly club, and Fred told us that he’d gotten an email from Lorna of Andersen’s RV letting him know that the club was collecting “something blue” on this trip. He and Nancy had put a collection of blue flowering plants at the front of the center greenhouse. Very clever. Geranium ‘Rozanne’, Lithodora, Salvia ‘Queen Victoria’. With this knowledge, we bought some Queen Victoria to add to the Payson Hall planters because the rest of our day would be spent at Andersen’s.

Basket Case

Once upon a time, I had several old nonfunctioning wheelbarrows planted with flowers, and I then “went off” the idea, but seeing how great the Basket Case wheelbarrows look, I will try again the next time one becomes not work worthy.

planted with Nancy's magic touch

planted with Nancy’s magic touch

Andersen’s RV Park

At Andersen’s, we stopped at the road box to add Gazania. The reseeding nasturtiums are being slow and not putting on any show so far.

workin' on the road box

workin’ on the road box

a Gazania 'Stars and Stripes mix' from Planter Box

a Gazania ‘Stars and Stripes mix’ from Planter Box

It is always a trick to plant this planter because nothing in it can be too tall or signs will be blocked.

for example...

for example…

We finished the detailed weeding of the picket fence and west gardens. Meanwhile staffer Rob was appreciating the flowers by taking some photos which are slated for the Andersen’s website.

with a macro lens

with a macro lens

We brought some coils of fishing rope which had been left in the bogsy woods by David Maki, the son of the former owner of our house, Shirley Maki. Some of it has gone to decorate at Queen La De Da’s, some hangs on our fence, and now some is at Andersen’s artistically enhancing two big planters.

Al starts uncoiling rope

Al starts uncoiling rope

pot number one

pot number one

It took three staffers to coil the rope around; it is quite stiff, and I was impressed that they managed it!

having at pot number two

having at pot number two



We got the weeding done and Payson Hall deadheaded but not before a big storm moved in. It rained so hard I felt like I was breathing rain, and we did not even have our raincoats with us as had not expected it til Tuesday.

Payson Hall planters all refreshed

Payson Hall planters all refreshed

I was, in fact, thrilled because the rain meant that we did not have to drive far north to Surfside to water Marilyn’s in the late evening. I could only hope (because the Peninsula is long enough that the weather differs) that it also rained reasonably hard up there, although the sky looked suspiciously light in that direction.

The group leaders of the Sisters on the Fly and a few other trailers had already arrived. There will be many trailers by Wednesday evening and we must get back to see them. (Payson will need deadheading again anyway for such a special event; the women will be dining there.) Here is a sampling. They were even cuter before the rain came and some of the decor got put away.


Rod and Reel

Rod and Reel

two cuties

two cuties

another cutie

another cutie

another cutie

We have the pleasure of knowing that the gardens are just about as perfect as we can get them for this fun group and we look forward to stopping by later this week to see all of the painted and decorated vintage trailers.

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