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Friday, 1 November 2013

We had made a plan to go shopping “overseas” (NW Oregon) but had to squeeze some work in first.  (My Facebook friends know that I am trying to avoid using the word “but” too often in the blog, but here, oh, and THERE, I will allow it!)

I had noticed on Halloween evening as we toured the town’s decorations that Cheri’s garden definitely needed some fall clean up.  The dead brown stalks of Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’ might have looked spooky for the big Ilwaco holiday.  Now it is over, so today down they came.

Cheri's, before

Cheri’s, before

One of the cats (Jake, I think) was out in the new cat enclosure.

Pet me!  Rub my head now!  More please!

Pet me! Rub my head now! More please!

KITTY corner across the street, I checked on Mike’s garden as well.

Gaura 'Whirling Butterflies'...

pale pink Schizostylis and Gaura ‘Whirling Butterflies’…

...and Pulmonaria and Brunnera 'Looking Glass' in Mike's garden

…and Pulmonaria and Brunnera ‘Looking Glass’ in Mike’s garden

Then, at the Port, we weeded the Time Enough Books garden.  The next day a big event would take place.

Soup Night book signing tomorrow!

Soup Night book signing tomorrow!

I took some photos in order to help promote the event on Facebook.

books and bowls

books and bowls

Local potter Karen Brownlee, she who organizes the wonderful Empty Bowls charity event here on the Long Beach Peninsula, had created some bowls especially for Soup Night.


I particularly looked forward to the event because the author, Maggie Stuckey, had co-written the excellent kitchen garden book, The Bountiful Container, and because Maggie is friends with Peninsula garden tour organizer Nancy Allen.

I then checked on the wee garden on the south side of the Port Office.

after a bit of deadheading and weeding

after a bit of deadheading and weeding

The marina’s mirror like reflection belied the storm warning evidenced by two triangle flags.

so peaceful....

looking west….so peaceful….

looking east

looking east…placid and still

and yet!!

and yet!!

The gale warning gave me something to worry about.  What if the power went out when the storm came during the night or the next morning?  How would we have delicious soup at the book signing?

Even though the weather continued into the afternoon warm and wind free, we went across the river.  I felt bad about it as we should have been working.  And yet Bulb Time fast approaches and I wanted to check out the fall plants available at Back Alley Gardens.  Crossing the river in the wind (on a bridge, not a boat) scares me.  And the cats would be quite agitated if we did not replenish their canned food treats at Costco….so off we drove.

Back Alley Gardens in Gearhart

Back Alley Gardens in Gearhart

It is pleasant to browse a nursery on a beautiful day.  We usually take trips there only on rainy days.  For the longest time I felt that the nearby town of Warrenton had a bleak and miserable appearance until I realized one summer garden touring day that I had ONLY seen it on rainy day Costco shopping trips.

As always, Back Alley had a collection of wonderful, irresistible plants from Xera.  Theirs is the only nursery locally to offer them.  I made another purchase to add to my collection of plants I have no idea where I am going to put…

They are must haves....

They are must haves….

One of the most interesting finds was a hardy water plant, to the left, above.    Xera says:  “Cyperus sp. ‘Zero’:  A large growing perennial for moist locations including water containers and the margins of ponds.  To 4′ tall and upright, outer stems bend outward in time.  Excellent textural plant throught the summer months.  Stiffly rising green stems have the look of bamboo topped with umbrella shaped leaflets.  Deciduous in winter (freezes back to the ground, returns in spring).”  I have one from the Planter Box that did come back once.  This one might be a more unusual cultivar!  Over the winter we intend to install an embarrassingly generic black plastic pond that we got for free (and we do appreciate it!), so we had better have something cool to make it special.

Another plant new (to me) was Escallonia ‘Lou Allen’.  I adore Escallonias even though many of my friends consider them passé.  Escallonia ‘Lou Allen’ is described by Xera as a “FANTASTIC compact form of Escallonia that grows relatively slowly to only 2′ tall and 3′ wide. Great low hedge or small scale groundcover.  Very formal looking. Medium pink flowers appear in early summer and sporadically throughout the year.Tough low maintenance shrub that is drought tolerant when established. Evergreen. Full sun to very light shade in average soil. No pruning necessary- it just grows like this. Cool.”  I have NO idea where I need three compact Escallonia (other than sitting in pots waiting to be planted somewhere).  They are here now!

on the deck at Back Alley

on the deck at Back Alley

inside the shop, "The Natural Nook"

inside the shop, “The Natural Nook”

All summer long, we could count on being stopped near the highest spot of the Astoria Megler bridge because of work going on.  Now that storm season is here the work has ceased, so I cannot show you a good photo of a marvelous sight we saw going home.  All I can offer is a hint taken from a fast moving van.

looking east, at 45 mph

looking east, at 45 mph

The Columbia River by Astoria, Oregon, was so calm and clear the the lights of cargo ships reflected in the water, while low tide revealed the sand bars.


I have rarely seen such still water in the river.  It was hard to believe a storm was coming. Tomorrow, storm or calm, would be a day off for us because we had three artful events to attend.

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