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Because I love dogs so much that I had to work garden touring around the simultaneous D.O.G. event in Long Beach, here’s a gallery of the doggie event.  You can attend with or without your pooch on June 15th and 16th, 2012.:

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Interpersed between our days of gardening and garden tours are a couple of delightful dog events in Long Beach, Washington.

Doggie Olympic Games

I took a lot of pictures of the action-packed Doggie Olympic Games on June 20th.  Usually D.O.G. conflicts with the Hardy Plant Study Weekend, but because that weekend was on its year in Canada, I hadn’t gone.

Even though the various events were fun to see…

Doggie Olympic Games Events

…with your usual agility events along with fetching, sleeping, and dunking for hotdogs…my favourite photos were these of dogs and their people:







belly rub

Sand Flea Pet Parade

On July 18th, the Sand Flea Pet Parade took place on the beach during Long Beach Sandsations.   In the look-alike contest, can you tell which is canine and which is human?

lookalike contest

glamour girls

companions in blue and ginger

competing for beachiest outfit


Mr. Cool

with shades




Perdita shakes it up

In 2012, the Sand Flea Pet Parade will be on July 20th and Doggie Olympic Games will be on June 15th and 16th.   Pet friendly accommodations abound on the Long Beach Peninsula.  We’d recommend The Anchorage Cottages.  Funbeach can help you find all of our most pet-friendly places.

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