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17 April: day off projects

Monday, 17 April 2017

We were happy that the weather cooperated with a good relaxing day off.  Our relaxation would have been perfect had we not each made a mistake in a project.

I thought I would start to assemble a collage sign for an upcoming Earth Day event.


materials: poster board, glue stick, seed catalogs, scissors, and gardening magazines.

Five hours later:





The centerpiece of the back side is a poster I bought after seeing it on Facebook.  (I agree with everything it proposes except for “abolish prison”…I think prison has to be fair, and not indentured servitude, and not racially biased, and not include minor drug offenders, but I can”t quite imagine abolishing prison completely.  For more on how the prison system must be changed, I recommend reading The New Jim Crow, Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, by Michelle Alexander).  When I googled the abolish prison movement, I found that some thoughtful and reasonable solutions were proposed.

The artist is Ricardo Levins Morales.

But anyway…I was well chuffed with what I had come up with to represent the sky.  Sunflowers!


.I was just admiring my posters when I realized I had made a terrible mistake.  I had used one piece of poster board!  Nooooo!  There was no way to insert the stick to turn it into a proper sign!

Even Allan could not think of a solution.  Fortunately, I had just tacked down the pictures (because Allan would be covering them with a clear plastic adhesive sheet) so I was able to peel them off and re-do the backside on another board.  I only lost part of one picture. So, two hours later:


I had forgotten how much I enjoy gardening magazines.  Just perusing a couple of old Garden Designs, I found inspiration:


could be done with columnar evergreens


saw this waterfall running off a wall, and another running down a concrete grooved railing


love this beachy look

I think I need to look at more magazines on paper, not just online sources.

Meanwhile, Allan had gone out to buy a piece of outdoor grade plywood ($59!) to make new sides for the trailer.  He dumped yesterday’s rose debris at city works and acquired buckets of lava rock to add to a tricky spot in Veterans Field.

I am not a fan of lava rock.  However, it was used around the stage in Vet Field and so it will match, and besides, there is a pile of it in the works yard—a pile that shows that it is not popular for use anywhere but Vet Field.  I do not think the color of lava rock looks beachy at all.  It reminds me of gas station landscaping in Eastern Washington.


The rain that was giving us an almost day off got much heavier while Allan did this small project.  His target area, a garden end of the flag pavilion arc that always gets walked across, was a lake.


I had suggested he get ” a couple of buckets” of rock.


That was nowhere near enough so he had to go back for more.



That’s more like it.

He then drove out to the beach approach to see what was up with the missing banners.  New banners were already up, thanks to quick work by the city crew.  They do not take days off because of bad weather.




Allan purchased his plywood at Oman & Son Builders Supply, brought it home, unloaded it (heavy!), prepared to cut it…and realized that it was the wrong width…5/8, instead of 3/4 of an inch.  Just 1/8 of an inch too thin.  If he had installed it, it would have rattled.  It will be exchanged tomorrow.

He spent the next hour or two carefully putting the clear shelf paper over the new posters and inserting a proper carrying stick in between them.

In the evening, I saw online this darling photo which is now a guest photo:


No need for an umbrella!  Photo by Todd Wiegardt

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