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I created the garden on the east side of the Ilwaco boatyard as a volunteer project in the mid 90s, and, over the years, it turned into a job for the Port of Ilwaco.  The garden is a challenge because of being deeply infested with horsetail and bindweed and because it needs to be hand-watered from behind the fence.  Most of it is drought tolerant so we only water once or twice a month.  The silver balls that you’ll see in many of the photos are Santolina (lavender cotton), one of my favourite perennials.  We removed the tall bronze fennel at the end of this season because, while it was a welcome plant back in the 90s, it is now on the noxious weed list.

A good source for multi-coloured California poppies is the One Stop Poppy Shop.  They come not just in orange but also in pinks, dark orange, almost red, pale yellow, and cream.

Here is the garden in 2015.   I decided to present the photos as a gallery rather than a slide show so that those who wish can see them in more detail.  If you click on the first one to biggify, you will get a nice display with backward and forward arrows.

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