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Sunday, 27 December 2020

At home

The weather started out badly. Faerie helped me write a couple of blog posts. Typing was a bit of a challenge.

It is slow going with her editorial assistance.

We then caught up on the Tootlepedal blog. I like to read it about a week behind because it always gets lots of interesting comments.

I then noticed that the sun had come out. This surprised me, as the day had begun stormy.

I had only an hour before a three o’clock scheduled zoom event in which to try to get something done outside.

The red rain gauge

My chosen mission was to move soil from the first fish tote that I had filled with soil in late summer. I could not remember if I had put pieces of wood in the bottom for hugelkultur. I would shift the soil to another tote to find out, but first I had to move potted plants that were stashed in both of them.

Skooter came to supervise.

I wonder how often he blocks light from my cold frame.

In an hour, I had the potted plants moved. The target bin already had some small logs topped with shredded hebe and other plant debris.

I added some of the wool mixed with leaves that I had gotten yesterday.

The arrival of the wool had been cosmically well-timed. Yesterday, in that waking up time when I half-dream about the garden, I’d thought about the wool that I’d gotten before from Purly Shell Fiber Arts and about how I wished I had more for the compost bins and totes. And then I had gotten the message that wool was at the fiber shop waiting for me.

I had barely started moving soil from the other bin when three o clock arrived. My zoom meeting was a book club organized by Ann Amato, and I had enjoyed the chosen book, The One Straw Revolution. So in I went, even though I find it hard to do anything indoors in good weather. And very good weather it was…warm like spring and with no wind and with birds chattering in the Bogsy Wood trees.

So I have to confess that I wasn’t too sad when, after three tries, I couldn’t get into the meeting despite careful copying of the meeting ID number. “Invalid meeting ID”, I was told by zoom. Later, I learned that the meeting did happen, but I had gone back out to the garden.

Between three thirty and dark (about four forty five now), I got all the soil shifted out of one bin to the other and, indeed, I had not put any wood for hugelkuktur into the bottom.

While I was getting the last of the soil out, Allan had taken time from his book project to attach a fence piece from our ingredients pile to the east side of the original bin. This will help keep the hops and rose from shading out the bin.

The target bin was nice and full (although it will sink down) and I had been able top up some other bins, as well.

I just had time before the cold dark to pick a mess of greens (collards, chard, mustard).

These two hadn’t even bothered to go out onto the catio.

We had received our monthly Universal Yums box, a cheering pandemic indulgence. We took it out of the garage quarantine into which mail and packages go for a couple of days. This month, it contained a plethora of treats “from everywhere” instead of from just one country. (Since we joined, we have gotten Britain, Columbia, Russia, and Italy. Russia and Italy were the best, although as a Brit-Ophile, that one made me the happiest.)

Turkey and stuffing crisps from the UK were our treat along with a nice cuppa Builders.

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