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Here in the Pacific Northwest the gardens usually stay beautiful and lush till well into November, but the look changes to bronzy and yellow leaves, billowy beige grasses, and bright fruits on Cotoneaster, crabapple, beautyberry, and more. We try to get a little bit of fall clean up done before the bulbs arrive.

At Evelyn’s garden, two Cotoneasters, one with dazzling effect and one more subtle. The subtle prostrate one is my favourite.

At KlipsaN Beach Cottages, lavish display of berries on Billardia longiflora, and spectacular rosehips at Solstice house.

In our own garden, the powdery blue edible beans of the Chinese blue bean tree, Deicasnea fargessii…also known, I recently learned, as Dead Man’s Fingers! And a truly astonishing colour combinaton from a Euonymous shrub.

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