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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Beverly had invited me to come with her to see artist and dancer Linda King’s garden, one of her favourites on last summer’s Long Beach Peninsula garden tour.  I had seen Linda’s garden briefly on the tour when it was brand new, in 2009, the same year my mother’s garden was on the tour (so my visit to Linda’s had been rushed). I was delighted to have the opportunity to see how it had matured.


Beverly had given each of us a small fairy for our fairy gardens.  After Linda opened hers, we went into her studio so that Beverly could pick up some acrylic pour paintings that she had made in one of Linda’s classes.  They were gorgeous abstract swirly patterns which I neglected to photograph, but here are some examples of Linda’s work in that medium:

Beverly is holding up the big floral one.

Views from the studio windows:

With the paintings packed up…including one of Linda’s that Beverly bought for her collection…we took a walk through the woods to Linda’s “Tarry House”.

A large fallen branch was evidence of last week’s storms.

The path to the Tarry House, a writing studio, leads through a woods carpeted with moss and ferns….

…and fungi tiny and large.

tiny white mushrooms

The Tarry House:

view from the Tarry House porch
ephemeral art

We walked down the long lawn back toward the house…

…and then toured the gardens around the main house.

On the front lawn:

And here we return to where we began.

Back at home again, Skooter awaited my return…

…and Allan got home from work just in time see Beverly and I discussing garden tour plans for 2020.


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