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Monday, 8 May 2017

I was determined to get the two scratchiest, thorniest, physically hardest jobs done today at last.

First, though, I had a couple of Nicotianas for the Ilwaco post office garden and for the Time Enough Books garden boat.

Geum ‘Mango Lassi’ in the Time Enough garden (Allan’s photo)

Ceanothus starting to bloom

a visit with bookseller Karla, someone who agrees with us about the world’s problems.

my good friend Scout

good reading

Long Beach

Before the hard jobs, we planted some Geranium ‘Rozanne’ and a few agastaches in the planters.

Rozanne and an agastache…in

The white tulips lasted through the weekend!


Then, the harder work began. I finished weeding the third parking lot berm while Allan used the string trimmer on the middle berm, which is almost all grass.

Look, the information booth that was parked there is gone!

Our Kathleen stopped by for a chat. World problems discussed.

weeding whilst chatting; she had just come from Abbraccio Coffee Bar

Our Kathleen is here on vacation; she is usually not a weekday lady of leisure.


Allan’s middle berm project, before:

You can imagine after, like a mowed lawn.

After a brief moment of rejoicing at the berms being done for now, we headed out to weed the very worst section of the beach approach garden.  This called for a handful of wake up beans.

wake up beans=chocolate covered coffee beans

Allan’s photo

The worst section, full of a swamp rush that defeats us.

huge clovers (Allan’s photo)

weeds along the sidewalk edge, before…

and being dealt with (Allan’s photos)


Still grassy. Nature wins this battle every time.

Other sections have clear areas and not the horrible running rush (the one I call tube grass).

I can only think there was a swamp under that one section and all those roots were lying in wait.  It’s the only section that is so daunting.

We weeded grasses down the street side of three other sections that we had not completed on our last beach approach workday.




a tidier edge (Allan’s photos)

And we could finally take the celebratory photo of the arch to signify that all the approach garden had had its first spring weeding.

As we finished, two women cyclists arrived from the west and took photos of each other under the sign.  They told us they had not ridden a bike in 20 years, and that they had just turned 62.  At age 17, they had come to Long Beach together with fake IDs for a wild weekend, and for this birthday, they came to recreate their long ago journey.  The longterm friendship reminded me of my friend Montana Mary, with whom I will celebrate (perhaps long distance) a 50 year friendship anniversary this September.

At home: some glorious erasing from the work board.

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