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sweet poodle

Next we went into an exclusive Olympia neighbourhood along some “residents only” streets to the garden of Sharon and Ed Stanford. This friendly poodle greeted us.  To our left we could see a gravel and raised bed garden.  We turned right toward a gazebo.

Gazebo to right side of driveway

walking onto the lawn, looking back to the gazebo garden

the gazebo garden

outer lawn borders. I bet these beds were full before the harsh winter of '09-10.

Looking toward house from lower front lawn.

lower garden detail, Puget Sound view

getting closer to the house garden

from the tour guide brochure: “After you’ve been inspired by a visit to the Edinburgh Botanic Garden, what could you possibly do but create a 150-foot-long granite outcroppiong around your house with 130 tons of boulders?”  Why yes, of course, I would get onto that straight away!

the granite outcropping

at the base of the outcropping

granite outcropping detail

the granite outcropping

Wave Hill chairs at the base of the outcropping

Looking back, you can how small the gazebo is in the grand scale of this garden.

Sheila takes the high road

From the tour guide brochure: “How could you possibly respond to Adrian Bloom’s Foggy Bottom garden but go home and assemble a collection of rare conifers, perfectly complemented by perennials, ornamental grasses, trees and shrubs…?”  Indeed.

halfway to the back garden

toward the back, a sit spot

the back left corner of the house

toward the back, with Puget Sound view

Up we go onto the deck where brownies and lemonade are on offer.

Looking down into the granite garden, we see another path to explore. The garden from the house goes: border, path, granite outcropping garden, lawn, border, street.

the view toward the gazebo

looking toward the driveway where we entered

gazebo from the corner of deck

view of gravel garden by driveway

view from deck of driveway and gravel garden

Once off the deck, we walk the path we saw straight down....with the house garden on one side, the bed of granite rocks on the other. We enjoy this cute sign, humans one way and dogs another.

(We would love to have spend more time on that hidden path but we know we have an hour or more of driving left between the rest of the day’s tour gardens.)  Back at the end of the entrance driveway, we again head toward the back of the house; maybe this time we will make it all the way without being distracted.

end of driveway

On our right is a dry creekbed.

Sheila gives a sense of scale to the grand size of the creekbed.

Beware of affectionate dog!

At last we've reached the back garden.

beautiful back garden

                                       Off the back path, this was the only sign of a work area!

We would need hours to fully admire each plant combination.

Round and round the house we go...

We walk the hidden granite garden path again in front of the house because there is so much more to see.

Finally we have a look round the gravel garden to the right of the driveway from where we entered and saw the friendly poodle.

As with all other parts of this garden, it is perfectly lovely.

a final look

I wonder how much seeing the huge gardens of Monday influenced me to buy a new house later in 2010.  I don’t want a grand house but I would love to have a garden with so much room.  I certainly am unlikely to ever have this big of a lot, or the time or resources to develop it, but in the fall of 2010 I did increase my garden size from a 50 by 200 lot to an 80 by maybe 250 lot.  In another life, maybe I’ll have my own granite outcropping.

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