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South Pacific County Humane Society Brunch

We knew from the news that the storm was coming: Hurricane force winds bearing down on us from across the Pacific.  Saturday, December 1st, was windless but snowy and sleety…Not the sort of day on which I usually venture forth as I’ve an intense dislike of walking around on slippery snow.  However, since our friends the Grey Sisters, J9 and Jill, had organized the wonderful Humane Society Brunch, off we went.

J9 (Jeannine) put her decorating expertise to making the Senior Center seasonally festive. (Her party helper business is called Have Tux, Will Travel, and indeed, she wore her tux for the occasion.)  The food, donated and prepared by local chefs, was outstanding and lavishly generous.

beautiful table decorations

I’ll take credit for the spray painted twigs idea.  Later we put these same twigs in the windows boxes at Klipsan Beach Cottages.  Allan helped set up for the brunch the day before while I did some late fall clean up at the Shelburne.

The big topic of conversation was the storm, and whether or not to take the warnings seriously.  I called Denny at Klipsan Beach Cottages to warn him and he laughed it off.  We did think it might be a big one so on the way home we bought more batteries, lots of candles, and a tank full of gas.  Had I known the severity of the next three days, I would have purchased a lot more chocolate.

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