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Saturday, 17 June

Allan did not go boating today after all; instead he went to volunteer on a building project at the playground several blocks east of us, arriving at 10:40.  The volunteer effort started at nine, which is rather too early for night owls.

as seen on Facebook

The park is at the east end of the flat part of town.

9:40 AM:

Swing set frame was up and concrete was being mixed, and poured at their base.

Holes for the sailing ship play structure were being dug.

Art for the occasion by Don Nisbett

Poles were laid out for the ship’s deck.

10:50 AM:

Parks and Rec member Nick was hauling a bag one at a time and mixing.

First thing I did was to move a small stack over to the mixer.

Another heavy load, a good use for a two tired wheelbarrow – we’ve found them difficult to maneuver around the gardens so have stuck with a single tire style.

11:00 AM:

Post hole digging and a depth measuring tool that I think is referenced to a laser on the tripod in the background.

Hard packed rocky soil, dense sand.

11:20 AM:

checking the depth of the hole

Note how our excellent Fiskars shovel has a good “ledge” for your foot to press on.

photo by Jarrod Karnofski

checking level on the swing sets as the concrete cured

Our friend Joe (Don and Jenna’s teenage son) on the digging crew.

an old plastic pipe that caused problems

12:10 PM:

device on tripod is a Self-Leveling Rotary Laser

The instructions to assemble the shorter mast

Jarrod drilling for a rivet that will keep the post from spinning.

The taller mast being assembled next to us with a crows nest on the right.

1:05 PM:

the ship’s bow and all its curves being sorted

A sample of the tools we got to borrow

Nick had all the bags ready to mix.

Rechecking the instructions

1:25 PM:

A bow view as the posts aren’t centered in their holes anymore as we make things fit.

1:40 PM:

The shorter mast going up.

photo by Vinessa or Jarrod Karnofski

I ended up at the hole carefully booting down the base so it would not flip up as the muscles worked it up past the balance point.

1:55 PM:

Its up, it’s balanced and it’s heavy. Nick holds it steady.

2:15 PM:

Using cinch straps as the deck goes in.

The trowel is a much borrowed tool as the holes need to be shifted.

5 PM:

The last project of moving the these holes is done. .

Another round of concrete is poured.

The bow is to the facing left with the anchor chain behind. The black gangway steps leading away at the right.

One of the volunteers admiring the project as cleanup continues.

Our Jenna (Queen La De Da) was there with refreshments. (photo by Vinessa Karnofski)

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Allan realized he had not gotten a photo showing all the playground accomplishment. He went back to the park Sunday morning for these photos:

Clearly, the dream of getting it done in one day had not come true.  Another volunteer work day is scheduled for Friday, June 16th.  We are arranging our work schedule so that Allan can participate.  Perhaps you, too, would like to show up and help, as this post conveniently will appear early on that same morning.  We hope the whole double masted “sailing ship” will be done by the end of that day.

At home on Sunday, Allan did a project that had been bugging him ever since a recent plumbing repair day, when the bamboo poles were falling over in the way of the under-house access and the electric meter.


after, with rebar pieces to keep the bamboo in place (one hopes).

With that accomplished, he went over the the Ilwaco Community Building to work on his own particular job of maintaining the garden there.



deadheaded rhododendrons along the sidewalk



Brodiaea laxa coccinea

little santolina started this spring by shoving a cutting into the ground

We’ve tried increasing the interest of this heather/salal garden with bulbs and poppies and starts of sedums.

The tiered garden was windblown.

poppies and mahonia

Allan certainly deserved a boating day after all this, and tomorrow he’ll get one.


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