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We care for the curbside gardens along Howerton Avenue in Ilwaco.  Originally, sometime around 2003, the garden beds were installed and planted up with things that proved to be much too tall: pampas grass, New Zealand flax, Arbutus, California wax myrtle.  In 2005, street trees (columnar pears) were planted. We were hired around that time to care for the bed to the north of Time Enough Books, and the job eventually evolved to being hired by the port to care for all of the gardens.  Our mission has been to add drought tolerant plant diversity that can hold up to the wind and to replace tall plants with low ones that allow good traffic sightlines.  The long drought of summer 2015 proved challenging for the gardens.  We especially wish to thank the businesses that let us hook up to their water: Time Enough Books, Bruce and Wendi Peterson and Salt Hotel. There are two places where we can hook up to port water to reach a few of the gardens (at the port office and the Ilwaco pavilion).  We are hoping (or dreaming) for two or three more convenient water hook ups to appear by 2016. Thanks also to CoHo Charters who keep their escallonias nicely trimmed and healthy and to Don Nisbett and Jenna Austin who regularly water the garden near their gallery.

Here are the curbside gardens through the year in 2015.  I decided to present them as a gallery rather than a slide show so that those who wish can see them in more detail.  If you click on the first one to biggify, you will get a nice display with backward and forward arrows.



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