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Saturday, 21 May 2016: Allan’s day

warning: The following content may be limited in variety as there are only a few different shots available. When you got to keep up with the group and the group consists of identical looking red boats, camera fiddling just slows you down.

I had been looking forward to this trip for months. West Cast Sailing, who had sold me my boat was inviting everyone with similar Hobie boats to an afternoon sailing around Ross Island in Portland Oregon. Picnic provided and over fifteen boats had RSVP’d. “It looks like we will have good wind and a low probability of rain.” The owner of the shop, Peter McGrath, had confirmed all around and I was looking forward to learning, looking around and fun as sailing kayaks are scarce around here.

The event was at Willamette Park in Portland. The plan was to sail around Ross Island and return for socializing. The computer said about two and a third hour trip, the GPS for the car said three and a third hours. SO, I believed the car’s GPS and set out really early. As I cruised past Hillsboro, just west of Portland, it showed I still had over an hour to go. I backed out the screen’s view. I was headed to Willamette Park in Corvallis, south of Salem. The Portland park of the same name wasn’t listed. I reprogrammed it to Ross Island Grocery Store which would  get me close and presto,  now I was going to be an hour early. Yay. Wish I had brought a paper map.


Portland (the rose city) features roses heavily in their landscaping such as this freeway ramp



Setting up forty minutes early should make me on time when they start


A delightful audience of a young boy full of questions and observations as I expertly fuddled about. All was good except an outrigger is installed backwards (a training wheel to the little guy).


A wooden dory with leather oarlocks, and a good sail boat to boot. I would have loved to listen more as he explained it to the fellow with the brown shoes but the party was beginning.


Carl and Connie had just arrived from the tri-cities, about 220 miles away, a day trip that humbled my 85 mile trip.


He brought his new two passenger  model (with the comfy seats).


A home modified version  of a similar trailer we use for Tangly Cottage Gardening.


Our host Peter  (in the back), and his guest, Carl & Connie in the middle red boat …and that was it. The rest canceled partly because showers were predicted.


I was putting the wheels away (I now see that they can ride behind), and guess who was going to be last in?


A trampoline is handy for phones and strong enough for people or crab pots.

Julez from the Salt Hotel told me before I left: “What makes an adventure is when things go wrong.”


A Canadian goose is first out


Leaving the dock by foot power


Heading off. Carl on the left using the new spinnaker, Peter sailing, and I’m about to head for the beach to flip around the outrigger.

The wind was so light we all went about 4 mph no matter what. Carl put up two sails and I pedaled harder. Peter just sailed. His shop has a wide array of small sail boats but these are the only ones with built in pedal drives. That feature allows sloppy sailing techniques for the rest of us. He’s been sailing almost weekly since his teens. I pedaled, sailed hard and caught up with him so I could shadow him and learn. “How do you know where to head without a wind vane?” “I’m a wind ninja” Ah. more practice is needed.


Connie with her phone on a stick camera. Carl now has both sails up. We’re still all together.


Ross Island is a rock processing site. Couldn’t really explore as I had to keep up.


Rounding the top of Ross Island near the Hwy 26 Ross Island bridge. The Tilikum Crossing is behind it.


The wind was much stronger on this side of the island


Kayakers under the Tilikum Crossing, the largest car free bridge in the country.


I barely got my camera ready in time to catch this fast paddler with an outrigger.


A fireboat quietly went by on its way to a kayak gathering up north.


Peter giving the ‘thumbs up’ as I might be able to share this good pic with him later. My better camera was back in its bag after refusing to snap pics.  I found out later that it recorded a useless ten minute movie instead. It’s busy out there!


Connie taking my picture after I ran parallel with them on the last stretch


Peter heading off while the fire boat displays for a kayak event up north. It even briefly sprayed a red white and blue pattern.


Peter mixing with his own kind and a fishing boat on the right.


A tourist boat glided by among all the little boats.


Keeping up as we headed back to the launch. Note the wet sail. Nothing says fast like lots of water splashing in your face. The newer boats have designed out a lot of the splashy fun.

A forty-six second video of Carl & Connie sailing can be seen here.

With just one person and 64 percent of their sail area I felt pretty good about keeping up. Nine mph felt fast because of the wind and spray.



Packing up for a long ride halfway across the state. My boots also were filled with water.


One way around Ross Island


The Portland Aerial Tram went by overhead. First time I became aware of its existence.


Tree bases are set in stone with car / bike / people deflector stones on either side.


Must be art on poles. I looked it up and it’s called Inversion Plus Minus


Whump! A gale blew in so suddenly I saw a convertible on the shoulder working on getting the top up – quickly.


Sunset over the Columbia from Astoria’s Maritime Museum.Back to the quiet local waterways and home.


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