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Thursday, 23 February 2017

I had complete faith, when I saw the fairly decent weather, that we could complete three more spring clean ups today.

The Red Barn

Red Barn


our good friend Rosie (Allan’s photo)



at The Red Barn Arena


the farrier and our client, Diane


Rosie loves eating hoof trimmings


Farrier’s truck (Allan’s photo)

We care for five containers and a narrow garden bed at the barn.


Erysimum ‘Bowles Mauve’ had not made it well through winter.


removal project; now the narcissi will show up.


sad Erysimum

We unhooked the trailer in order to go next door to Diane’s garden; her driveway was too full to turn around with our full rig.


Ice on water nearby shows how cold the air still felt.

Diane’s garden

At the barn, we had learned from Diane that the new septic still has not been installed.  That means that re-doing her roadside garden won’t happen till perhaps the end of March.


Stipa gigantea, driveway entry (Allan’s photos)



The trees have been cut down along the roadside garden and the stumps will be removed.  The county mowing truck mowed down the heathers and rosemary, the only plants we left behind when we dismantled the garden last fall….probably because it no longer looked like a garden (and it is part of the roadside verge).


hydrangea, before pruning



Diane reminded me that I had spoken of pruning her old blueberries.  We removed 1/3 of the old growth, hoping to encourage better berrying.





Allan had a long walk, twice, back to the debris pile at the barn.



My dear friend Mistie, aged 10, who is doing much better than she was last fall, got a good belly rub and hugging.

Klipsan Beach Cottages

We made our second spring clean up trip to KBC to cut back the ferns.


Denny, Mary, and Bella


darling Bella


view in fenced garden, east gate


crocuses and Iris reticulata




and more crocuses



clean up of the driveway garden, before




and after talking to Mary about how she wants room to plant some dwarf conifers here.


east end of pond island bed, before and after trimming ferns


the pond, before


Allan’s brave crossing


before (Allan’s photo)





after (Allan’s photo)


The pond island has many ferns, most of them awkward to reach.






by cottage eight, before and after (Allan’s photos)


near cottage one (Allan’s photos).  Those ferns probably got missed in last year’s pruning.


Allan rescued St. Francis.


the dog memorial garden for Misty, Debbie, and Raven


the first narcissi in the A Frame garden


Allan noticed them, too.








hamamelis (witch hazel) and the cottages on the ridge

I never did get to KBC over the winter to read more cottage journals.  I got too entrenched in my reading chair at home.  Maybe next winter.


by the clam cleaning shed


the last fern of the day

The temperature had dropped drastically.  We were glad to be done.


The crocuses had closed up.  (Allan’s photo)


Allan’s photo

a dreamy garden

In the van, just before leaving, I checked my messages and saw that Our Kathleen had sent me a real estate link.  Although we are not house hunting, she knows we like to see interesting properties.

Here is the link.

“This is so much more than 4 vacant land parcels. Enter the gates and you enter a private garden like no other. 100s of plants in containers, a grove of bamboo, mature trees and beautiful one-off gazebos and garden features. All of this is anchored by a grand pavilion made from steel and found materials in the grand style of The Rural Studio and Samuel Mockbee. The site features a private well, 2 RV cleanouts, 100amp power, sleeping area, kitchen and bathroom, and 40′ steel storage container.”

I swiped these three photos, because I suppose at some time the real estate listing will go away.


amazing pavilion


a party from the past


a paradise!

I had to see, so we drove about fifty blocks north, only to find another aspect of the property’s perfection:


It has two big gated driveways and you cannot see in, at all—complete privacy.


The other gate

Allan stood on a bucket and said no one was there. He took some photos over the gate…because I was desperate to see inside and I was too sore from work to stand on a bucket.




It is glorious.




Even though there is no house in there, the description included a sleeping area, kitchen, and bathroom.  Oh, if I were even five years younger…I feel too old to uproot my Ilwaco garden.

While fantasizing about living in the 40 foot storage container, I had to firmly remind myself of the advantages of living near a bookstore, post office, library, hospital, and Salt Pub.  And yet…this one will haunt me for awhile.  It had 4000 more square feet than our property does.  I did some online snooping and found the owners are just a bit more than a decade older than us.  That increased my feeling of being too old to move.

Maybe you can buy it and invite us over.

Salt Pub

Tonight, Our Kathleen was in town for our weekly North Beach Garden Gang meeting.  Sadly, Dave and Melissa were unable to attend.


the view


Our Kathleen (Allan’s photo)


pub burger




smoked tuna melt


vanilla creme brulee

We stayed till after closing time, as I figured we would, and that is why I skipped a blogging day.  I was so tired that I forgot to erase three more jobs from the workboard until the following morning.


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Thursday, 16 February 2017

I took a walk toward the back of the garden to clip some branches for a friend.


Now that I have a neighbour next door, I should plan ahead to make this a nicer looking  area instead of a debris pile.



center bed: much to do


west bed area where I cleared out some fuchsias shows room for new plants

My goal was to clip a few winter blooming honeysuckle branches to take with me today.


Lonicera fragrantissima

We drove all the way up to Surfside to a former job, Marilyn’s garden.

Arriving ten minutes early, we took a brief drive through Surfside.


Surfside Canal

Then we had a hard time finding a turn around road and were slightly late.  We became verklempt driving by the old location of Steve’s Great Day Café.

Chris and Wally’s Garden

Arriving at Marilyn’s former garden, we met with the new owners and with Dave and Melissa, who are going to do the spring clean up.


the garden today

We’re all ever so pleased that the new owners have a great interest in the garden.


Allan’s photo


surveying the bunny tail grass


neighbour cat, Alice

Marilyn’s daughter had given Chris and Wally some photos of the house before the garden was ever installed.



and right after we had first created the garden, about 11 years ago.


Dave admires the tiny chocolate scented blooms of the Azara microphylla


The new folks might do a fence as a privacy backdrop, an idea that I love.

When Dave and Mel get the grasses clipped back, the garden will be almost flat again.  Here you can see a slideshow of how it transforms through the year.

Postcard Party

Here’s where our new glue sticks came into play, along with some old seed catalogs.  Local artist Michelle Naquaiya had organized one of several postcard making parties.  The idea is to send a bazillion postcards from all over the nation to D. Trump on March 15th.  Of course, my large contingent of local resisters are not sending them to express pleasure or admiration.  I suggested that arty postcards sent to any politician might be passed around more and thus get read more.  (We hear that it takes longer for a letter in an envelope to even get opened because of anthrax scares.)  I also wanted to make some thank you post cards for two of our good Washington State politicians, Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray.


Allan’s photo


Naquaiya studio



card stock for postcards

You can use old cereal and other food boxes for card stock.  I used to enjoy making postcards back before email!  It took me back to the days of looking at the collages in my grandma’s scrapbooks.


Postcard Party at play



tea, snacks, and art.  (Allan brought chocolate chip cookies.)





I was thrilled to meet again a woman whose garden I had photographed for the edible garden tour two years ago.  Little did I know that we shared a passion for leftist politics as well as quirky garden art.  She has the same name and similar mannerisms as someone I knew long ago so I remembered her…after a little while.  It took longer than it should have because of my face blindness.


Allan’s photo

Some of our results in two hours:


My thank yous to Patty and Maria



I was using material from seed catalogs.  I don’t imagine Mother Nature as a young blonde gal, but she’s all  had (and I am sure is a lovely person). I realized later that using seed catalogs inspired environmentalism as my main topic. 


Allan’s messages had a theme:



Our overseas readers might not know how important this is to working class self employed people.  Before the ACA (“Obamacare”), we were literally paying 1/3 of our annual income on mediocre health insurance.


I need to work on my handwriting.

Here are some of the other creations.


Enter a caption










and the classic one

It was, of course, satisfying and comforting to sit in a group of like minded and oh so funny folk.  A few of the post cards are just too outspoken, although hilarious, to share here.  (I think they might get well passed around a government office!)  Living here at the edge of the coast, there are no government offices to usefully picket within a two hour drive, and perhaps just once a year a bigshot politician might show up for a town hall meeting.  Phone calls and postcards and community are what we have on offer. I doubt it would make any difference to Preznit DT if the entire White House filled up with postcards.  However, it gave us much enjoyment to have an art project to do while we talked politics.  As Michelle wrote the next day, we made about 50 postcards, “All with personal messages, clever and creative remarks and original art..  We were 10 people who had a good time. It feels good to write down what you feel in this resistance. It’s a small something we can do to have impact.”

After two hours, the party wound up and Allan and I departed to do a little over an hour of clean up at…

Klipsan Beach Cottages.

I think for the next while, a KBC day and art studio day are going to be coordinated events.


Bella was tail thumpingly happy to see us.


the fenced gardem


Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ to be clipped back


Allan’s before and after


Allan’s photo, new sedum growth



hydrangeas and ferns to clip


Iris reticulata


pruning Hydrangea ‘Izu No Hana’


The tree peony must not be cut back!


Denny supervises





The debris pile consists of clean up after yesterday’s wind storm, and today’s clippings.


Allan’s photo

After our industrious day, and after having forgotten to bring the lunch box of emergency snacks, we were suddenly ravenous.  We treated ourselves to dinner at

Salt Pub

The view:



Allan’s photo


Allan’s photo


There goes our canine friend Ernie! (Allan’s photo)


Allan’s photo


Allan’s lobster bisque


delicious pho

We hope for a good enough weather day tomorrow to finish cleaning up Fifth Street Park in Long Beach.  Today, I couldn’t cross a thing off the work board.  We must return soon to KBC to finish trimming sword ferns all around the landscape.  We’re planning to do so on a postcard party day. Perhaps you might like to join us.


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Friday, 11 November 2016

I began the day with waking to the kicked in the gut feeling.  Reading the news of more hate crimes exacerbated my despair. Was comforted at that very moment by a message from a friend on the east coast; he said the tears were still coming for him, as well.

Also, Leonard Cohen died this week.

birds on a wire (Allan's photo)

birds on a wire (Allan’s photo)

Allan's photo

Allan’s photo

I honestly do not think I could even go to a job right now where our client did not share our feelings of dismay.  Fortunately, we had a job to go to where the clients are simpatico.

We began the work day with a trip to Peninsula Landscape Supply to get a yard of soil energy.  Our intention was to finish the day by spreading it at the port, thus crossing two things off of our work list.

Soil Energy (Allan's photo)

Soil Energy (Allan’s photo)




Klipsan Beach Cottages

We focused on the fall clean up and clipping back of plants that looked tatty now or would look tatty soon.  (First, I had a long talk with Mary.  Denny joked that I had better not charge for it because it had nothing to do with gardening.)

Allan worked on the swale and roadside gardens and took all the befores and afters and Bella photos:









He then joined me in the fenced garden clean up.





At Denny’s request, Allan removed, with great difficulty, the roots of an old and unattractive fern that were well edged into the railroad tie edge of the garden.



after, leaving a nice sword fern

after, leaving a nice sword fern

Bella had a good roll in the gravel.

Bella had a good roll in the gravel.

Denny was not thrilled at the results.

Denny was not thrilled at the results.

Bella greets the visiting nurse for Mary's mother.

Bella greets the visiting nurse for Mary’s mother.

After the fenced garden was weeded and clipped, the soil looked tired and battered despite having been mulched well this summer.  Mary said they would have to get some more bagged mulch, After some internal debate about how I would not be able to cross two things off the work list today, I offered up our load of  Soil Energy, which meant we would be working tomorrow instead of a day off.

one yard

one yard of Soil Energy

applied with buckets

applied with buckets

After the mulching, at dusk, the garden looked very fine:



agapanthus seed heads

agapanthus seed heads

hardy fuchsias still blooming

hardy fuchsias still blooming


Mary got out her winter signs.



Long Beach

We saved two buckets of mulch and got to Long Beach before dark.

parking near Vet Field in a light rain

parking near Vet Field in a light rain

Even though the last bulbs were planted in almost darkness, we managed to get the final Long Beach bulbs installed into the four planters that have been dug in (for electrical repair purposes) and could now be finished for the year.  I was able to erase both KBC and Long Beach bulbs from the work board.


1995 (age 71):

Nov 11: I emptied the 6 wooden pots and planted bulbs and pansies on top.  At 4:30 I went into shop and tried pairing off bulbs to plant together but it was too complicated to match up colors, depth of planting and when bloom.  I cleaned the dahlias so they are ready for peat moss and then to bed for the winter.  I washed several of the terracotta pots.  I’ll put pansies in them.

Someday I should count how many pansies I bought.  I planted the 4 Philodendrons in the 2 tall pots.

1997 (age 73):

Nov 11: Store day—just Payless and QFC.  Then I went out to close the water faucets.  First I had to wash scads of pots and trays piled up in sink.  By then the ground around the sink was very wet and mucky.  I got wet and dirty closing the faucet by the greenhouse.  But I took a hot shower and was ok.  There didn’t seem to be any damage from the frost that I could see.

1998 (age 74):

Nov 11:  In all day again doing apples after going to the store for more lids.  I canned the sauce I cooked yesterday.  Picked 2 buckets of apples.  I peeled some more to be dehydrated.  Picked up more apples—there seems to be no end to them.


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Sunday, 6 November 2016

While staying with a friend at KBC, I read all the room journals for cabin 7 on Saturday evening (into the wee hours).  On Sunday afternoon, I read through the ones from cabin 4. While the journals are not as angsty and personal as the ones from The Sylvia Beach Hotel, they still speak to my heart and give me a strong feeling of connection.  You will find that though the place is called Klipsan Beach Cottages, most of the guests refer to them as cabins, as do I most of the time.

From the previous owners of the cottage.

From the previous owners of the cottage.

Each cottage has a different owner and all are rented out to vacationers. Cottage 4 is now owned by managers Mary and Denny and their family.

Many folks have been visiting KBC for a long time:







The Lost Journal:  I ran across references to a certain journal which predated all the ones I could find.  I was reading the journals in cabin 7, and I even went back to cabin 4 and combed through the whole place looking for the 1992 journal.  Drat and blast, it was not to be found.  Perhaps the previous owners took it home, or a guest took it.  The descriptions of it are tantalizing:



another reference to the lost journal, just the sort of entry I long to read

another reference to the lost journal, just the sort of entry I long to read

Journal writers start young:


Sometimes some personal revelations creep in, although much less often than at Sylvia Beach.



The pine grove is mentioned again.  The cabin 7 journals had been full of laments at it being cut down.  It grew back.


As always, I am sympathetic to guests who share my aversion to beach driving.





Just the dreamy perfection of KBC:


Other readers were excited about this entry.  Kevin who?:


I like when the gardens are praised.  (We are the KBC gardeners.)




The window boxes are gone now; they were high maintenance.

The window boxes are gone now; they were high maintenance.









An entry about what the grounds were like before we came along (and also about the very olden days when one had to bring one’s own bedding and clean the cabins before leaving!):




a beautiful page, with a witty story:




Praise for managers Denny and Mary:




Praise for The Depot Restaurant:



A story that took my breath away:



(I hope that person decided not to blame Islam for the acts of extremists.)

A favourite long entry, taken up after the writer describes how his family has changed and grown since they visited last:




A similar brown chair sits in cabin 7:


The sort of personal story that keeps me seeking out room journals:



Room journals mean so much to me.  I simply must get back to KBC during staycation for a few afternoons of reading the journals in cabins 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8.  I have intended to do so for several winters and have put it off.  Now I am inspired to follow through.


Tomorrow: Allan goes boating.



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It’s a good thing I have a number of posts written ahead.  After our election, grief would interfere with writing about how I feel on the day this is published, and yesterday.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

After we attended the 6×6 art auction, Carol and I repaired to Klipsan Beach Cottages.  She had won, at a Seattle auction benefiting a children’s hospital , two nights in one of the two bedroom cottages and had invited me to stay for one of them.

my cozy room

my cozy room

I immediately got stuck into a pile of room journals.


I found these straight away.

As any longtime reader of this blog knows, room journals at the Sylvia Beach Hotel are a great passion of mine, and while I knew that KBC’s would be more touristy and less angsty, I was still looking forward to them and my anticipation was well rewarded.



Until I got to the last sentence, I was sure the following post was written by a mom.  So nice to have a dad like this:


Many of the visitors return:

“Last time I was year was 1o years ago and I had just turned 10 myself. The path to the beach seems much shorter since then, although dad swears it is longer every time we walk down it.”


I, too, remember when there were no houses in the view on adjoining properties.  At least the cottages own all the dune land directly between the ridge upon which they sitand the beach.

An entry reminiscent of Sylvia Beach journal style:


There are many compliments for managers Mary and Denny throughout the journals.


Mary and Denny’s cats and dogs also get compliments, and I am thrilled to report that in the years after I began to garden there (first with Robert, then Allan), so do the gardens.





From 2015:


The KBC resort has been here since at least the 1950s and still retain an old fashioned ambience.


Another one who loves the guest books:


In another entry:  “This has been a quiet time apart for us.  Why do people write in journals?  From the book A Book of One’s Own: To say I was, I was, I am.”


Journal continuity:

“I came here every year growing up….We found entries in guest books written by me at age 12.  If you’re reading this in 20 years—Hi future self!  Isn’t beach life the best?”


At 11:45, I had finished the first stack of books, and then I found on the same bookshelf (in the main bedroom), 5 more!   I would be up late.

the next batch

the next batch

There was much mention of a pine grove that had been cut down.  It must have been the beach pines between the cottages and the ocean.  It had grown back by the time I first worked there (in about 1999, I think) but is now topped to preserve the view.



Another grove lament:

We pulled up to “our” cabin with happy anticipation.  Imagine our surprise looking through the area between 6 & 7!.  Whoever clear cut the pine grove?  How sad.  I remember the children exploring the trails certain they were the first.  I remember watching their games of hide and seek.  I remember little heads popping from the tops of those trees.  They looked like happy ground hogs.  I remember going through the thicket to the dunes and beyond.  I remember late night walks to the beach.  Coming back in darkness there was an instant of apprehension entering the grove, then relief from the flood of cottage light.  Shades of Sleepy Hollow.  We still had a great time.  Some things never change.


By 1997, some semblance of the pine grove was back, as evidenced by this entry. (The person’s toddler had thrown food into the trees.)



Below, from 1991: a Seaview garden tour?  That was way before the annual peninsula garden tour began.  What was this about?  I wish I knew more.


I always appreciate finding entries that agree with my dislike to the beach being a legal highway for motor vehicles:

dsc07203From 1996, years before any peninsula resort had wi fi:



Even with wi-fi and cable telly, the cabins still feel like a place apart from the world.


1998 and a mention of Fifth Street Park being built in Long Beach!  Captain Nemo’s was where Captain Bob’s Chowder is now.


Tomorrow: Carol and I get a little bit touristy, and more journals are found.


1995 (age 71):

Nov 5 (Sunday): Day off

1997 (age 73):

Nov 5: 11:00-5:00  I finished planting all of my seedlings.  Tomorrow I probably can get the Park order planted.  Then there are a lot of bulbs to be planted into pots and containers.  Also a lot of pruning and cleaning of the yard and garden.  And wood to be cut etc etc.  I’ve got plenty to keep me busy all winter.

1998 (age 74):

Nov 5:  12:00-3:00  More apples.  It was sunny so I planted more plants from the various containers.  I got rained in once so I worked in the shop cutting back the dahlias.  Then I went out and planted more until it really got rained in so I quit for the day.

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guest photo…or is it?  Greg Rogers, owner of The Oysterville Store, shared this photo of THE Oysterville garden on Facebook.  When I asked if I could use it here, he replied that he thought that I had taken it!  Because he thinks it is recent, it could not have been mine because I have not been up there since aster time.


THE Oysterville garden in autumn

Friday, 21 October 2016

If I had been able to focus my mind instead of checking the news every twenty minutes or so, I might have gotten all the bulbs sorted today.  As it was, I struggled to concentrate and still had an assortment of alliums and some narcissi left to sort by 8 PM.  After eight hours of thinking and bagging and listing, I could do no more.

Bulb Hell, I mean, er, Bulb Time

Bulb Hell, I mean, er, Bulb Time

The weather cooperated with frequent rain squalls so that I did not feel I was missing a gardening day.

Meanwhile, Allan continued to paint, despite the weather.  The oil paint stayed on through the rain.

Allan's photo

Allan’s photo

The double flag wind warning at the port mystified us.  Wind was not part of the weather today.  (Allan's photo)

The double flag wind warning at the port mystified us. Wind was not part of the weather today. (Allan’s photo)

Allan also got the Halloween lights installed.

Allan's photo

Allan’s photo

Saturday, 22 October 2016

The weather forecast was wrong again.  I woke to sunshine and realized that I DID have the Klipsan Beach Cottages bulbs sorted and ready to go.  The rest of the bulb sorting would have to wait till evening.  We could not miss a planting day like this.

We also had the bulbs sorted for

The Depot Restaurant

so we began with some fall clean up and planting there.



bulb placement

bulb placement

Allan cut back the floppy Solidago 'Fireworks'; I want to leave Coreopsis 'Flower Tower' for now.

Allan cut back the floppy Solidago ‘Fireworks’; I want to leave Coreopsis ‘Flower Tower’ for now.

an hour and ten minutes later, with bulbs in

an hour and ten minutes later, with bulbs in

Allan had trimmed the would-be-eight-feet-tall escallonia that is front of the railway sign.





Klipsan Beach Cottages

the entry road.  Cottages straight ahead, A Frame to the left, Mary and Denny's house and the fenced garden to the right.

the entry road. Cottages straight ahead, A Frame to the left, Mary and Denny’s house and the fenced garden to the right.


Mary and Denny were surprised to see us on a Saturday.

Mary, me, and Bella

Mary, me, and Bella

We got right down to the bulb planting, me in the fenced garden and Allan planting several hundred narcissi next door in the A Frame woods.  We refresh the woodland planting with many more new narcissi each year.  The shaded conditions are not ideal.  I’d be curious to see how many narcissi came back if we ever skipped an autumn planting.

A frame garden around the deck last year

A frame narcissi by the deck in 2013

The Fuchsias went in this area.

The A frame woodsy garden

A frame narcissi last March

A frame narcissi last March

We are going to get even more narcissi planted in there this year if I follow through on making an “end of season sale” order from Van Engelen.

We finished up by planting a few more clumps of narcissi by the vacation cottages on the ridge.

a clump for every empty space in the driveway gardens

a clump for every empty space in the driveway gardens

cottage 8

cottage 8

cottage 8 bunkhouse (Allan's photo)

cottage 8 bunkhouse (Allan’s photo)

a new gate for cottage 8's bunkhouse

a new gate for cottage 8’s bunkhouse (Allan’s photo)

view from the cottages (Allan's photo)

view from the cottages (Allan’s photo)

I took the usual views of the garden before we went home.  We will be back after bulb time for the final autumn clean up.

the pond bed

the pond bed

from the driveway

from the driveway


looking in the east gate


In the big grey pot by the white pipe, Allan had transplanted today a large Callistemon from a smaller pot that kept tipping over.  I hope it survives.

birdbath view

birdbath view

sit spot

sit spot

Melianthus major and transplanted callistemon

Melianthus major and transplanted callistemon


Fuchsia 'Debron's Black Cherry'

Fuchsia ‘Debron’s Black Cherry’

autumn banner

autumn banner

the pond bed

the pond bed

Mary's autumn decor

Mary’s autumn decor

with Sarah

with my good friend Sarah





At home, I finished sorting all the bulbs by 9 PM….at least until Tuesday, when one more small box will arrive.  If I have a rainy day on Sunday I will be able to type out all the bulb spread sheets, and if it does not rain we will go on planting.


1995 (age 71):

Oct 21:  Strawberries again.   I combined Row 1 and Row 2—Everbearing Strawberries.  Took all baskets down—put them on porch.  Also put the canna pots down near table.  Soon I must empty the pots and put bulbs to bed for the winter.  Next year I must start the begonia bulbs earlier to get them to bloom sooner.

1997 (age 73):

Oct 21:  1:00-3:00  Well, nothing froze but taking no chances I took in the upright begonias.  I was able to separate them; most of them were still in bloom.  I hosed out the various empty pots etc.  I took in the Pineapple Lily.  Then I planted more bulbs in patio.  I took the Spring Hill plants to the greenhouse.  Also checked the Park Seed perennials and put them in greenhouse.  I’ll try to get those planted tomorrow.

Oct 22: 11:00-5:00!  All in Patio and Shop.  I planted bulbs, mostly Alliums, in patio, also asters. Gallardia, Hollyhocks etc all in patio.  I did some in the rain.  I went into the shop and went through all the trays weeding, pruning, and throwing out some wilted plants.  I have seeds of Gallardia and Hollyhock and Malva.  It was a good day’s work done.  I wore a jacket and kept quite warm.

1998 (age 74):

Oct 21 11:30-4:45  I planted some of the perennials (from seed) in the bulb bed and in front.  Then I took my stool into the tam area [formerly juniper tams, now flowers] and deadheaded a lot of plants and did some weeding.  I’m dumping the soil from the various containers along the front of the tam area.  But it was too late to start the bulbs. When I planted the new hydrangeas I marked them to dig up when I move.

Oct 22:  Noon to 6:00  I planted the rest of the perennials from seed in bulkhead.  I started on the bulbs.  I planted Triumph red and yellow 16-18″ tulips all across the Tam area and the pastel tulips.  Also my foxtail lilies and Poker Plants arrived from Spring Hill and I planted them in the UDFB [Upper Driveway Flower Bed] the same day!  Then I peeled apples from 5:00-8:00.


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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

I had suggested to Allan that putting double stick tape on his desk might keep Skooter off of it.  Skooter started to eat the tape when it stuck to his face.  Next, I suggested that cats don’t like foil.

Skooter sleeping on foil (Allan's photo)

Skooter sleeping on foil (Allan’s photo)

I don’t do much fall clean up in my own garden because I ascribe to the Ann Lovejoy school of thought of leaving most of the clean up for late winter and early spring.  I will clip bit by bit over the winter to reveal views and make space for the crocuses and snow drops to show.

That’s not what our clients like and understand, though.  We tidy up public gardens well because most passersby won’t feel comfortable with the wild and tangly brown and tan winter look.  We occupied ourselves with some fall clean up today as we wait for the rest of the bulbs to arrive later this week.

Nursery errands

On the way north, we picked up some bags of bulb food at The Planter Box.  Teresa told us that the greenhouse covers had held up well to the storm until one big gust suddenly ripped the plastic off two big greenhouses.

photo by The Planter Box

photo by The Planter Box

bulb food. We are ready. (Allan's photo)

bulb food. We are ready. (Allan’s photo)

Corn stalks for decorating.

Corn stalks for decorating.

gnarly pumpkins

gnarly pumpkins

Next, we drove over to Sandridge Road to pick up just six violas from the Basket Case Greenhouse.

Darrell, one of the new Basket Case owners (Allan's photo)

Darrell, one of the new Basket Case owners (Allan’s photo)

They still have loads of chrysanthemums at a very good price.  I think their official autumn hours are on Thursday through Sunday.

They did not get that gust of bad greenhouse-ripping wind.

Basket Case photo

Basket Case photo

We drove up Sandridge Road and across Joe Johns.  When I saw a strikingly colourful house, we simply had to go around the block….which meant about a mile around…to get a photo of it.

eye catching colour

eye catching colour





Allan pointed out that the license plate sign reads "GroDamit Nursery"!

Allan pointed out that the license plate sign reads “Gro-Damit Nursery”!

I am intrigued.

I am intrigued.

(I asked on Facebook and learned this really is a nursery so will have to check it out next spring.)

Marilyn’s garden

The only client’s garden we have regularly left almost wild all winter was Marilyn’s.  I am sure the deer have appreciated plenty of soft, secret places to sleep.  This year, we are doing more clipping than usual because new owners are taking possession soon.  Just in case they are not gardeners,  and in case they don’t clip anything back in later winter, I want them to be able see their nice collection of narcissi next spring.  It feels strange that we won’t be planting more narcissi here this fall.

looking southwest from the street

looking southwest from the street

An old dead tree had come down in the storm, not very big.  I had grown akebia on it so there was quite a tangle.  I sicced Allan on it.

before (Allan's photo)

before (Allan’s photos)


after; the akebia can smother the salmonberry on the property line.

looking south into autumn sunshine

looking south into autumn sunshine

Allan's photo

Allan’s photo

looking north

looking north

looking west from the back porch

looking west from the back porch

I hope the new folks will know that all those plants can be cut down in spring.

The neighbour's sweet tabby likes the garden (of course) Allan's photo

The neighbour’s sweet tabby likes the garden (of course) Allan’s photo

I think there might be one more visit, but this could have been our last trip to Marilyn’s…depending on when the sale closes.  Because I did not know, I did not get all verklempt about it.

Klipsan Beach Cottages

Allan cutting down the towering Thalictrum 'Elin'. We want the stems for Halloween decorations.

Allan cutting down the towering Thalictrum ‘Elin’. We want the stems for Halloween decorations.

autumn red blueberry leaves and Agapanthus seed heads

autumn red blueberry leaves and Agapanthus seed heads

Thalictrum gone

Thalictrum gone

backlit clematis

backlit clematis

cutting floppy Sedum 'Autumn Joy'

cutting floppy Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’

That sedum had been in heavy shade cast by the bay tree and roses that got cut back last week.

Allan tackled the Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’ that was behind the garden bench.

before (Allan's photos)

before (Allan’s photos)





Garden writer Christopher Lloyd would have appreciated Allan’s technique.  I recall reading of Christo criticizing a gardener who left sharp stem stubs that would stab a person’s fingers when buried in next year’s new growth.

On the other hand, it is supposed to be good for a certain kind of beneficial bee to leave hollow stem stubs for nesting places.

after more clipping

after more clipping

birdbath view

birdbath view

sign of all the rain we had: sandbags by the basement entrance

sign of all the rain we had: sandbags by the basement entrance

Helper Luis was burning the last of the pile of debris.

KBC helper Luis was burning the last of the pile of debris.

The Anchorage Cottages

When I looked at the weather forecast of rain tomorrow, I became anxious to get some of the fall clean up done at Jo’s.  It must be done by the end of this month.  So we did not stay long at The Anchorage.

center courtyard

center courtyard

A new deck in progress made me feel ok to leave the garden not quite perfect.

in the office courtyard

in the office courtyard

bee on a tattered dahlia (Allan's photo)

bee on a tattered dahlia (Allan’s photo)

Jo’s garden

We had two hours left to spend at Jo’s and we got a good start on the most severe fall clean up that we do anywhere.  Jo likes the garden cut completely to the ground and wants this done for the new owners.  I wondered if maybe they, like me, prefer more plants left standing in winter.  They can have their way next year.

looking in the gate.

looking in the gate.

entry garden, still not as clipped as I would do for Jo herself.

entry garden, still not as clipped as I would do for Jo herself.

Shasta daisies before (Allan's photo)

Shasta daisies before (Allan’s photo)

and after

and after

northwest bed. Jo would like this. I could not bear to pull the blooming impatiens.

northwest bed. Jo would like this. I could not bear to pull the blooming impatiens.

west bed before (Allan's photo)

west bed before (Allan’s photo)

and after today's efforts

and after today’s efforts

Allan got partway down the west side.

Allan got partway down the west side, clipping daisies and asters and helianthus back hard.

We will be back; we did not get the center courtyard done.

We will be back; we did not get the center courtyard done.

I hope the new owners know that the plants are still in there and did not get taken away!  I swear all I took was a small start of the clumping purple aster.

Long Beach and Ilwaco

planting the violas in the Stormin' Norman planter (the one we recently did over by removing scads of wire vine)

planting the violas in the Stormin’ Norman planter (the one we recently did over by removing scads of wire vine).  We chose violas of dark red and blue, the Stormin’ Norman colors.

that planter one month ago

that planter one month ago

We cleaned up the planters at Ilwaco city hall and hope to do more Ilwaco clean up later this week (and also hope to get Jo’s done before Bulb Time begins).

pulling tatty nasturtiums and cosmos at Ilwaco City Hall

pulling tatty nasturtiums and cosmos at Ilwaco City Hall

Someone had made a nice potted flower display.

Someone had made an autumnal potted flower display.

Tomorrow calls for rain and wind.  I hope it is another wrong weather forecast so that we can get back to Jo’s.

I am so excited that tonight we have a DVD of an adaptation of the Blandings books by PG Wodehouse.  I love the Blandings books even more than Jeeves and Wooster.


(Update:  It’s not nearly as good as the Jeeves and Wooster show with Fry and Laurie.)

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Skooter has taken over Allan's computer desk. A pile of boxes barricades him from going behind the monitor.

Skooter has taken over Allan’s computer desk. A pile of boxes barricades him from going behind the monitor.

equal time for Frosty

equal time for Frosty

Even though rain was predicted, we went back to finish Jo’s fall clean up so that it will be done before tomorrow, when bulb sorting time begins.

Just down the street, work is being done on the old historic fire station building.

Just down the street, work is being done on the old historic fire station building.

On the way, we saw county commissioner candidate Fred Hill putting up a campaign sign.  We circled the block to see if he had smaller signs for people’s yards.

Allan's photo

Allan’s photo

I did score a sign and we spoke of two issues that cemented my vote for him.

I did score a sign and we spoke of two issues that cemented my vote for him.

On Allan and I went to Jo’s to finish what we began yesterday.

Jo’s garden

Allan’s photos:





I hope the new owners don’t come in and say “Hey, someone took all our plants.”  The plants are still there and will return in spring.

west garden bed

west garden bed today


About to leave. It rained on us the whole time.

About to leave. It rained on us the whole time.

I have much more to say about this last time at Jo’s.  That will be tomorrow’s post.


We picked up chicken salad sandwiches at Roots Java, Juice and Salad Bar

at Roots

at Roots

Melissa, Roots owner

Melissa, Roots owner

progress at the old fire station

progress at the old fire station

Like us, these fellows had been working in the rain.

At home, I put up our new political sign.



I gathered up plastic milk crates from the greenhouse so they can dry in the garage to receive sorted bulbs.

The patio is still a post-storm obstacle course.

The patio is still a post-storm obstacle course.

Roots chicken salad on flatbread (you can also get it on a croissant)

Roots chicken salad on flatbread (you can also get it on a croissant)

Tomorrow: a farewell to Jo’s garden.


1995 (age 71):

Oct 18: Got my flu shot today.  Frost nipped the squash plants back by the apple tree.  I didn’t see any other frost damage.

Oct 19:  Spent 3+ hours in strawberry patch.  Made a new row of daughter plants.  Cleaned up the rows, trimming the plants and moving small plants into the rows.

1997 (age 73):

Oct 18:  I tried to put up the gadget to use to lower the baskets (in the house) but I don’t understand the directions so I’ll have to wait for Robert.  [Robert, my spouse at the time, and I were about to arrive for our yearly 4 day visit to help out with all sorts of chores and cleaning.]

1998 (age 74):

Oct 19:  What a waste.  A beautiful sunny warm day and I spent the day (again) peeling apples and tomatoes—3 dehydrator trays each plus some more applesauce.  It was cold during the night so I’ll put another blanket on the bed.  I pulled some apples down from the tree using my new rock rake.

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