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Thursday, 21 November 2019

At home

The old apple tree and a tall mahonia

The yellow rain gauge


Allan kindly took on my leaf mowing mission of more that had fallen next door at the Nora House and two doors down on the Norwood driveway.

He fired up the Mighty Mac and vanquished the most recent pile of woody debris. The machine works fine again with its new belt.

All got chopped except the bamboo.

While all that went on, I planted the last of my newly arrived bulbs, 100 narcissi and 50 Iris reticula, most of the narcissi on either side of the new path shown below. .

I also decided that the cosmos across the street at the J’s Cottage simply had to be pulled.

After that great burst of accomplishment, all between one and three forty five PM, I quickly picked a simple bouquet…

…and we left home to make a long overdue visit to our friend Patti’s new house.

In Seaview

Patti has downsized to a darling one story cottage around the corner from her old house and its beautiful garden. She will have room for a simpler new garden at her new place. We had much to catch up on as we had not seen each other for a year. How in the world does that happen with such a valued friend? We have had some connection every day by playing Words with Friends!

View from Patti’s living room

With Patti’s dog, Stella

After our excellent visit, Allan I could not resist dinner at The Depot Restaurant on our way home.


I had dragged all the unclipped bamboo into the garage before we left so that I was able to clip it inside after dark. All missions accomplished!

While I wish it were actual official staycation, almost staycation is almost as good.

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