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On July 8th, the Vancouver (Washington) garden club returned in the morning to tour mom’s garden.  Early rain had us worried but had almost stopped by the time the group arrived, and overcast weather does make for better garden photos.  Mom made brownies and iced tea and decorated the table with some of her African violets (heirlooms passed down from my grandma).  Of course, we had the garden open signs up at the entrance.

garden open today


We kept the garden open till mid-afternoon and a few friends stopped by.  I think had it been 2011 instead of 2009 we would have had far more people because my Facebook connections are much vaster now that they were then…


Mary Caldwell from Klipsan Beach Cottages came (center, above) with her mom (left) and her friend Carol Schisler (right).  Mom was pleased to meet Mary’s mother as they were the same age.   Having garden tour visitors to chat with had made my mother more aware of the usual solitude of her day to day life.

Lola visited from the Anchorage Cottages and a few other friends and neighbours.  The guests  wandered the grassy paths all around the garden and followed the paver path around the west and south sides of the house to admire the clematis, raspberries, and veg garden.

east-west path in front of house; you can see the concrete strip that used to be for parking a trailer.

looking east on the east-west path in front of house (with soil filling in a low spot)

And at the south edge of the garden is the Escallonia hedge in full bloom.

east end of grid

Here the long east-west grass path emerges onto the wide path that swings by the curving south borders.  You can just see over the tops of the lilies where the path widens into a patch of lawn with chairs and tables.

One of the feral outdoor cats mom cared for sat on a dirt path in the veg. garden.

On this open day, the garden looked lovely in all of its details….

plant table

old planted chair

My mom’s limited budget always went for plants and soil rather than fancy garden furniture, but Allan and I had brought very old chairs from our garden to add to the ambience.  This one had been given to us a year before by the owner of Sea Garden.

Our planted tables and chairs are inspired by George Schenk’s wonderful book, Gardening on Tables, Pavement and Hard Surfaces.

The garden was in better form than it had been on the day of the Music in the Gardens tour.  (I think it’s a grand idea that in 2012 the Peninsula tour will be in mid-July….time for lilies to bloom.)


Asiatic lilies

& lilies…

lilies and echeverias

echeverias and fishing floats

Clematis and rose on northwest house corner

Volunteer hypericum in a crack of the paver path

roses along the pea trellis

one of mom’s favourite roses by the veg garden

veg garden

southwest house garden

Climbing roses, blue potato vine, lilies and clematis under mom’s bedroom window. Her beloved cat Tabby was buried here in 2008..

birdhouse in apple tree

bamboo birdhouse

teacup mirror

In a bed nearby, one of mom’s typical hot colour combinations sizzled.

The row of marigolds across the path echoed the orange lilies.

Mom had wanted the proverbial riot of colour in the beds near the sunporch so she could see lots of colour from the house, and that is what she got.  That reminds me of a story Dan Hinkley told during a garden seminar:  A visitor looked at a bed of hot colours in his garden and said “If that was sex, it wouldn’t be safe sex!”

bed of colour

Allium schubertii….

…and Allium albopilosum with Cosmos and lilies in the bed of bright colours

In the curving south garden bed, cooler heads had prevailed.

Mom loved every part of this garden and enjoyed having guests.  We wished there had been more on this perfect afternoon in the garden, but now I can share it with you here.

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