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 We continue the tour with the last two cottages.  It’s past time that I get around to saying that the tour is put on each year by the Cannon Beach History Center.  If Moon-Shell Cottage looks familiar to anyone who toured in 2011, that’s because it was on the tour two years in a row.  (How I wish one of the cottages I missed in 2009 had been on.  I especially wish that June Kroft’s cottage and the one with the tower would be on again.)

five:  Moon-Shell Cottage

Along a street that ends right at the beach sits Moon-Shell Cottage, a nightly rental.

Moon-Shell Cottage

Moon-Shell view across a neighbouring lawn

The bedrooms are comfy and small although don’t speak strongly to me of an owner’s personality.  I did especially like, and now have in my own pseudo-cottage, a line of postcards on a string like you can see over one of the beds.

Moon-Shell bedrooms

postcard display

The living room and open kitchen have the most cottagey features, with….

a stone fireplace

a driftwood mirror

a window nook

and intricately beamed ceilings.


Walking to the next cottage, we pass a classical beach yard…

casual beach outdoors

and fence….

beachcombing fence


The very last cottage has an enclosed back porch which must once have been the exterior.

enclosed porch

It’s now a big mudroom/breezeway.  Inside the back door is an old fashioned kitchen.

old brick and wallpaper

like a grandma kitchen

I do like old wallpaper and the bathroom had even more of it with three floral patterns.  No, that is not too much of a good thing.

wallpapers three

The bedrooms are so tidy that I think it must be another rental cottage.  The attic bedroom with tiny floral print would be my choice.


For awhile I considered trying to replicate the look of the interior cedar shake living room walls in our soon-to-be new (old) double wide home.  Eventually we went with white paint but I still think this is a cool look….even though I usually don’t go at all for wooden paneling of any sort.  (That contradicts my total love for the wood-interiored Windshell Cottage that enraptured me earlier on the tour, but it was an exception to my no-wood-paneling rule.)

The shakes seem to bring outdoor Cannon Beach cottage style (where it seems the only allowable exterior is shakes!) indoors.

shake wall in living room

built in charm

wall mirror reflection

last 2010 tour day photo…back porch

If you decide to go on the tour this year, remember:  It’s always in September, and get your tickets early.  Like the museum’s Facebook page to keep apprised of the tour date.  Every year that is at least one cottage that thrills me, not always as much as the personable and quirky Windshell, but enough to make the tour always worthwhile.


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