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Astoria Painted Lady

As always, we buy our tickets for the Astoria garden tour next to this house which every year looks freshly painted.

view from ticket sales; down the block

intricately painted lady

Before we even get to the tour, we must digress down the block to where we glimpsed something interest.

a stroll down the hill

A few houses down rests a beached boat landscape: typical of a good garden town to have interesting gardens between tour garden stops.

not on the official tour

Now on the to first garden.

Patty Morrow Garden

After climbing steeps step from the street we turn to take in this river view.

view over flowers

further up and farther in

Across a level lawn another flight of more rustic steps leads to a terrace with garden shed.

stairs to a garden shed

On the garden shed level, we track the sound of water to a watering can next to the garden shed steps.

garden shed

Bamboo poles are a polite way to keep us out of too-steep areas.

a polite "keep out"

shady hill

The poles block daredevils from ascending to a woodsy bench.

A table on the garden shed level is set for tea, but much as we would like to linger, we must keep on the move in order to see more gardens.


a garden of elevations

would that we could linger...

We descend these stairs to the house level.

Looking down on the porch (above) from the upper level table, we think that is the garden owner seated on the bench.

the porch

Around the south side of the house there is a secret back garden with another table set for tea.

south side

tea time

It is a shady dell indeed.

shady bank...

good plants...

restful to the eye....

around the east side, and to the front (north) again

front garden

Back to the stairs that lead down to the street….We do wish we could stay longer in this garden of rooms and terraces, to sit on the porch and gaze up at the little shed or across the garden to the lovely view….but we must move on.  More tourers are coming up the steeps steps.

at the top of the stairs

sculptural stairway

going down

The steps, while steep, are fairly easy to navigate even for someone (like me) with vertigo, because one can hang on to the flat edges.


interesting door across the street...

and fabulous house across the street....

...and, as is typical of Astoria, another fabulous house across the street....

and on we go to garden number two…

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