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Sunday, 8 December 2019

Here is a guest photo from our friend Donna of a hummingbird as bright and colorful as a Christmas tree ornament.

Allan made me cheerful by reinstalling the repaired broken lattice on the south wall of the house….

…and by getting me some leaves from the south patio of the Purly Shell Fiber Arts shop at the port.

Those may be the last of the leaves.

Jenna stopped by for a visit after borrowing our Christmas crab for a photo shoot.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

In the window of the Ilwaco post office:

They gave us such a pretty card with a peaceful nature message.

I had the great cheeriness of visiting the medical clinic and finding out that my ear is all better and that we won’t have to go on a long drive to see a specialist. Meanwhile, Allan took some photos of the memorial tree at the hospital, with its poignant and loving ornaments…

….and of a display of wreaths in a silent auction.

We picked up our last cheque of the year at Long Beach city hall and admired their tree.

Looks like all the staff and crew will get their stockings filled.

I had a bit of Christmas shopping to do at the pharmacy, outside of which are murals depicting seaside bounty.

Wednesday. 11 December 2019

I took my bricked MacBook to see an expert, whose opinion is that it is thoroughly unbootable. A friend is gifting me a slightly older MacBook which will work for blogging. I still have not entirely given up my faint hope about my old one….but I don’t want to spend staycation fussing over it. The new to me gifted one doesn’t have enough memory to take my Time Machine back up. I do not care one whit. I feel burdened by the idea of the 80,000 photos sitting on that back up device and am perfectly happy to start afresh for now and make my budget happy by not having to buy a new Mac for awhile. Thank you, friend! I swear that this time I will delete all before and after and quotidian gardening photos as soon as I have used them in the blog instead of letting them build and build for years.

We had a late lunch in Long Beach at the Hungry Harbor Grille while admiring their annual holiday village, a harbor town with signs painted to represent our local businesses.

I always imagine that I live on the top floor of this apartment building, with a balcony and a roof garden. Why don’t I pick one of the grander houses? I do not know…

….except that I think it reminds me of The Gables, where my apartment in 1976 ($75 a month including utilities) was all along the right side, second story, below.

My heart was sore about the loss of my old friend, Bryan, as we dined by the holiday village. Even though there was a muffling distance between me and its charm, I was able to appreciate that it was there.

I dropped a raincoat and a holiday sweater off at the free rack by the pharmacy.

I hope someone enjoys these pretty birds.

The rain blurred out the holiday lights as we left Long Beach for home.

Thursday, 12 December 2019

We rounded up two out of three cats to go to the vet for check ups and booster shots. A particularly festive tree sits in the vet clinic.

Skooter had his boosters and I decided to get a blood panel done for him. The results were “perfect across the board”. Poor old Frosty had come along for a look-over because he still gets the Wobblies about once a week. My best hope was to just get one more winter staycation with him.

Friday, 13 December 2019

After a day at home, we visited Marlene in her darling little house by Ilwaco Park for a fruit plate, wine, and cake and a good long talk. Her three quiet little Japanese Chin dogs sat nearby.

She gave us a present which we opened early, well before Christmas: the perfect tea towel.

Tomorrow, I’ll have a grand day out with Our Kathleen, and after that my stay-at-home-cation is scheduled to truly begin. I hope to not leave my property from the evening of December 15 until the eve of Christmas.

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