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Friday, 22 April 2016

The day began so rainy that I thought it might allow us to only get some essential Long Beach deadheading done.  The weather-induced late start meant that we did not get to Klipsan Beach Cottages and Golden Sands gardens as intended.  I told myself that they would surely be fine for five more days or so.

The Planter Box

We took the time to go to The Planter Box and use the rainy mid morning to clip back our cosmos being grown in the back green house.  It is so wonderful to have few enough jobs that I actually have time, for the first time in several years, to check on the cosmos now and “pinch” it.


Allan’s photo


at The Planter Box


trimming the cosmos to make it bushier and not leggy; will start planting it around Mother’s Day.  This can be done by “pinching” with fingers or with clippers.

Long Beach

The weather, while windy, cleared up enough to make it possible to finish deadheading the Long Beach planters (started on Wednesday) and Veterans Field.


Tulip ‘Formosa’ (and an old ‘Bleu Aimable’


rhododendrons and the Long Beach gazebo


Cerinthe major purpurascens across from the police station


planter with golden oregano about to get too rampant


Dutch iris (Allan’s photo)


Narcissus ‘Baby Moon’, N. ‘New Baby’, Tulip ‘Strong Gold’


I’m excited about the new to me me ‘New Baby’ narcissus, late blooming to go with ‘Baby Moon’



Sadly, no time for lunch at the delicious Kabob Cottage


Allan got two buckets of weeds out of the Vet Field beds.  (Allan’s photo)


Vet Field garden (Allan’s photo)

Having gotten enough deadheading and weeding done to move on, we addressed the drifts of spent tulips in the Long Beach welcome sign planter.



We made a trip to city works with the debris (lots of horsetail) and got enough soil to fluff up the front of the sign, and planted some geraniums ‘Rozanne’ alternating with ‘Orion’ (which is supposed to be even better than Rozanne).  I consider it too early to plant the annuals which will fill it out.

I had realized partway through that it was high time to dig out the thickly multiplied narcissi along the front.  It had gotten too thick and tall.  I moved some to the back and put some in buckets. Next fall, we will have the tulips in front.  Now, I have three buckets of extra narcissi to plant on the berms (something I don’t in the least feel like doing but I shall).  It was hard work and I know I missed some bulbs so will be removing more in the fall.




before, with lots of horsetail


after; have used up my mulch pile and need more.

We weeded the west side of Fifth Street Park and I finished up the east side while Allan went back to the difficult center berm weeding job.


Fifth Street Park, NE side


I disturbed this little one’s evening.


The nice guy from the Title Company and I were discussing how the BadAster keeps coming back.

I joined Allan at the berm where he was struggling with slow progress in hard packed thick weeds.


before (Allan’s photo)


Allan’s photo


I found that even the heavy pick swung full force simply bounced off the weeds and so I got out the string trimmer in a state of high dudgeon.


strimmed…good enough?


after (Allan’s photo)

While dumping weeds at city works (again), I pondered further about how I felt that string trimming was just not good enough to allow the erasure of the third berm from the work board, even though I so want to, and then had a flash of hope: Perhaps next week, I can get that weedy “lawn” out with the half moon edger!  I’d even bought some poppy seeds to plant if only we could get the ground clear.  HUMANS WILL WIN!  (I hope.)

We had carried some plants for the planters around all day and had not got them planted, nor had I gotten more than just a few narcissi replanted in the south berm, nor had I remembered to take a photo of the rather good looking south berm, nor had we made it to KBC or Golden Sands at all.  Even so, I declared a three day weekend because life is short.


at home (Allan’s photo)

Allan captured the intense sunset. 

For those who like the Grandma Scrapbooks blog, I’ve published a new post there.

Ginger’s Garden Diaries


from my mother’s garden diaries of two decades ago

1995 (age 71):

April 22: Finished planting 9in pots) the rest of the Foster Farms.  Planted the pansy plants in baskets.  Planted the fuchsia plants in baskets.

1997 (age 73):

April 22:  gray and damp.  Went out to plant strawberries but ended up working on one row moving new daughter plants from middle of row and trimming and/or replanting other plants within the row.  After about 2 hours I was rained in.

1998 (age 74):

April 22 noon-5:00   I worked all this time transplanting tomato seedlings into pots using compost with mushroom compost.  When I thought it was 3:00 and I came in to take a break and was surprised to see it was 5:00 so I closed up shop and came in.  Rec’d the fall Dutch Gardens catalog!


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