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Saturday, 2 April 2016

at home


a quick look at the garden


Two days ago, I commented that the beach approach job would be easier with two wheelbarrows.  Today, we finally remembered to take the red one.


Look who hitched a ride. The wheelbarrow had been parked on gravel, upright, and these guys had crawled up to nap away the daylight.  Maybe these are the ones who couldn’t find the way back down at night. They live in the dunes now.

We planted one Erysimum in an Ilwaco planter on our way out of town.

Depot Restaurant


Allan remembered we needed to deadhead here.


waiting for grasses to grow and embrace this deck, which opens for dining on Memorial Day weekend, late May


at the Depot (Allan’s photo)


lily shoot (Allan’s photo)

Basket Case Greenhouse

We had forgotten some purchased plants there last week, so we went back to Basket Case.  Fred said he likes it when we forget stuff because we always buy more.


Fred (Allan’s photo)

We didn’t even have time to go to the back greenhouse to visit with Nancy because the beach approach called.

Long Beach


before: 12:40 PM


before (Allan’s photo)


between us and weed dumping area, necessitating a long walk for Allan with heavy wheelbarrows (Allan’s photo)


Bug, one of the dogs I got to meet today


trundling along for another big weeding day

I dug up from the edges some especially nice rugosa rose clumps and put out a notice on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 9.10.45 PM

Just about 4 o clock our friend, local fiber artist Rose showed up and took the nice clumps and some rooted pieces, and gave me three lovely books and a garden calendar that she had been carrying around till she found me someday.  Allan regrets not getting a photo of her beautiful outfit.  She was on her way to help at the Oysters and Art auction.


utterly wonderful

Not long after that, a vehicle parked, and I did not look up till a voice called “You guys ROCK!”  (I got a text from Melissa saying the same thing after I told our friends at dinner how that compliment from a passerby made my day better on Friday.)  There was Todd, wanting to try out a new gardening tool.  He found us because I’d texted that I had a Geranium ‘Orion’ for him. I had not expected weeding help.


Todd (Allan’s photo)


After all the work Todd did, Allan thought he should have this, or a Superman logo.DSC02682.jpg

With his expert help, honed by years as curator of the display garden at Plant Delights Nursery (!), we got a section and a half of difficult garden done today.  He makes us laugh a lot. A passerby comment on how much we were laughing and enjoying our work.


another sweet dog that I got to pet (Allan’s photo)


lots of debris o clean up (Allan’s photo)


Allan’s photo

After Todd left, Allan and I kept on going till sunset.  I was obsessed with finishing to the  planter located by the driveway to the restroom before rain comes tomorrow.


today’s first section, after (Allan’s photo)


Allan’s photo

We got past the target planter and more than halfway down the next section.  As we were cleaning up, a truck with two men in it slowed down and one said “We’ve been watching you work for a couple of days; you know, don’t you, that you do more work than five city boys!”  That was an excellent compliment.


driftwood was halfway mark


7:40 PM: The buoy marks the very end of the garden.  I so want to get as far as the driveway to the restroom building by tomorrow.


back to the van at sunset, 7:40 PM


Allan’s photo: My dream is to finish this and one more whole section on Sunday.


weeded and unweeded, 7:40 PM (Allan’s photo)


always lots of vehicles going by close to where we work


The trailer was getting piled high with roses, from clearing them off both sides of the garden strip.  Again, we were too tired to dump them so we took them home.

where we ended today

where we ended today

Tomorrow: Will we or will we not achieve the goal of having only TWO sections left?  We got one and a half done today but that was with Todd’s help for 2 1/2 hours.  And yet if we don’t have an extra job in the morning, and the rain holds off till at least five o’ clock…maybe….


There are really only 3 and a half sections left.

guest photos from Todd Wiegardt

Todd is smart enough to label his narcissi so he actually knows all their names.


Narcissus ‘Sweet Love’


Narcissus ‘Thalia Sun’


Narcissus ‘Blushing Lady’


an epimedium seedling


and another epimedium

For those who like The Grandma Scrapbooks, I published another post there recently.

 Ginger’s Garden Diaries


from my mother’s garden diaries of two decades ago

1998 (age 73):

April 2:  This morning Tabby was limping putting no weight on back right leg so I took her to the vets.  They seemed to think she had jumped on the [wood]stove and burned her foot.  While there the vet treated her with antibiotics for a 103 degree fever but she jumped off the table so I guess her foot is ok.  When we got home I weeded in the PRFB-So.  [Patio Right Flower Bed??] It looks nice with a lot of low red tulips.  Then I worked on strawberries until I got rained on.

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