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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Another two part post, as this blog falls further behind real time.  Our day had only four jobs, two of them brief, and would end with a tour of THE Oysterville garden, which always deserves its own post.

The Red Barn Arena


Amy and her barrel racing horse


Allan’s string trimming alternative to using round up right behind the garden


My friend Disney, the mother whippet, who likes me. It is her son who snubs me. Unless I have a treat.

Diane’s garden


new lawn going in by Steve Clarke and crew


All we did was fertilize and deadhead the three groups of back yard pots.

The Basket Case Greenhouse

I had a check to deliver and a few plants to seek.


middle greenhouse


north greenhouse


Middle greenhouse; all three greenhouses have many choices.


Allan’s photo


I love this peachy diascia, and that is my favourite tender fuchsia, Pink Marshmallow.


I got myself an Orange Rocket Barberry, shown here with Roxanne. This time, I won’t forget to water it. I’ve killed two Orange Rockets by neglect in the first year.


a poster by the sales desk

The Anchorage Cottages

Allan pruned the center courtyard viburnums to keep them from coming forward into the perennial border.


Allan’s photo: before, coming too far forward


 before (Note that I do not like the look of the Arbutus on the right.  I gave it some Dr Earth fert.)




Mitzu supervising






Dutch Iris


with gorgeous markings


‘Eye of the Tiger’ Dutch Iris


Dutch Iris and Solanum crispum ‘Glasnevin’ (blue potato vine)


Two of the four windowboxes


Climbing hydrangea


north end garden


climbing rose and ceanothus

The Planter Box

I wanted 18 more painted sage for me, and more Dr Earth rhododendron fertilizer, and then I saw some Cosmos ‘Double Click’ and ‘Seashells’ and ended up with two full flats of plants.  Oops.


at The Planter Box entrance

Klipsan Beach Cottages

We spent an hour in intensive grooming of the garden.


east side of fenced garden with Climbine Cecile Brunner rose and honeysuckle


looking in the east gate


birdbath view


Allium ‘Mount Everest’


The gold is Persicaria ‘Golden Arrow’




Mary had a little time to work with me. She is picking snails that are hiding in a daylily.

Allan had planned to clean up buttercups along the roadside edge of the swale (by the road up to the cottages).  He found that the housekeeping and grounds crew had done a beautiful job there, so he did not have to.


Allan’s photo: well done, and not by us.


Allan’s photo

This gave him time to do a good clean up on the outside of the fenced garden.


Podophyllum (Allan’s photo)


bindweed on the weigela! (Allan’s photos)



Allan’s photo: One of Mary’s snails on the run.

We then went north to THE Oysterville garden: Tomorrow’s post. On the way, we took a scenic route through Ocean Park.  Allan’s photos:



on Park Avenue


While I went into the Oysterville garden, Allan detoured on foot to the bay to look at the boats.


Oysterville by the bay



These are all part of the Oysterville regatta, a July event that seems to be an invitational event sort of for the Oysterville crowd.    Everyone uses the same kind of boat so that skill is the factor in winning, followed by a barbecue.

On the way home down Sandridge Road, we saw that (as expected) Steve Clarke and Co had completed laying Diane and Larry’s new lawn to perfection.  We did not stop; it did look like there will be room to create a very narrow remake of our roadside garden although I’m concerned about it being closer to the road, thus more nervewracking to work on.  We shall see!

In Ilwaco, we drove down Howerton to assess the gardens and saw both artist Don Nisbett and Butch of Coho Charters.

Fisherman Butch

Butch said, “No matter what they say about you, I still think you do a great job!”





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While I’m posting slide shows of north end gardens, I might as well add a short one for the little entry garden that we do at Oman and Sons Builders Supply in Ocean Park.  This is our one and only truly low-maintenance garden and shows what a great “doer” Erysimum ‘Bowles Mauve’ is almost year round.

That’s all for today!  It must be a nice break from long-winded posts.

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Saturday, 26 October, 2013

I had been photo-promoting the first Peninsula Cash Mob of the season for a couple of weeks on Facebook, teasing with photos of the wide range of local art at Bay Avenue Gallery in Ocean Park. We had to get up “early” on Saturday to get there….by 11:05. The starting time was 11:00. I was in suspense over whether or not the event would be successful.

window of Bay Avenue Gallery

window of Bay Avenue Gallery

Reflected in the gallery window is the old Taylor Hotel, now home of Adelaide’s coffee and the café that we had promoted as a possibility for cash mobbers to have lunch.

I should explain that “A cash mob is a group of people who assemble at a local business to make purchases and have a fun and positive impact on our local economy.” The Idea is to spend between $5 and $20 dollars. Usually a café is also mentioned for those who want to dine with friends and chat about the day (and life, the universe, and everything).

the main room of the gallery

the main room of the gallery

gallery staff waiting....

gallery staff waiting….

At the desk, above, is Lisa who organizes the Peninsula Edible Garden Tour.

The first group of shoppers and browsers arrived a little after 11:15 and the pace kept steady and most satisfying all day long.

I realized early on that a wonderful piece of art that I had, in the past, voted for people’s choice award (it won!) at the Peninsula Art Show was by our new friend Joe Chasse. It had been a creative sculpture somewhat like these:

by Joe Chassee

by Joe Chasse

I loved this description of Joe’s art:


Joe Chasse

Joe Chasse

(We met Joe through artist Heather Ramsay of my favourite shop ever, NIVA green.)

The gallery continued to be well filled with people and I felt a great relief that the event was a success. One of the shoppers was our friend Debbie Teashon, writer and photographer of Rainyside Gardeners!

Debbie deciding what her cash mob purchase will be.

Debbie deciding what her cash mob purchase will be.

Carol Thompson began a plein air painting in the courtyard while her husband tended a barrel in which pots were baking:

painting and pots

painting and pots

barrel firing and painting

barrel firing and painting



I couldn’t help but notice the space between the Bay Avenue studio building (where classes are given and where artists can come work on projects). The narrow, damp area called out to be for a fabulous swale garden with stepping stones, and I was told a friend of the owners has exactly that in mind.

Just some of the offerings at the gallery, all by local artists:





These three golfers might amuse Mr. Tootlepedal and his golfing friends as well as P.G. Wodehouse fans.

golfers three

golfers three


cranberry plate by Karen Brownlee

cranberry plate by Karen Brownlee

steampunk jewelry

steampunk jewelry

flying machine

flying machine

You can see more art in the background as I appreciated the presence of various well liked local folk.

Charlene and Debbie, regular blog readers!

Charlene and Debbie, regular blog readers! (Charlene left me a Daphne plant the other day!)

Charlene in the foreground, Allan to the left

Charlene in the foreground, Allan to the left

local writer Birdie Etchison of the Olde Towne writers group

local writer Birdie Etchison of the Olde Towne writers group

Jan Richardson with Allan and local artist Martha Lee

Jan Richardson with Allan and local artist Martha Lee

Jan’s garden, Windy Meadows, was on the Peninsula garden tour in 2012, Her little cottages at Windy Meadows Pottery fill me with joy.

I like the originals even better.

I like the originals even better.

For lunch, Debbie and Allan and I met Michelle, cash mob co organizer. across the street at Adelaide’s.

Adelaide's Coffee

Adelaide’s Coffee

at Adelaide's

at Adelaide’s

Debbie, me, Michelle

Debbie, me, Michelle

Allan's artistic latte

Allan’s artistic latte

absolutely scrumptious turkey special with some kind of cranberry chutney

absolutely scrumptious turkey special with some kind of cranberry chutney-like sauce

Adelaide's also houses a small bookstore.

Adelaide’s also houses a small bookstore.

With lots of talk about cash mob itself, and Debbie and Michelle proving to be sympatico, lunch took well over an hour. Allan and I then returned to the gallery to take more photos.

Michelle arrives at the Gallery

Michelle arrives at the Gallery

The barrel firing had burned up a considerable amount of wood.

the pots were beginning to show...

the pots were just beginning to show…

Debbie had gone to her hotel (at the Breakers in Long Beach) by then. Just before four o clock, Allan and I walked three blocks east to the new shop Beach Home Old and New which will be “cash mobbed” in May. It is the first time we had been there. I found it completely charming.

Beach Home Old and New on Bay Avenue in Ocean Park

Beach Home Old and New on Bay Avenue in Ocean Park

utterly delightful!

utterly delightful!

We happened upon two artists there who assemble sturdily constructed garden decor with plates, and carefully picked our way around the plates laid on the floor.

My favourite:  Desert Rose

My favourite: Desert Rose

We stayed long enough to see the display set up.

We stayed long enough to see the display set up.

This is my kind of place. I love the alder used as decoration over the door between two rooms.


alder branch

The owner, Bonnie, had described this new item as "insect balls" and then thought...oops!

The owner, Bonnie, had described this new item as “insect balls” and then thought…oops!

Orbs would be a better word.

In the same way that I realized I had voted for a piece of art by Joe Chasse once upon a time, when I saw shopkeeper Bonnie Lou Cozby’s photographs for sale, I recognized her style and knew that one of my favourite art pieces in my home is a photo by her, of sunflowers in the village of Nahcotta.

I’m so very taken with this shop that I have to share a string of photos. The funny thing is, I don’t shop much for home decor things, having so many items already from my grandmother. But I love everything here:

Beach Home Beach Home Beach Home

Beach Home

Beach Home

love the angry kitten at lower right!

Beach Home

Beach Home

Beach Home

I have a strong urge to go back and buy that angry kitten picture….but we probably will not be up there on the days (end of the week) when the shop is open…

When we walked back to Bay Avenue Gallery, we found that the pots in the barrel firing were enticingly peeking out of the ashes.


The next day, the gallery posted this photo of one of the resulting pots.

beautiful barrel fired pot

beautiful barrel fired pot, photo courtesy Bay Avenue Gallery

Allan and I had some time at home before our planned dinner out. We took that hour and a half to process and upload 161 photos to the Peninsula Cash Mob Facebook page for today’s event.

We then met Debbie at Pelicano Restaurant at the Port of Ilwaco and dined from 7 until 9:46 PM. Pelicano co owner Shelly (spouse of the amazing chef) once told me that when you book a table at Pelicano, “you own that table” till closing time. The pace is elegantly relaxed and of course Allan and Debbie and I had much to talk about. When we looked up, another restaurant had become empty and was being tidied by the staff. Shelly told us that we did not have to hurry to leave.

Pelicano host Shelly tells us not to worry about the late hour

Pelicano host Shelly tells us not to worry about the late hour

flowers by the door at Pelicano

flowers by the door at Pelicano

I’ll close with part of the menu for those who are interested in such things. It changes monthly and the food is delectable.

Pelicano October menu

Pelicano October menu

For those who are REALLY interested, Allan had the pasta, I had the scallops, and Debbie had the Vietnamese chicken. We each had our own serving of the chocolate pot de creme. It is too good to share.

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2009 was the second year that we planted and cared for a small entry garden at Oman & Son Builders Supply‘s Ocean Park Store.  We were pleased with the way the seasons unfolded and with the massive amount of colour we managed to pack into a small area.  It’s a tiny job that we check on but once a week; we count on the staff to turn on the soaker hoses.  This particular year a staff member loved the garden and gave it a hose watering regularly.  That always helped freshen up a garden and wash off the parking lot dust.

If nothing else, the garden shows off the good assortment of colours one can find in California poppies.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2009 was the year we tried Cosmos ‘Yellow Garden’ and it was beautiful indeed, tall, with the usual feathery cosmos foliage and pale yellow flowers, but unfortunately even in this garden against a warm wall it did not bloom till late September.

In the winter, the Santolina and Erysimum carry the garden through, and we’ve since added a few Hebes for more winter colour.

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