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Monday, 24 September 2018

We continued the Oysterville part of our Peninsula garden tour with Ketzel Levine and Beth Holland.

The Oysterville Garden

For posts which show how this extraordinary garden all ties together, see here, here, and here.

Today, we wandered through in bright sunshine which was not conducive to photographing any shady/sunny areas.

It is aster time in the Oysterville garden, where the gardener collects them because they are his mother’s favourite flower.

cotinus viewed from the road


Joe Pye, a grass, alliums

looking in the driveway

by the south terrace

on the dreamy terrace

Beth, Ketzel, Allan on the terrace

Allan’s photo

The bright sunlight made it difficult to capture the allée of Hydrangea ‘Incrediball’.

at the north end of the north-south back path

emerging from the allée onto the big north lawn

This lawn is what I think of every time I am tempted to make my grass areas smaller in order to have larger garden beds.

asters aglow

Ketzel and Beth

Discussion was had about two kinds of ilex.

One was taller; one had redder berries.

Allan’s photo

We wished we knew the names of the assorted aster cultivars.

curving back around to the front of the house

Allan’s photo

On the front porch…

We stood and admired the white begonias.

looking north

at SE corner of the house

front border

Gomphostigma virgatum (Allan’s photo)

We turned our attention to the garden to the south, now owned by a friend of the Oysterville gardener, who has extended the garden theme onto that property.

looking south into the neighboring garden

I think this is Senecio ‘Angel Wings’, also seen in the Kuestner garden last month.

Beth botanizing

We viewed the garden from over the picket fence.

outside: barrels with mounds of armeria (sea thrift)

Beth said some of the armeria cultivars keep their neat round shape.

a green echinacea

looking north

Allan’s photo (Solidago ‘Fireworks’)

Allan’s photo

an aconitum with shiny leaves

Leaving Oysterville after viewing its three most excellent gardens, we drove south down Sandridge Road to finish our touring day at Steve and John’s bayside garden.




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Monday, 24 September 2018

Our garden tour continued in Oysterville.

Martie and Steve’s garden

For a detailed and orderly tour of this garden, see here.

north side of driveway

At this entrance to the garden, Ketzel and Beth stopped and marveled at the silence of Oysterville.

Schefflera admiration

schefflera and restio (Allan’s photo)

Joe Pye was much admired.

still north side of driveway

south side of driveway

front lawn, looking northeast

on the front garden with Tetrapanax

south side of front lawn

south side of the house with Melianthus major

Allan’s photo

the croquet lawn with their guest cottage to the far left

astelia on north wall of pottery studio

(To my surprise, I learned that astelia works in dry shade and now I am strongly interested in acquiring some.)

looking into the pottery studio with Martie and Steve

the house from the studio

fire circle and also raku pottery kiln

Ketzel likes this bonsai.

northwest back garden

Allan’s photo

from behind the house

at the sculpture (Allan’s photo)

looking west from the deck

kitchen garden

Panicum next to the deck

Allan’s photo

on the deck

We heard about some of Martie’s future plans for the garden and then departed to continue our tour.

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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

The Oysterville Garden

We continued our day of garden touring with Ann, Evan, and Paul.

new gate

Allan’s photo

I so love this terrace.

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

Hydrangea ‘Incrediball’ allée

Allan’s photo

west end of the allée

the shady back path, running south to north (Allan’s photo)

Evan, Ann, Paul (Allan’s photo); reminds me of Charlie’s Angels.

Allan’s photo


Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

through the allée and onto the north lawn

Evan (Allan’s photo)

Allan’s photo

reminded again that I used to have (in my old garden, and know the name of) that double blue geranium

north lawn

around to the front of the house

Allan’s photo

Meanwhile, next door, a friend has moved in and the garden is expanding into his garden:

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

Now we are heading back to our vehicles to drive south to Steve and John’s garden, where we will end our tour day.

Evan, Ann, Paul

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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

We were pleased to have time to visit the Oysterville garden, which has been on my mind.

looking in (Allan’s photo)

from the road

looking north inside the front border

below the terrace that always makes me misty eyed

chair pattern echoes the window

Allan’s photo

Melissa (Sea Star Gardening) was working there today.  I asked her what the soft white ball plant was and she said some kind of geranium!  I asked on “Plant idents” Facebook group and before I had added five more photos, I got the answer.

Geranium maderense ‘Guernsey white ‘

foliage of G. ‘Guernsey White’

Geranium maderense ‘Guernsey white ‘; Allan’s photo shows flower and foliage together

Melissa hard at work, applying liquid fish fertilizer (Allan’s photo)

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

looking south from the terrace

Allan’s photo for scale

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

Allan’s photo

the allée of Hydrangea ‘Incrediball’

the west end of the allée

the south-north path

Allan’s photo

tree fern unfurling


Allan’s photo


looking south

returning to the allée

looking west

looking back after emerging onto the lawn

clematis climbing a tree

the north bay of the lawn

inside the front border

along the front walkway


The lawn sprinkler turned me back along the way I came.

Melissa had kept fertilizing the pots (with fish fertilizer) the whole time we were there.  Allan had pitched in to help her.

the driveway from inside

Meanwhile, next door, a friend of the gardener has moved in and the garden is being expanded across the front of his house.

across the road, a meadow and Willapa Bay

Allan’s photo

looking across the front of the Oysterville garden before departing

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Sunday, 10 December 2017

I wrenched myself away from gardening projects today, and Allan from writing his boating blog post (the one that published a couple of days ago) to attend a housewarming party for our friend Sarah, author of The Marble Game.   We arrived in the last hour of the party.  The conversation among her friends turned to how some of us just like to stay home, but we all wanted to see Sarah more than we wanted to stay home that day.

Sarah has a brand new little house.  It would have been a tiny house had there not been rules in Ocean Park that a house cannot be smaller than…600 square feet?  It is a LITTLE, darling house, so new that it does not yet have its final coat of exterior paint or all of its indoor trim.



an ocean view from the kitchen, and a fire circle

stairs to the loft

looking down (Allan’s photo)

the lofty view (Allan’s photo)

Allan’s photo

We enjoyed Sarah’s potato leek soup and some bread, with cookies for dessert.  I loved seeing Sarah’s good dogs again and her brand new kitty, Wally.

Wally is a snuggler.

a very relaxed kitten


and Piper

We had the perfect housewarming card for Sarah, from The Card Lady.


The yard is on two levels, open in the middle around the house, and surrounded with evergreen huckleberry shrubs.  Sarah was a garden designer on the east coast.  I’m excited to see what she does with it.

north east corner, overlooking evergreen huckleberries

After we departed, we took ourselves on a driving tour of the neighbourhood.

I do love a tower.

an enticing path

sign says “CAMP…something…”

outflow from Loomis Lake

Those yellow outbuildings by the slough, above, are by a manufactured home for sale right on the slough…with a double lot as big as mine.  OH how I want it!  I miss having a natural water feature in my garden.  If it had been for sale when we were looking in 2010…I wonder if I would have picked it.  Maybe one of you will buy it so I can visit.  Maybe one of those outbuildings could be a tiny house…

Further west:

fancy porch

We drove to the Ocean Park approach (Bay Avenue) to see the sunset.  Allan’s sunset photos:

Part of our mission was to go to Oysterville after dark to see the lights at THE Oysterville garden and another house nearby.

While waiting for dusk to end, we passed the time at Oysterville Sea Farms…

Allan’s photo

on the deck overlooking Willapa Bay….

looking east

looking south (Allan’s photo)

…and we bought a jar of cranberry butter to “pay” for enjoying the deck.

in the shop

Oysters are the main feature.

We then found the lights we were seeking.

At THE Oysterville garden, only two of the boxwood balls were lit up; we’ve heard that on some evenings, more of them are:

Back in Ilwaco, while dropping a couple of books in the library drop box:

Ilwaco Timberland Library

Now, back to the garden for me for at least three more days of this almost summerlike weather.


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Sunday, 26 November 2017

an…interesting…shot of Frosty.

Skooter cuteness

We visited Melanie and Mike, three blocks east, to see Mel’s new foster dog, a gentle and timid chihuahua.

Later, Allan tried to build some window boxes outside.  He got driven in by rain.

I procrastinated on unloading the trailer load of debris from our last two jobs (Anchorage and Depot gardens on Friday).  When I finally got started, I first emptied the grey rain gauge.

the rain since Saturday afternoon

Compost bins before adding debris, looks like Artemisia ‘Powis Castle’ cuttings want to live, and I should do something to save them.

I regretted my procrastination. By the time I got a heaping, overflowing, tippy grey wheelbarrow back to the compost pile, a serious downpour began.  I became drenched as I piled the debris up on the towering pile.

I did not make it back to the porch at first, taking shelter in Allan’s workshop halfway there.

the workshop view, not one I usually see

Allan’s garden, with Acanthus ‘Spider’s Web’

In the early evening, we made the long drive to north of Oysterville for a belated Thanksgiving feast with Melissa and Dave at their Sea Star Acres.  On the way, we detoured through Oysterville and saw the seasonal ponds.

north of the Oysterville church (Allan’s photos)

Sandridge Road and Oysterville Road (Allan’s photo)

At Sea Star Acres, Dave and Melissa had prepared a traditional feast.

Under foil is our contribution, Allan’s pumpkin pie “like mom used to make”.

roasted brussel sprouts and grapes

centerpiece, with late blooming rose buds and little Sea Star grown squash

While the squash did not grow big this year, they did make good decorations.

me and Coulee, the handsome Hovawart.  Barely showing in the foreground is the other Hovawart, Anna.

We feasted, perhaps to excess, talked about our gardening work, and made plans to meet again for next weekend’s Crab Pot Christmas Tree Festival in Ilwaco.





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Sunday, 16 July 2017

After we had toured The Oysterville Garden, Lorna and Gail and Debbie (who had seen our next garden on yesterday’s local tour) went on their respective ways.  Dave, Melissa, Ann, Evan, Allan and I drove a few blocks north to Steve and Martie’s garden.  I’ve never met Steve and Martie although, before they moved to Oysterville, Allan and I worked on a garden just south of theirs, a garden that Dave and Melissa do now.  Dave and Mel (Sea Star Gardening) also helped ready Marty and Steve’s garden for the tour, and the creator of the fabulous Oysterville garden down the street has had some influence here.  You can read about Martie’s design work here.  And here.  And here.  And you can read about her Oysterville home, whose garden we are about to visit, here.

Martie designs plant decor for clients including the Ace Hotel in Portland.

historic Captain Stream House (Allan’s photo)

Captain Stream House (Allan’s photo). Much of Oysterville has lichened picket fences like this one.

front garden (Allan’s photo)

Ann (Allan’s photo)

Allan’s photo

That’s one of my favourites, Verbena bonariensis, to the right.

a handsome stand of eupatorium (Joe Pye Weed)

orchids (Allan’s photo)

From the back deck.

A few days later, I happened to be at The Planter Box garden center when Teresa got a phone call asking what plant had been in the container above.  It’s sarracenia.

productive kitchen garden on both sides of the walkway

stone sink on the north side of the deck

closely mown croquet lawn on the south side

south of the garden (a guest house, I think)

coming around to the front garden again

now viewing the front garden from the entry driveway again, with Ann and Evan still lingering.

You can see more of this garden on Instagram at Oysterville Life.

We will now go on to tour two gardens of friends, and because we’ll be just with friends, I am going to share some garden tour thoughts.


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