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On the next property down Warrenton’s Whiskey Road, we entered the Pearlstein and Boonshoft garden on a driveway next to a handsome stone wall.  The program says the grounds were overgrown and the owners were assisted by a landscape designer in reclaiming them. (As usual in these tours, the landscape designer is not named!!).

entry wall; You can see the house across the driveway (bottom)

house from driveway…and closer

Although we did not get a closeup view of the house till we had wended our way through the gardens, I’ll add the close up photos here for comparison with the overall house view.  Note the bat porch light!

house details, front

Now for the garden…

alongside the entry drive and alongside the lawn

We climbed stairs to a higher lawn…

The property slopes up to a view of Smith Lake.  I was a little surprised some of the beds were so blurry; I am deeply obsessed with weed removal when any of “my” gardens are on tour, and have been fortunate to never have an emergency that made me unable to complete a perfect weeding job. Take note,  a garden doesn’t have to be perfect to be on a paid tour. Dulcy Mahar wrote a wonderful column on the subject of tour day untidiness, which begins “Recently, my neighbors Rosemary and Walt hosted a chamber music group in their garden. Later, when her guests had gone, Rosemary discovered that she had left a pile of clippings and weeds next to a bench on the side of the house.

She, of course, was horrified. I on the other hand like a bit of mess. It proves you are in a working garden, not just something a landscaper came in and did.”

a working garden

At the top of the slope Smith Lake is seen from above; there’s no low bank as in the neighbouring garden.  We forgot to look for the steps going down to the outdoor fireplace (pictured in previous entry).

the lake from on high

a lovely lake view patio

Near the house the garden turns more formal and meticulously maintained.

daisy bed

sloping border

Japanese influence

near the house

Oh, but just let me at those sword ferns with my clippers!

future refreshment area

Refreshments were to be served by this outdoor fireplace…at three. We had started the tour at 11.30 and were done by 2.30 and wanted to go nursery shopping and were, quite frankly, parched and starving. Did not wish to wait till three, and left feeling that the Astoria tour was quite bereft of even a pitcher of ice water for the tourers. just sayin’: The Seattle tours offer refreshing liquid, and sometimes cookies, at most of the gardens; The Sauvie Island tour had a cool drink of water and cookies at each stop, and the Peninsula tour is renowned for having delicious refreshments of some sort at EVERY garden. Not to be greedy but…touring is hungry and thirsty work!  …I can’t remember (writing this almost two years later) why we were not supplied with our own water, because we usually carry several bottles.   [We made sure in 2011 to time the end of our tour better and were rewarded with a scrumptious feast.]

Post Tour: nurseries

Robinia ‘Twisty Baby’

How I wanted this Robinia ‘Twisty Baby’ at Seven Dees nursery, but had not room enough in our smallish car.  I had used to own one, but it was so brittle that eventually every piece of it broke off.  I would like to try it again.

a fascinating sign at Seven Dees

surprising finds at Fred Meyer

On the way home, I was absolutely shocked and amazed to find Melianthis Major (left) for sale in the Warrenton Fred Meyer garden center. Just the plain one, not ‘Antenow’s Blue’, but still! For six bucks!! I guess this is no longer a rare collector’s item!  Kudos to the plant buyer.

I was also amazed to see Salvia patens ‘Cambridge Blue’ (right) at Fred Meyer for this price (3 for 9.99!!!). If the car had not been so full of other plant purchases,  I would have got more than one.

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