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Saturday, 16 March 2019

The annual Peninsula Quilt Guild show at the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum in Ilwaco had over 100 quilts this year.

As always, my favourites are the ones with floral and garden and nature themes.

Here they are.

Flowers by Maureen Bittner

My Machine Quilting Sampler by Judy Kraft

Dream Big by Claudia Menzia

Gloria by Toni Tweedle Healy

Fall Pumpkins by Joe Ann Reidesel

Hummingbird Wreath Banner by Joe Ann Reidesel

I liked this one because it reminded me of teatime.

Vintage Farm Girl by Kathy Averett

Wonky Pentagon by Beth Tripp

…featuring ornamental cabbages.

Fabric Frolic by Maureen Bittner

…with floral details

Flowers on Silk by Toni Tweedle Healy

This one was almost my favourite mini; I love the languid petals:

Sunflower by Janet Darcher

left: Quatro Color by Claudia Menza

Grandma’s News! by Becky Olson Evans

My grandmother made several quilts with flowers like these:

Grandma’s News! by Becky Olson Evans

A Year in the Garden by Becky Olson Evans

Nature themed quilts:

Wings Over Willapa by Toni Tweedle Healy (an amazing quilter of all styles!)

Under the Sea by Toni Tweedle Healy

Dancing with Dragonflies by Joanie Chapel

Autumn at Sunset Beach by Joanie Chapel

Got crabs? by Beth Tripp

Pelicans by Judy Kraft

Puffins by Beth Tripp

We got to pick our favourites for best mini, small, medium, and large quilt.

My pick for medium was Grandma’s House.

Grandma’s House by Toni Tweedle Healy

My first thought was that, though impressive, it was so impractical…and then I read the description and got tears in my eyes.

Looking at the details, I did think of my grandma’s house, so of course it had to be my favourite because I had a wonderful grandma whom I still miss daily.

Grandma’s sewing machine

She loved cats….

…and her little house.

My favourite small quilt (and my favourite in the whole show) was Goofy Garden by Toni Tweedle Healy, and here it is with its creator.

photo courtesy Peninsula Quilt Guild

Native Plants by Joe Ann Reidesel came just barely after Goofy Garden (only because I love the garden theme with seeds and hose and secateurs), so I am including it here as what would have been a tie had that been allowed:

Native Plants by Joe Ann Reidesel

California poppies

skunk cabbage and trillium

My favourite mini quilt just barely edged out the sunflower.

Shooting Star by Maureen Bittner.

Wildflower Album by Becky Olson Evans was my favourite large quilt.

Finally, here are three more glorious quilts that we must include even though they are not at all on the gardening and nature theme.

La Dio de Los Muertos by Diane Duprez

The Lewiston Express by the inimitable Toni Tweedle Healy

Sorenson Work Wall Hanging by Judy Kraft

I am putting photos of most of the rest of the quilts on the Our Ilwaco blog, so avid quilters might want to have a look over there.

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Saturday, 17 March 2018

The Annual Peninsula Quilt Guild Show

Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum

I hope that on some rainy day, I will make the usual post of ALL the quilts that we liked over on our other blog (Our Ilwaco).  Here, I will share quilts with the pertinent subjects of flowers and birds (and a couple of other subjects of interest to a certain blog reader).

Show attendees get to vote on quilts of four sizes.  The scary thing is that it seems like yesterday, and yet was a year ago, when I was walking through the show trying to make my 2017 decisions.  Time goes faster every year, which is an especially ominous thought when the quilt show falls right on my birthday.

gardens and flowers:

This was my favourite large quilt of 2018; I always go for the jewel tones:

I hope it would cheer her up for all the hard work to know it was my favourite in its category!

Below is a quilt with the garden-y name “Flower Stalls”.

“Flower Stalls” quilt

Below: This geometric quilt had lovely botanical side panels with garden bridges.

Below, a quilt with botanical fabric star shapes on a vine spoke to me of flowers:

B.O.M. means “block of the month’ in quilt club lingo.

detail, centre

detail, corner

Below, a big quilt includes baskets and strawberries.  I believe the blue toned one to the right was the “Sea Glass” quilt that was raffled off.

Below: a hummingbird garden:

Below: This one qualifies as flowers because of the border:

detail; I like the jewel in the center of each flower.

Below, my favourite medium quilt:

Below, botanical fabric in a traditional pattern:



Below, different interpretations of a flower “block of the month”; one was my favourite “mini” quilt and one was my favourite “small” quilt:

my pick for best medium quilt


detail (the lace got my vote, and the shadow box theme)

…and the raised salmon berries…

my pick for best mini quilt

detail; I love the use of the lace so voted for this one.






detail (California poppies are not Washington natives but they have naturalized)

nature scenes:

Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon


detail from a Texas-themed quilt by Kathy M. Dean

Below, a quilt with birds and critters:




A special bird quilt was on display, with panels created by school children:


I especially love this one little bird.

For Montana Mary:



In case we never get around to posting our more extensive quilt show post, you can see them all here.

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Friday, 17 March 2017

Today began the three day quilt show at the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum.  You had best go on Sunday between noon and four to see ALL the quilts.  These, my favourites, comprise only about half of the show.  I tend to go for jewel tones of green, blue and purple, and for less traditional patterns (with exceptions).  Under most of this year’s quilts is the description from the show programme.



Peninsula Quilt Guild



 Large Quilts

The first quilt I saw became my people’s choice pick for best large quilt.


Irish Posies by Lynda Newell

“This is a combination of the traditional Irish Chain pattern with a little applique added.  I am not a huge fan of doing applique but occasionally it sucks me in.”

details (the flowers are what made it my favourite):




This bright quilt would appeal to my friend Montana Mary and reminds me of our job at the Red Barn.


Rodeo Gals by Earline Nichols

“I love anything with horses and when I saw this quilt pattern I knew I had to make it.  I have donated this quilt to the horse therapy for needy/abused children organization for an auction.”

A pleasing green and flowered quilt turned out to be by our friend Ann.



Stars for Chuck and Sarah by Ann Saari

“Shortly after his marriage, our son’s bride picked this pattern and gave me some fabric she had been saving.  I found it easier to make the stars by hand so over 7 years I did just that. Susan James did an amazing job of quilting.”


flower fabric detail on Ann’s quilt

Below: The quilter to the left made the stunningly beautiful horse quilt.  It was not in the people’s choice competition.



Allan’s photo





While not “my” colours, the quirkiness of this typing test quilt appealed to me.


Typing Test by Karen Snyder


fabric detail


Bazaar in Marakesh by Renee Newstrom

The bright and vibrant jewel tones have me imagining far off travels and colorful markets.  Curved piecing is simplified by use of the Quick Curve Ruler.  Pattern from the book One Wonderful Curve and enlarged from a wall hanging.


House Pattern by Peggy Christensen

“My entry for my quilt group’s annual challenge.  House quilts being my favorite pattern I decided to make a block for each member and the rest of the blocks a tribute to my favorite quilt stores.  I could have called it the ‘Kiss of Death Quilt’ because as soon as I started making it, the stores started closing!!  Lucky for us it did not have the same effect on our members!!”

I like house quilts, and my grandma had a little red house.  I think the last quilt store on the Long Beach Peninsula closed recently.

Here’s a quilt in my favourite colors:


Trip to Trinidad by Joanie Chapel

“I have made three quilts designed by Kathleen Starr.  I love the hand dyed batiks and how the colors flow together.”


Harry Potter by Nancy Allen

“Made for my granddaughter who likes Harry Potter.”

details, because I also like Harry Potter:





Medium Quilts


Kaleidoscope by Maureen Bittner


I liked the flower fabric and the gold thread.

Because it reminded me of a quilt made by my grandma, “Flower Pots” was my favourite medium quilt.  Gram liked that sort of appliqued flower.


Flower Pots by Betty O’Phelan

“Too small to keep and too big to throw out.  Combination of several patterns.”


Yellow Brick Road by Joan Palmroth

“I have enjoyed making Yellow Brick Road many times.  It is fun laying out the blocks like a jigsaw puzzle to not have same fabric touching same fabric.  Beautiful “daisy chain” quilting made this one a keeper.”


fabric detail


Over the River and Through the Woods by Vivian Macek, reminds me of my grandma, of course.

“I collected the blue and silver batiks for 2 years and spent another year embroidering the design during my work lunch hours.  This is a labor of love for my daughter.”

I like the Mariner’s Compass pattern very much.  Here are three versions:

mariner's compass

Mariner’s Compass by Sue Grennan, DeLila West, and Mariner’s Stars by Doris Schalka


Mariner’s Compass by Billie Warrick


Paris Boutique by Joe Ann Ridesel

“I purchased the pattern for Paris Boutique at Cotton Pickin’s Quilt Shop in Stanwood, WA.  I added extra fabric to make it twin size. I’m hoping one of my granddaughters will want it.”


Evening Clam Tide by Janet Darcher

“This was my first time using the freezer paper piecing technique.”


Beach Balls by Lynda Newell

“This started as a kit from the Stitchin’ Post in Sisters.  The ‘balls’ were just pieced straight strips of fabric.  As I was going through the boring task of piecing all of the fabrics I suddenly saw beach balls bouncing.  Of course beach balls are not just straight stripes so I had to design them into something that might resemble beach balls.  Never feel limited by someone else’s vision.”  (All of a sudden I feel that this is my favourite medium quilt.)


Exotic Plants by Betty O’Phelan

“Needed a project to go fast so big blocks and not too many colors.

I like the plant fabric:


Normally, I don’t go for orange, but I had to put in this next quilt for Mr. Tootlepedal:


Rolling Along by Marian Martzall



I like quilts that are geometric but askew:


A Little Bird Told Me by Nancey Olson

“I wanted to make a funnel quilt for my Grand Niece.  Polka dots and birds seemed to be a cute combination.”



Small Quilts

The small quilt category often has the most creative and painterly entries.


Stripes and Squares by Beverly Wakeman

“After last year’s quilt show, I moved to Vancouver and to a much smaller sewing room.  When the dust settled, I wanted to get back to quilting.  The first box was full of solid fabric so I made a small throw.  I have enough blocks for another quilt and one empty box.  Only 20 more boxes to go.”

Many of the small quilts feature “BOMs”.



Small Treasures by Beverly Osterholm

“A fun Guild BOM…. I did put a teacup in mine as that is one of my ‘small treasures’.”

My grandma made some quilts with the flower pattern in the upper right corner.


BOM by Marian Martzall


BOM-Summer by Ann Saari

“I made four small quilts to represent the four seasons.”


Flower Fiesta by Joanie Chapel

“I love Batiks, flowers, butterflies, and applique so this pattern jumped out and grabbed me.  It was fun making each flower different.  I added yoyos and Swarozski crystals.”

This got my vote for favourite small quilt, because I loved the crystals and it reminded me of my grandma, even though Women’s March quilt (shown a ways below) was a close, such a very close second.




Ties That Bind No More by Karen Haines

“When my husband retired, he swore he would never wear a tie again.  So I gathered them up to hold him to his promise and to do something creative with them someday.  I’m grateful he had a playful attitude towards the ties he wore.  The silk was challenging.  I chose Dresden because it looks like teeny ties.”




Maui Turtles by Sheri Hendrix

“Bought kit at Maui Quilts after seeing sea turtles at the beach.”


Early Fall Afternoon by Janet Darcher

“Landscape quilt, raw edge applique, acrylic paint and machine quilted.”

Wait.  Now I think the above is my favourite small quilt.

This one spoke to my heart and was also almost my favourite small one:


Astoria Women’s March by Cathie Jensen

“This quilt was made to take to the Astoria Women’s March in January 2017.  I was inspired by my daughter who works in Civil Rights in Washington, DC and will be sending her the quilt.”


A Light in the Darkness by Cathie Jensen

“A quilt guild in Newport, OR sells artwork panels by Dennis McGregor and had a large panel in their raffle quilt.  Since I didn’t win, I made this wall hanging with a small panel to practice blending the panel with added fabrics.”


Dahlias by Joanie Chapel

This is my first landscape quilt.  It is an original.  I grow over 100 dahlias on my property so, naturally, there are dahlias in this quilt.”




Dahlias by the Sea by Joanie Chapel

“I bought this pattern at the Quilted Dandelion.  It was rather dull so I jazzed it up!  I added bright colors, sand, star fish, sand dollars, and flowers.  I love beach scenes.”




Flames by Maureen Bittner

“Group challenge using a specific color and using black or white as an accent.”




Ocean View by Deborah Berkely

“I’m a fabric stasher.  My husband calls it hoarding.  I had a lot of blues that I kept playing with and finally came up with this skinny quilt that I named Ocean View.”


Chain Gang by Deborah Berkley

Just after another show viewer and I were laughing over this one, he tried to turn over the corner of the next quilt by the paper piece, as one is supposed to (to admire the stitching), and he knocked it off the wall.  I don’t know what happened to him…

“This little wall hanging was inspired by a cartoon from a 1986 Quilting Magazine.”


Yellow Ducky by Glennys Sherman

“I found this pattern at the Paisley Duck in Kelso.  I was intrigued by the fact that it was made with tiny squares.”


Ruddy Rooster by Joanie Chapel

“Three of us in the guild took a class from Ann Shaw.  We all made a rooster.  It was fun.”


Falling Leaves by Joanie Chapel

“This quilt was very challenging and I learned some new skills.  All of the fabric came from my stash so it didn’t cost anything.”


Christmas Trees by Maureen Bittner

“Made for a Christmas wall hanging for myself.”


The Grand Canyon by Maureen Bittner


Happy Circles by Marian Martzall

“This was my first attempt at making circles on a home machine with a walking foot.  I really enjoyed the whole process and look.”



There are many more quilts to see if you go to the show, and there are quilts and quilt books in the museum gift shop.




quilts by Karen Snyder for sale

Ss we left, we saw a sign promising fabric, but though we followed the arrow and went all the way round by the port, we never did figure out where it was pointing to!


Allan’s photo




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Sunday, 20 March 2016

We made it to the quilt show!  at the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum.  It was not a long trip as the museum is about three blocks from our house.


Here are our favourite quilts, with an excerpt about the quilt following each one.  Each of the 130 quilts had its own beauty.  This selection is influenced by my love of garden and beach themes, jewel tones of purple-blue-green, and an appreciation for abstract patterns.  You can look at every one of the quilts in this Peninsula Quilt Guild’s Facebook page album.  If your favourite colours are earth tones, you’ll find many more quilts to admire.


garden themes


The Hawaiian Pineapple by Becky Olson Evans

Becky Olson Evans:  “Pi’o Ana Keanuenue Ma Luna O Luna’I” is the Hawaiian name for this quilt by Pacific Rim Company.  The busier the applique the more fun I have…

The Hawaiian pineapple quilt had a crowd around it admiring the stitching.  Someone said the quilter used the width of her finger as a guide.

Below: I do love a green and purple colour theme.


Purple Garden by Marge Herrell



Autumn Breeze by Joanie Chapel

Joanie Chapel:  “The leaves were made with one of a kind hand dyed batiks.  It was fun making the leaves as beautiful and striking as possible.


Autumn Breeze detail 


Winter Friends by Deborah Berkely

Deborah Berkely: “I wanted a new challenge, so 45 degree angles was it.  I sewed, ripped out, cussed (under my breath), and sewed again.  After numerous attempts, it all came together but surprise—it was the total opposite of the pattern.



Empress Garden by Teri Keizur

Teri Keizur: “I started this quilt in late 2009. one of the first quilting classes I took.  The hexagons went together quickly, but the quilt was up on the design wall two or three times before the layout was finalized.


Below, the quilt that got my vote for the best medium quilt.  Again, I was swayed by childhood memories of my grandmother’s autumn canning.  I also may have been swayed by fondness for the creator of the quilt, a former gardening client (whose garden I gave up because it was steep and plagued my knees).


Aunt Dorothy’s Pantry by Ann Saari

Ann Saari:  “I found some canning jar patterns in a box of fabric I got at a sale and they reminded me of the pantry (actually cellar) at my Aunt Dorothy’s farm out east of Spokane.  Each summer I stayed there helping with gardening and canning.”


Aunt Dorothy’s Pantry detail


Aunt Dorothy’s Pantry detail

I was overwhelmed by sweet memories of helping my grandmother can pears, peaches, applesauce, green beans, tomato sauce, bread and butter pickles, Virginia sweet chunk pickles, beets, apple butter…

The medium quilt that would otherwise had gotten my “people’s choice” vote also featured fruit…uncanned, on the tree.


Simply Delicious by Sue Grennan and Beth Riesen


Simply Delicious detail


Butterflies by Kathy M Dean

Kathy M Dean: “This 60s era quilt top was purchased at an antique store in Aurora, Oregon.  I added the borders and had it hand quilted by a wonderful group of women.  Fun fabrics, including the red telephone fabric.”


Butterflies detail


Chick Jubilee by Beth Olson-Evans

Becky Olson Evans:  “Several years ago I completed 3 of these blocks and then lost interest and tried to sell the kit.  Nobody bought it, so since I had so much work already done, I gritted my teeth and finished it!  So glad I did not sell it as it is a favorite of mine!”


Chick Jubilee detail


Crazy in the Garden by Jan Darcher

Jan Darcher:  “Original design, inspired by my garden.  Hand embroidery on “fancy” fabric.”

My favourite large garden themed quilt:


Hollyhocks by Maureen Bittner

I couldn’t even get far enough back to get this whole large quilt in the photo.   Maureen Bittner:  “…from a pattern found in the Mar 2001 Quilters’ Newsletter Magazine.  I fell in love with the quilt and decided to make it a scrap quilt instead of using batiks.  After finishing the quilt thought the border too blah so I appliqued butterflied to it, which was not part of the pattern.”

Hollyhocks almost got my vote for best large quilt because I loved the butterflies around the edge so much.  Here are some detail shots:





memory quilts

There was one quilt that just aced out Hollyhocks for my Large Quilt People’s Choice vote,  because it reminded me of my childhood when I used to go camping with my mom and my dad, an avid lake and river fisherman.  The name of the quilt is perfect:


Childhood Memories by Earline Nichols

Earline Nichols  “I found this pattern in a quilt shop last summer in Caldwell, ID.  It reminded me of the many fishing trips I went on with my father in various parts of Idaho and Yellowstone Park.  It was quite a task to get all embroidery finished so I could enter it in the show.




This is the first time a non garden-themed quilt got my vote for best of its category (large).

More quilts that evoke memories:


Postcards from the Past by Earline Nichols






Mother’s Dresses by Marge Herrell (photo borrowed from Quilt Guild page)

Marge Herrell:  “After my Mother passed away, I used her fabric scraps to make memory quilts.  I made 8 small quilts for family members.”   The dresses were beautiful; I wish this quilt had caught my eye so I could have gotten a crisper photo.  I think it was in a busy, bustling room of small quilts.


Papa Quilt #6 by Janet Darcher

Janet Darcher:  “Following my father’s passing in Feb 2005, I made six Papa Quilts for my mother and sisters (4) from his favorite “stuff”.  He was a fireman, carpenter, gardener, and grew up in the “dust bowl” and served in the Navy during WWII.”


Dresden Plate Tablerunner by Joe Ann Riedesel

Joe Ann Riedesel:  “My mother had started the blocks using a pattern from Fons and Porter Magazine.  When she passed away I inherited the project.  I finally decided to finish the blocks and set them together.  A “sunny” way to remember my mother.”

I read the following description of a quilt that I did not photograph. I now wish I could see it, as this touches me so deeply:

Remembering Grandmother by Audrey Johnson:  “My grandmother made a quilt with this pattern sometime before 1967.  My sister has that quilt.  I drafted a pattern and used 30s reproductions of fabric like she had put in her quilt.  All the “Y” seems make it a bit harder than a smple nine patch.  I often wished for Grandmother to be at my elbow to explain how to best construct this block.”

A memory quilt for someone I knew:


Nethel by Carol Osterholm

Carol Osterholm:  “Two very dear friends, Ethel and Nellie.  For the life of me I could not keep their names straight so called them both Nethel! They both loved blue and yellow so this quilt is dedicated to them both.”

memorial for quilter Nellie Beasley

Long time Peninsula resident, expert quilter, and occasional gardening client of ours Nellie Beasley died earlier this year.  The Quilt Guild memorialized her with a display of photos and her quilts.




Red Hats

Nellie Beasley’s Red Hats quilt


geometric and abstact quilts

Along with my love of gardening quilts, I also go in a big way for bright and exciting patterns in jewel tones and for the traditional quilt patterns in my favourite colours.


Bargello Wave by Doris Schalka

Doris Schalka:  “I’ve always said “Wow” at any Bargello quilt I’ve seen.  I found a pattern that simplified the construction but found that the hard part was getting the colors to flow to make the wave effect.”


Happy by Gail Messick

Gail Messick:  “Took a class from Janet King.  This pattern was way out of my comfort zone, but I was able to complete it and I’m happy with it.  Just like the bright colors.  Seems to make the pattern stand out.


Happy detail

Below: Again, I do love a green and purple colour theme.


New Beginnings by Billie Warrick

 Billie Warrick:  “I originally started this quilt for a guest room my eldest daughter usually stays in.  Purple is her favourite color.  She recently bought a home for her and our precious granddaughter.  What better housewarming present than a quilt for her new beginnings.

oriental ovals

Oriental Ovals by Maureen Bittner

Maureen Bittner:  “I made this quilt in a class taught by Lee Fowler using her pattern Encapsulated.  It was a fun quilt to make and great for using up scraps.


Oriental Ovals detail


Batik Brawl #5 by Karen Snyder

Karen Snyder:  “Random and wonky were the goals for this quilt—a part of my effort to use up my batik fabrics.  This quilt nearly depleted my batiks.  Yeah!”

mariners delight

Mariner’s Delight by Gretchen Mobley


Gretchen Mobley: “This quilt is a Block-of-the-Month project.  It was my first paper-piecing quilt.  It was quite a challenge and I discovered while doing it that I enjoy paper-piecing.  It won’t be my last paper-piecing quilt.”


Under the Big Top by Joane Chapel


Joanie Chapel:  “I always wanted to be in a circus.  Never happened so I made a circus quilt.  All 7 Dresden Plates were appliqued with the wildest fabric in my stash.  It took months to free motion quilt every inch of this quilt.  I am slow.


Scraps Add Up! by Kathy Vale

Kathy Vale:  “The strips for this scrap quilt were pieced on adding machine tape I found at a thrift shop.  Many small scraps were used, the strips were then made into blocks and viola…a paper pieced scrap quilt.  It was lots of fun to make, but it didn’t make a dent in my scrap accumulation!


Scraps Add Up! detail


Follow Me by Lynda Newell

Lynda Newell: “A Jacqueline DeJong pattern that really got my brain ticking.  These look pretty intimidating but really when done step by step in her directions they aren’t too bad.  They do take a considerable amount of time to complete.  Jacqueline is from The Netherlands. The translations sometimes require standing on your head to understand.



Catch Me If You Can by Lynda Newell

Lynda Newell: “Complicated looking geometric designs really get my brain ticking.  Jacqueline DeJong, through her company, Be Colourful, is one of my favourite designers.  She lives in The Netherlands.  Her early patterns were all in metrics but she is now printing them in inches, which is much easier to figure out.  Her translation to English is still sometimes challenging.”


Trip Around the World by Joanie Chapel

Joanie Chapel: “This is a color splash quilt.  I love to select colors from light to dark and blend them together.


Dinner at the Canton Grill by Kathy Vale

This quilt won me over despite being in brown tones.  I love the description:  “Using Asian fabrics, I made this wall hanging and I used a technique from Freddy Moran, called “sticks”.  When it was completed, I was reminded of the dinner table after a Chinese meal at the Canton Grill in Portland, OR, I restaurant our family frequented many times when I was growing up.  Chopsticks everywhere, and tip money left on the table.”  Now I have a strong desire to dine at a Chinese restaurant.


Space by Marian Martzall

Marian Martzall:  “This quilt was inspired by the hand-dyed fabric I bought (the most I’ve ever paid for a yard of fabric) and I didn’t want to cut it up.


Pop! by Renee Newstrum

Renee Newstrum: “Pop! is what happens when bright prints are highlighted on a low volume background.  This Drunkard Path pattern was inspired by a photo of a wall hanging of the big medallion centerpiece.”


Glacier Star by Lynda Newell



1st Wife by Janet Darcher




Quilts at the Beach

One wall of quilts all featured a beach theme.

Beach Challenge:  “Each year the Northwest Quilt Guild Exposition is held in Portland, Oregon.  This year, the organizers challenged the Peninsula Quilt Guild to make and display quilts depicting our vision of “life at the beach”.  The quilts needed to be fairly small and originals by guild members.  The results are as varied as the artists who created them.”

These were my favourites:


School’s Out by Joanie Chapel

Clearly, Joanie Chapel’s were my favourite quilts of the show.  School’s Out got my vote for best small quilt.  Joanie Chapel:  “I love applique, embellishment and landscaping in my quilts.  I combined all three when I made this quilt.  The fish were fun to make.”  Little sparkly “jewels” embellish this quilt.


School’s Out detail


School’s Out detail; I love the ocean floor.


Pacific Sunset by Karen Snyder

Karen Snyder: “When our guild was asked to participate in a challenge called Quilts at the Beach, I decided to step outside my comfort zone and do a non-traditional quilt.  It was my first time beading and I really enjoyed it.


Pacific Sunset detail


Beach Challenge by Ann Saari

Ann Saari:  “I used several paper pieced designs from Cheryl Peck’s book “Seascapes” and put them together.  I need a class to make this really work.”  I think it works well, Ann.


Night Clamming by Renee Newstrum

Renee Newstrum:  “My improvisational quilt depicts the magic that is clamming at night.  The remnants of sunset, the stars in the darkening sky, and all the lanterns carried by people are all parts of what makes this such a favorite experience.”


Megan’s World by Marian Martzall

Marian Martzall:  “I saw this pattern while visiting my granddaughter, Megan in Newport OR, while she was going to school to become an Aquarist.  Hence, I got to try a new method/pattern and use my Batik in the border that I bought in Ghana, Africa.”


Megan’s World detail


Wind and Waves by Gloria Park

Gloria Park: “Living at the beach brings us lots of wind.  The wind brings the kite enthusiasts with their bright, beautiful, and all around delightful kites.  Blue ocean waves and soaring kites make for outstanding days.”


Hanging Buoys by Terri Seifried

Terri Seifried:  “I made this quilt to hang in my sewing room.  The pattern and fabrics make me happy.”


Life at the Beach by Billie Warrick

Billie Warrick:  “A celebration of our life here at the beach.  Despite the ever looming threat of a tsunami, life goes on.


Life at the Beach detail


Surfside Sea Watch by Rena Andrews

Rena Andrews: “This quilt was inspired by where I live just two blocks from the beach on the Long Beach Peninsula.  It was designed by using a composite of photos taken by my daughter and myself.”


Dawn by Beth Riesen

Beth Riesen:  “This quilt is based on a photo that I took on my first morning clam tide.  I turned around just in time to catch the sunrise.  As I looked at the photo later, I realized the sunrise was reflected in the sand.  The photo and many of the fabrics were pinned to the design wall for months.  This was my first attempt at a landscape quilt.”


Sunsets and Bonfires by Lynda Newell

Lynda Newell: “Sunsets and Bonfires popped into my head immediately with fond memories of childhood growing up in Seaside where I live today and still enjoy those magical times on the beach.


Lighthouse Landscape by Maureen Bittner


Lighthouse Landscape detail


Clam On by Joe Ann Riedesel

Joe Ann Riedesel: “I love to dig clams.  I had my husband draw the pattern for the Lady Clammer.


Oysterville Then and Now by Terri Seifried

Terri Seifried:  “This quilt is a loose interpretation from an aerial map of Oysterville, WA designed by Rickie Seifried.  She was inspired by a workshop she took with Victoria Goodwin.  Photos were incorporated to give a sense of time between the present and the past.”

When I first lived here, that barn was still standing, but fragile; it blew down in a wind storm.


Dancing Kites by Kelly O’Brien

Kelly O’Brien: “I took a class on woven quilts a couple of years ago.  The theme of the beach challenge was anything to do with the beach and I love kites.

The quilt below was larger and not in the beach theme display, even though it is definitely beachy.


Summer Flip Flops by Joanie Chapel


a few more quilts


Spools by Terri Seifried

Terri Seifried: “I made this quilt to hang in my sewing room.  The pattern and fabrics make me happy.”


Seven Cats Make One Weak by Janet Darcher



Janet Darcher:  “Redwork (hand embroidery).  Made for my daughter when she was 13.”




Dr. Who by Beth Riesen

Beth Riesen: “My son-in-law is a huge Dr. Who fan.  I have been looking for the perfect pattern for a Dr. Who quilt.  I saw the quilt made up at Fabric Depot.  My quilt will be going to him right after the show and will be going on deployment in May.”  Our very best wishes for her son-in-law’s safe return.  We are Dr Who fans also.


Dr Who’s Tardis by Kathy Vale

Kathy Vale:  “My grown son, Sean, loves anything Dr. Who! So I made this little scrap quilt for him.  There was no pattern, only a picture on Pinterest, so I graphed it out and collected some yellow frabric and started. It was fun and another scrappy quilt for me to make.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed my favourites of the 130 quilts that were on display in the show.







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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Despite my desire to not leave my property for four whole days, I did need to go to the Ilwaco Saturday Market.  It would be the last day of the market season for Pink Poppy Bakery and I wanted treats for me and Our Kathleen, who would stop by for a visit on her way out of town.

at the market

Maddy of Pink Poppy; I bought Swedish Traveling Cakes for teatime and lemon cupcakes for later.

Maddy of Pink Poppy; I bought Swedish Traveling Cakes for teatime and lemon cupcakes for later.

one of the plant booths

one of the plant booths

Northwest Naturals

Northwest Naturals

I was too early for lunch or I'd have gotten something from Blue Collar Eats.

I was too early for lunch or I’d have gotten something from Blue Collar Eats.

I must admit that when it comes to market photos (which I post as a volunteer to Discover Ilwaco), I do favour vendors who are friendly and nice to me, and Anthony of Blue Collar always has a friendly greeting.  If I were on salary, I would have to be impartial.

I also refreshed my supply of Starvation Alley cranberry juice.

I also refreshed my supply of Starvation Alley cranberry juice.

Peter and a friend performed outside Don Nisbett's art gallery.

Peter and a friend performed outside Don Nisbett’s art gallery.

Their dog Skip.

Their dog Skip.


a market goer doting on her dog

a market goer doting on her dog

The Peninsula Quilt Guild raffle

The Peninsula Quilt Guild raffle

the marina scene right behind the market

the marina scene right behind the market

I actually had a mission that had caused me to turn down Allan’s offer to pick up the Pink Poppy treats and cranberry juice before he went boating:  I took Debbie Teashon’s new book, Gardening for the Home Brewer, in to Time Enough Books to show it off.

in Time Enough Books

in Time Enough Books

Karla said "That's a good publisher!", wrote down the ISBN number and posed for a photo.

Karla said “That’s a good publisher!”, wrote down the ISBN number and posed for a photo.

The book will fit right in!

The book will fit right in!

Scout watched the door.

Scout watched the door.

Karla's niece Kelly brought in her young dog, Gimli, and much romping ensued.

Karla’s niece Kelli brought in her young dog, Gimli, and much romping ensued.

Gimli and Scout

Gimli and Scout

at home

Finally a windless day let me pull bindweed on the east side of the bogsy woods where it climbs the fence from the gear shed lot.

Mary led the way.

Mary led the way.

Smokey followed.

Smokey followed.

my Smokey

my Smokey

my project, before

my project, before

outside the fence, before

outside the fence, before

and after

and after

It is maddening, but typical, to have unmaintained bindweed on both sides of my garden trying to creep in.  (Nora’s back yard has it, too.)

Helianthus 'Lemon Queen' and Verbena bonariensis

Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’ and Verbena bonariensis, with bindweed behind it on the fence (now pulled)

bogsy wood corner, after

bogsy wood corner, after

Just when I got that done, Kathleen arrived and we had tea and traveling cake and then sat around the fire circle burning (not very successfully) a few pieces of wood.  I was sorry that she had to go back to her workaday world.

In the late afternoon, I found some more weeding to do and admired my collection of hardy fuchsias.













I stayed out till dusk...

I stayed out till dusk…

picked some apples and tomatoes...

picked some apples and tomatoes…

And I got a little worried when Allan was not home from boating till well after dark.  He will tell you about his day in tomorrow’s post.


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Saturday, 15 March 2014

In the afternoon , while Allan ran some errands (possibly having something to do with my birthday), I went to the Peninsula Quilt Guild Show at the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum. Here are some photos of my most favourite quilts. There were over 100 on display. I respond to garden themes and to jewel tone colours. (It takes a lot for a quilt based on brown and tan colours to win me over!) There is a ballot box for people’s choice of small, medium, and large quilts.


Tropical Dreams:  I like the colours.

Tropical Dreams: I like the colours, and thus picked it as my favourite medium sized quilt


Daisy Dew: reminds me of my grandma's quilts

Daisy Dew: reminds me of my grandma’s quilts


Round Peg in Square Hole: vibrant and modern

Round Peg in Square Hole: vibrant and modern


Beach Condos: I like houses!

Beach Condos: I like houses!


Struttin' Rooster

Struttin’ Rooster


Roo's girlfriend.  I don't share the sentiment about females being more temperamental than males.

Roo’s girlfriend. I don’t share the sentiment about females being more temperamental than males.

Rooster and Hen together

Rooster and Hen together


Pansy Garden

Pansy Garden


Beach Circles; I find the colours soothing.

Beach Circles; I find the colours soothing.


Spirit of the Southwest

Spirit of the Southwest

detail, with pins for cactus spines

detail, with pins for cactus spines

The cactus quilt reminded me of two gardening blogs that often feature cacti, The Miserable Gardener and Danger Garden.


Get your MOJO on; excellent depiction of a crab boat

Get your MOJO on; excellent depiction of a crab boat

Garden Path

Garden Path: My favourite of the small quilts

Garden Path: My favourite of the small quilts. I like the stepping stone shapes and floral fabrics.


Café in Paris.  A charming wall hanging.

Café in Paris. A charming wall hanging.


Wedding Memories, three dimensional flowers

Wedding Memories, three dimensional flowers


Friends.  I was touched by the two different name quilts on display.

Friends. I was touched by the two different name quilts on display.

There's our client Ann of Ann's garden!

There’s our client Ann of Ann’s garden!


Signature Quilt (the second one)

Signature Quilt (the second one)




detail of three dimensional yo yo quilt

detail of three dimensional yo yo quilt


Oriental Floral

Oriental Floral

I chose Oriental Floral as my favourite medium sized quilt, until I saw another quilt that won me over. I wish I had taken detailed photographs of the gorgeous floral fabrics.


Quilted Village; I like the buildings at four angles.

Quilted Village; I like the buildings at four angles.


How Does Your Garden Grow

How Does Your Garden Grow

center of How Does Your Garden Grow

center of How Does Your Garden Grow

How Does Your Garden Grow was a very close runner up for my favourite medium quilt; I just love the center panel so much.


Our House at the Beach: bright and intricate

Our House at the Beach: bright and intricate


Salvage Threads by our garden client Ann of Ann's garden

Salvage Threads by our garden client Ann of Ann’s garden

seems like a very technical quilter's quilt showing great interest in the art.

seems like a very technical quilter’s quilt showing great interest in the art.




Quilting detail.  Usually I don't go for the "bonnets" look of Redwork but I loved the scenes in this one.

Quilting detail. Usually I don’t go for the “bonnets” look of Redwork but I loved the scenes in this one.


Journey to the Farm with intricate embroider.  I like the words being the centerpiece.

Journey to the Farm with intricate embroider. I like the words being the centerpiece.

And here is my favourite quilt, not just in the medium category but of the whole show. You can read more about it in the Oysterville Daybook blog.


Garden of Eating

Garden of Eating













leeks and tomatoes

leeks and tomatoes

In the museum gift shop, you’ll find a raffle quilt on display.

nasturtium quilt

nasturtium quilt

Having examined every quilt, some more than once, I walked the three and a half blocks home….past Larry and Robert’s house:

garden boat in bloom at Larry and Robert's

garden boat in bloom at Larry and Robert’s

Forsythia pops against the garage wall at home.

Forsythia pops against the garage wall at home.

I had a visit from Planter Box Theresa to take a hellebore admiration stroll through the garden and a long talk with Montana Mary about something that was troubling me. I so appreciate having had a friend for 47 years whose peculiarities are similar to mine. The rest of the afternoon on into the evening was spent posting the day’s cash mob photos on Facebook and the day’s blog entry.


Teresa and me on a Hellebore admiration walk

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We began our midmorning in rain too intense to consider work, and that did not make me unhappy.   A trip overseas, which is to say across the river, beckoned, but first we nipped into the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum to see the annual Peninsula Quilt Guild show, always impressive.

I usually choose a flowered quilt as my favourite in each category (large, medium, small)…

a flowered quilt

a flowered quilt, my favourite of the medium category

flowery and purple

flowery and purple





a pattern that my grandma once used!

a pattern that my grandma once used!

I am also partial to quilts with cats.

cat quilt

“Kitties for Emily” by Earline Nichols







But this time my favourite of the small quilts was Ocean Girl, an art quilt with shells, marbles (irresistible to me) and driftwood, by Wendy Romaggi.

Ocean Girl

Ocean Girl

And of the large quilts, I found this one by Earline Nichols to be completely entrancing:

"Horsin' Around"

“Horsin’ Around”







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