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I never got up much steam for gardening this weekend, despite big intentions of weeding and getting many new ladies in waiting planted.

Friday, 18 August 2017 

Before we woke up, Todd had dropped off some thin skinned special kind of zucchini from his family vegetable garden.

delicate zukes…we shared with our neighbour Devery.

I lost myself for hours in blogging about the glorious Markham Farm garden.  Many ideas are percolating from that, not the least being thinking about how to make a narrow cross path through my two hugest garden beds.  Reliving the visit delighted me.

Smokey did some copy editing.

In the evening, we had our North Beach Garden Gang meeting at the Cove Restaurant.  Mel, Dave, Allan and I were joined by Susie and Bill from the Boreas Inn, former clients of Tangly Cottage and now clients of Sea Star Gardening.

Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ in the Cove entry garden (Allan’s photo)

Dave showed Allan something interesting: a set of speakers he had made for his iPhone so that he can listen to music at work.

Dave’s innovation

delicious Thai street prawns

Allan’s big dinner salad

steamer clams (Allan’s photo)

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Allan went boating; I had a lazy day of reading and blogging about the Markham Farm beach, along with a social visit and pineapple cake with Our Kathleen.

I did look at my ladies in waiting…

…and managed to put one Xera Plants agastache and a eucomis from Westport Winery into pots.  The plants on the blue chair are from Westport Winery; the others are from Xera via Pam Fleming’s trip there, and a third batch, not shown, are from Basket Case Greenhouse.

I tell myself it is better to wait for planting until mid September anyway, except for plants in very small pots.

Each day does include watering all containers and greenhouse plants.

Here are some ‘Pink Marshmallow’ fuchsias in a hanging basket.

After considerable foot pain on our Thursday workday, I could also use the excuse of resting my foot, which was appreciating the down time very much.  A 25 mph wind gusting outside all day Saturday added to my contentment with non gardening.

I was rewarded for some slight tidying of the house by finding a button to wear on my hat.


I’d forgotten about having this button.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

The 25 mph wind gusts continued, as did my lethargy.

Skooter also chose to stay out of the wind for most of the day, on a perch outside the cat door.

Today, I caught up on two favourite blogs, the Tootlepedal blog and The Miserable Gardener.

me, Smokey, and Mr Tootlepedal’s blog

One advantage of waiting to read two weeks at a time is that I can enjoy the many interesting and amusing comments, as well.

Quite late in the afternoon, I made myself go out and do some deadheading.  In the case of some shasta daisies, that meant cutting the stems to the ground because I think that will have as much chance of new flowers later as cutting down to random new buds.



While proceeding to weed, I started the process of running six of the oscillating sprinklers for half an hour each.  Weeding proved immediately enjoyable, making me wonder why I’d waited to the end of my last day off to begin.

Skooter demanding attention…

berries on Lonicera nitida by the east fence

tiny low Persicaria affinis ‘Dimity’

Skooter chillaxing

Calvin’s favourite outdoor sleep spot.

Clematis durandii


Rozanne river

cat bench

my unidentified perennial sunflower

a late blooming sanguisorba with pink feathers (backed with oregano)

tall lilies are done…

makes me sad….

Persicaria ‘Firetail’

Chelone obliqua (pink turtlehead)

I got this many weeds….

and contemplated my desire to dig out this flopsy Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ that missed getting cut back in late spring…

Compare to one next to it that did get clipped.

I lamented how I have not chopped or turned my compost bins.

Nor have I clipped the dead twig ends off of assorted shrubs, including this Leycesteria ‘Golden Lanterns’.

Instead of doing any of those things, I visited with Devery, giving her a spicy bell pepper from the greenhouse…

We’ve been watching for it to turn red.

…and going next door to visit with her new dog, Royal.

my new friend and neighbour

Meanwhile, Allan mowed the pocket lawn at the J’s.

My grandma would make jelly from these quinces at the J’s.

He watered at the Ilwaco Community Building….

…and found a mysteriously broken piece of concrete.

And he drove up to the Boreas Inn to acquire one pair of eclipse glasses.  I had been ineffectively pestering all week about how we needed some, instead of just walking over to the local museum myself while there were still some on offer.  Everyone on the peninsula had sold out of them by the time I got serious about it.  Susie came to the rescue, as she had bought several pair for guests.

at the Boreas: Susie’s black dahlia

and the bouquet I sent to her (Susie’s photo)

Tomorrow begins with the partial solar eclipse and then a great big four day work week.  I hope to muster up more at-home gardening energy next weekend.

Because this blog is now about two weeks behind Real Time, I am adding a relatively brief solar eclipse post as a bonus tonight.






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