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With Allan on a brief trip to Seattle till tomorrow, how can I blog with our household Internet mysteriously down? I turn to the phone app.

Yesterday, Garden Tour Nancy and I had lunch at The Cove Restaurant to discuss the lineup of gardens for the. 2014 Music in the Gardens Tour. She already has a selection of local gardens in mind for July 19th tour day.

But how to add the photos from my camera? I know, I’ll use my phone to take photos of the camera display.


The view during a brief break in the storm:


The tasty items we consumed:


amaryllis by the restaurant entrance:



At home, I returned to reading after a brief walk into the garden to see just how bogsy was the bogsy wood.

Pretty bogsy.



In the evening I watched Sunshine Superman, a three hour documentary about Donovan. I expected to be bored and jaded. Instead I was reminded of all the reasons I had been infatuated with this flowery soul. In fact, I had a few misty eyed moments and remembered what it felt like to believe that the love of flowers could change the world. I remember my broken 15 year old heart when Donovan married Linda; he was supposed to wait for me.

In my 20s I converted to punk rock but still retained the love of flowers. The part of me that isn’t cynical is still moved and inspired:


“There’s only one thing in the end, and that’s singing truth in a pleasant way.” -Donovan

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