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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Onyx observes from next door

We got back to work later in the week than usual after two hot days. I suddenly remembered that we hadn’t watered the new plants at the J. Crew Cottage, nor had I watered the exciting new plants that I’d planted at home awhile back. Fortunately, all were well.

New panicums at the Js

The Depot Restaurant

North side of dining deck
Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’ and Coreopsis ‘Flower Tower’
I was pleased to see that Phygelius ‘Cherry Red’ reblooms when cut back.

Patti’s garden

Some new concrete had been poured that had splashed the fence and railing. It will get cleaned up.
Hoping for a second biscuit.
The garden is emptier now, as spent annuals get removed, letting the hydrangeas breathe.
“I think it was a little over planted,” says Patti. I hadn’t expected all the seeds to germinate as well as they did.
Still hoping for a second biscuit (but I was saving some other dogs).

Long Beach Welcome Sign

The welcome sign sits at the border of Seaview and Long Beach.

Rudbeckia is carrying the show now.
The deer are mowing down the geraniums on the back side.

Katie’s garden

We made a detour up to Cranberry Road to pick up some bunny poop and had a look at Katie’s garden, which we had planted up for her months before.

Her dahlias and lilies had been a success.

Patti and I both agree that the painted sage was a dud this year, not nearly as good as it used to be several years ago. I see some at Katie’s, along the edge, that is just not very exciting. I am officially giving up on it for jobs, although I may grow some at home, because I live in hope.

We will return to Katie’s next month to do fall clean up and plant some bulbs.

I’m in a new habit of dividing a long work day into two posts so that readers don’t have to load 40 or more photos. Thinking ahead to next year, do you like it better like this or did you prefer posts that went on and on interminably? If nothing else, those long posts did get across how interminable the work day can feel.

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