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Here, written in February of 2012, begins a whole year of flashbacks about 2009, another important year in our lives as gardeners.  My mother’s garden and our dear client Laurie’s garden were each on the Peninsula garden tour.  While I skipped the Hardy Plant Society Study Weekend (because it took place in Canada, too time-consuming and expensive a trip), we did go on a couple of garden tours.  And for the year of 2009,  I have the thrilling idea that I can overview the whole year, garden by garden.  Not having the gift of prophecy, I can never do that when I am blogging on a weekly basis as life goes on.  This year was mostly written up in Feb-March 2012; material in quotations marks comes from Facebook photo captions that I actually wrote in 2009.


the show is about 7 blocks east of Pike Place Market

February 2009.  Little did I know it would be the last year for awhile that I would go to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.  I felt its nature had changed to being more for beginning gardeners.  And of course I can count on the Rainyside website to post excellent and artful photos of the garden, taken by a garden VIP who can go on the press junket and set up for photos without crowds of people milling about.  This may well have been the year that I heard a wonderful lecture by Joe Eck and Wayne Winterrowd and even though I’m not an autograph collector I was inspired to get them to sign their new gardening memoir, Our Life in Gardens, the tale of their happy longtime relationship and beautiful Vermont gardens.

I can no longer identify most of the gardens in the photos I took, so here I share with you what inspired, moved, and amused me (including a visit to the Pike Place Market, one of my favourite places in all creation).

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Thanks to Allan’s hard work and our assortment of beloved clients, we had a most profitable and enjoyable work year.

Now comes vacation…a month of rest and reading and indulging my new computer addiction: Scrabulous on Facebook!  (If Scrabulous is still around, find me there as Flora Gardener and challenge me to a game.)

We had Christmas with Allan’s parents, sister, and brother in Seattle, and on the 24th just fit in a day trip to the Pike Place Market, a favourite place of mine  ever since my grandmother took me there as a small child.

dogs and cats at the Pike Place Market

With a dog band and cat world, flower booths and delicious restaurants, I was in heaven at the Pike Place Market.  As Christmas Eve approached, the restaurants closed unexpectedly early, so we tried Pan Africa…closed!…Sabra (Israeli)…closed due to family emergency….The Crumpet Shop…all out of crumpets!…and finally found a wonderful Russian Cafe in the Sanitary Market.

Now begins the quiet winter…and finally, catching up on the blog.  New entries go back as far as October 10th…Sorry it took me so long due to uploading problems.  Remember, if you can’t find anything here for 2008, check out my space at blogspot after awhile…I’m giving this site another try with a new set of pages and hoping they will upload better.

Happy New Year from Allan and Skyler of Tangly Cottage.

Tangly Cottage holiday

[2012 note:  Uploading problems continued on web.mac.com and I didn’t find blogspot intuitive, so my journal lay somewhat dormant through 2008 and 2009.  I say somewhat because I did keep up a sort of narrative flow in my Facebook photo albums, and I think now that I am going to use them to recreate a few more flashbacks for 2008 and 2009.  Our 2012 work season has begun but without the job of pruning those 300 (or was it 250?) hydrangeas, we can ease into it and I just might find time for those extra flashbacks.  This is for me, someday in the future perhaps in my mom’s old room at Golden Sands Assisted Living, so that I can read about all those years of gardening on the Long Beach Peninsula.

Oh, and Scrabulous is gone, but now I play Words With Friends.]

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