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a reference post showing the Pacific Way Long Beach planters on 7 September 2017

As much plant life as possible has been left along the edge, even when tatty, to discourage sitters during the Rod Run event (Sept 9-11).  The planters get watered only twice a week except for some spill over water when the baskets above some of them get watered daily by city crew.  The plants are sourced from local nurseries Basket Case Greenhouse and The Planter Box.

I have found when I plant ornamental grasses and other more sophisticated plants in these planters, even people I know comment that they “look like weeds”.

west side south to north

block one west: 

First Place Mall

empty lot (very windy, full of a running hardy geranium from volunteer days)

credit union

block two west:

cottages and Streetside Taco

Herb N Legend Smoke Shop

Fifth Street Park SW (way too much veronica with too short a bloom time)

block three west:

Fifth Street Park NW (full of annoying crocosmia and a running teucrium)

Sweet Phees (shady, lost a couple of cool hardy geraniums last winter)

Hungry Harbor

Third Street Park SW

block four west:

Third Street Park NW  (boring and pushy Geranium ‘Johnson’s Blue’ from volunteer days, re-doing soon)

Stormin’ Norman

Wind World Kites (shopkeeper loves Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’)

Bolstad and Pacific, SW corner

block five west:

Scoopers south (used to be the most vandalized, now seems like it could be made better. Vandal maybe moved away or grew up!)

Scoopers north (full sized escallonias (‘Pink Princess’) left over from volunteer days). The escallonias would be eight feet tall and wide if not clipped.

block six west:

Dennis Co south

Dennis Co north

east side south to north:

block one east:

Powell and Seillor accounting

Paws by the Sea Pet shop  (full size escallonias (Pink Princess) and barberry and euonymus planted in volunteer days, too big to remove)

empty lot (has Gladiolus papilio which I might spread around to others)

block two east:

Coastal Inn (only one with nasturtiums; they swallow other plants)

tattoo shop

Fifth Street Park SE (has way too much variegated vinca)

block three east:

Fifth Street Park NE (hebe, roses, lavenders left from volunteer days)


souvenir shop (azaleas and junipers and mint from volunteer days, pretty boring except in spring)

Lewis and Clark Square

block four east:

police station, recovering from vandalism earlier in summer


Cottage Bakery

Long Beach Pharmacy (very windy)

Block Five east:

NIVA green

Elks Lodge

Block Six east:

Dennis Co storage lot (full sized barbarries and euonymus from volunteer days)

lawyer’s office (left side was dug out for plumbing problems, thus smaller Geranium ‘Rozanne’ this year)





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