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Today was not a hellish planting day because the batches of plants were small and very few of them were in time consuming and fiddly six packs.

I think we have every garden pretty much planted up now!

We made two stops at the Depot Restaurant, first to assess the situation and plant a couple of Rosemary, then back to plant some more yellow annuals in the east facing whiskey barrel. Still not much going on with the Cosmos other than green growth.

still coming on

still coming on

Then a stop at Gene’s garden to assess how many perennials are needed to fill out the streetside bed, and then on to the nurseries.

At The Planter Box, I got one flat of short cosmos for the Long Beach welcome sign. The Cosmos for sale are looking just wonderful, and I wish people would go buy some to make the whole Peninsula more beautiful. They are my favourite annual.

Planter Box Cosmos

Planter Box Cosmos

I also very much like these annual Coreopsis:

the brown and white one is 'Jive'

the brown and white one is ‘Jive’

We also got some of their annual Salpiglossis (also an unusual find; when it starts to bloom it will sell like mad) and some of their excellent variegated thymes (for the Bolstadt Beach approach).

Then on to The Basket Case, where I admired Rosa mutabilis in bloom…

It is only around $12 in a gallon pot!

It is only around $12 in a gallon pot!

and wondered why no one but me is buying the amazing Lobelia tupa:

Lobelia tupa (Devils' Cardinal Flower), very choice and unusual.

Lobelia tupa (Devils’ Cardinal Flower), very choice and unusual.

There are still many gorgeous baskets. I just don’t have time to think about getting one or more for me right now.

Nancy's basket artistry

Nancy’s basket artistry

On the beach approach, plants from the two nurseries combined to fill up the planters with plants that will take the salt and wind and little water. The one thing they will not survive is people who swipe them, so we hope these will not be too tempting. (Actually, they might survive just fine in a thieves garden, but they are lost to Long Beach and me when that happens.)

beachy planter on the Bolstadt beach approach

beachy planter on the Bolstadt beach approach

We still need more plants in Gene’s Peggy Memorial Garden, but after today’s additions, it is coming along. Soon the flowering will begin and it will be a pleasant surprise for passersby, we hope.

Gene and Peggy's garden

Gene and Peggy’s garden

The one big established plant in the streetside bed is the lavender at the corner. Bees were all over it.

all abuzz with bees

all abuzz with bees

The backside of the Long Beach welcome sign (the side that says “Thank you”) had been showing colour with some Cosmos ‘Sonata’. My big idea of using just Agyranthemum ‘Butterfly’ for a big yellow show on the front side was not working out yet because the Agyrs were not flowering, so we put 24 cosmos ‘Cutesy’ on the “Welcome” side.

The back was just better, but now they match.  Bulb foliage will be removed soon.

The back was better, but now they match. Bulb foliage will be removed soon.

The annuals on the edge are also slow to bloom this year…so much cold and rain. But I much prefer this for planting weather than the hot spell we had a couple of weeks ago. We are saving lots of time by not having to water everything in.

After our second stop at the Depot Restaurant, we went back up to Jo’s garden in Long Beach to plant just eight more plants, some short Cosmos, three Salpiglossis, a Verbena bonariensis…and dashed away without even a hello and no time to weed. I just wanted to get all the plants in! Doing Jo’s AFTER the Depot meant backing and forthing but we wanted to get the Depot done before they open at five.

At Larry and Robert’s in Ilwaco, we planted pots on their front steps and added some more annuals (Sanvitalia and Salpiglossis) to the boat. There the Cosmos ‘Cutesy’ or ‘Sonata’ are showing a bit of colour.

garden boat

garden boat

Then came about the umpteenth squall of the day, this time a fierce one, so we went home since we were but half a block away and hoped it would pass.

from the garage

from the garage

I passed the time by planting four more tomatoes in my greenhouse, out of the rain. (Planter Box had some nice new ones for sale today.) From the greenhouse door, the sky looked promisingly light around the edges.

to the south and to the west

to the southwest and to the west

You can see it got worse before it got better…but there was that white edge.

I ran out of potting soil and ended up putting a tomato in a pot that once held a Datura. I hope it will be safe to eat!

In the house, a poppy glowed on the kitchen windowsill, promising me the weather was brightening up.


We decided we had to go back out, and in a light drizzle planted a few perennials in the garden at the west end of Howerton (mostly Gaura ‘Whirling Butterflies’). Then down to the east end we went with hopes of weeding that bed at last. Cold wet windy rain ensues so we postponed the job again…

east end...pretty but very weedy.

east end…pretty but very weedy.

The very last three Gauras were slated for the boatyard. We drove down Lake Street and saw the classic “light around the edges” view but still had to plant in the rain.

heading west on Lake

heading west on Lake

With the Gauras in, I gave up on the outdoors and decided to do the very necessary task of transferring a month’s worth of paper plant lists onto spreadsheets for each job. I booted the computer, got myself a cup of tea…and the weather became glorious. Of course.

from my window

from my window

How frustrating! But I knew I had better do the paperwork. Allan offered to go back out and weed that east end garden. By now it was 7. Two hours later, he returned with a report that he got over halfway done….and with much difficult thinking and adding and deciphering my notes, I took the same amount of time to transfer all my scribbled lists.

And now….these are the only plants that remain to be planted:

three artichokes for Leanne, one four o clock for Golden Sands!

three artichokes for Leanne, one four o clock for Golden Sands, one green echinacea for Wiegardt!!





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