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I’m eager to get into some flashbacks for 2008 and 2009, but meanwhile, even though it breaks the narrative flow, I want to share the wee project we did today.  Our friend Jenna Nisbett’s new gallery, Queen La De Da’s will open at the Port of Ilwaco tomorrow.  We are  thrilled for her and along with other friends helped get ready for the opening.  Allan did some skilled odd jobs and I did some vacuuming, dusting, and organizing, and we threw together some quick planters for the gallery entryways. In big urn shaped pots were ornamental grasses planted rather deep, so nothing could be permanently added.  We cut back the messy grasses, shoved in some pussy willow branches and some nice primroses from The Basket Case Greenhouse.

On the east side near the back entry door

We tucked some moss and creeping sedums that we peeled off of a garden bed to hide the fact that the primroses are just tucked in with their plastic pots.  After the opening, we can take the primroses and plant them in Long Beach and let the ornamental grass grow back.

Pussywillow and Primroses on the port side of Queen La De Da’s

The planter on the port side has a healthy looking daylily already leafing out but again, planted rather low.  Must remember to get these primroses out soon so the daylily can breathe!

planter by aquarium window

I adore the aquarium window that Jenna created with cardboard sea grass.   The previous night at 11 PM I was helping Jenna paint them and then sparkle them up with glitter while the radio played great 80s songs.

planter with Arundo Donax and twigs

Oops!  I ran out of primroses and we had tapped out our source of pussy willow plantings so for the fourth planter I echoed the sea grass in the window with some stalks of Arundo donax (a giant ornamental grass) and some twiggy bits that had blown off one of the port trees!  With a bit of moss, it doesn’t look bad.

The grand opening and invitational art show at Queen La De Da’s is February 18th, 2012, 5 PM, so if you read this in time, come on down to 139 Howerton at the west end of the port.  Featured artists include: Dulcye Taylor, Deborah Starr, Leslie Lipe, Tres Denizac, Wendy Murry & Don Nisbett and, as the invitation says,  “AVAST! We’ll have a real live mermaid & the Beard’s Hollow pirate crew will also be about!”   We know that Don and Jenna  know how to throw a great party.

Be sure to “like” the gallery’s Facebook page.  See you there!

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