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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

With a beautiful day instead of the predicted rain, we tackled the wisteria project. Other jobs got done, as well, as you’ll see in tomorrow’s post.

Pruning the Shelburne Hotel wisteria (unpruned for twelve years) had been hanging over my head for a year. Last year, we didn’t have time during the proper pruning months (winter and early summer). Allan would have to do all the ladder work, so I’m not sure why it weighed so heavily on my mind. Perhaps I feared another year would pass without us getting it done.

Most of the photos are Allan’s.


Our friends Ed and Jackson Strange stopped by to chat.

At the end of the day, we had a trailer load of debris which we took home and parked overnight. The wisteria still had uppy growth that would have to wait till the next day because we were out of daylight.

After (before the clean up underneath):

Thursday, 21 February 2019

After a trip to the dump, we did a few other trimming jobs because of my theory that the rest of the wisteria would not make a full dump load. That was correct, but my plan threw the timing off so that Allan had to make the second dump run before the wisteria was quite done. We are still left with a partial load of whippy, twisty growth….without enough for another dump run, so it will have to be slowly disposed of at home (wheelie bin and shredder).

I find getting rid of debris to be the second most irksome part of gardening. (The first is finger blight aka vandalism.) I liked the attitude of an Astoria gardener who used to have the policy that she would pile debris but not haul it away.

However, that does not work in public and resort gardens.

Anyway! Today Allan and I refined the wisteria pruning so that we are both well chuffed about it. When it leafs out, Allan will go up the ladder again and pull out any dead stems.

Almost after:

My mental guide had been this RHS article, especially the part about hard pruning of a severely overgrown wisteria. The vine had not flowered well last year, and what flowers it had were mostly buried in the tangle of branches. Allan hadn’t read the article so was relying on my advice and on instinct. I am worried we pruned it too hard for much bloom this year. It had to be done… The messy piled up tangle was not at all attractive.

I wish we had a before photo looking up; no sky showed at all.



After all that work, we are short on “after” photos.

After leafing out, we hope to refine it some more, and after the hoped for flowering, even more, and from then on, it should be an easy job twice a year.

Here’s our third batch of debris, an unfortunate result of my underestimating how long day two of the wisteria pruning would take.

Some of it would be good basket makings for a weaver of natural baskets. I thought of that all the way through the job…. It can be harder to give material away than to just quickly dispose of it, and with rain and maybe snow on the way, speed was of the essence.

Friday, 22 February 2019

Due to the lack of after photos, Allan decided to go out today (a cold and rainy day off) and acquire some.

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