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Saturday, 7 May 2016

I woke too early and, when my first thoughts were about the garden debacle of yesterday, I could not return to sleep.  So of course I posted about my problem on Facebook, without naming the place which had caused my grief.  Over the course of the day, several gardeners both professional and volunteer responded with stories of similar heartbreaks and gardens lost.

Before my weekly walk to the Saturday market, I browsed the garden for a bouquet for Salt Hotel.

Even though I once told Todd I have a memory like a steel trap (of which he frequently reminds me), I can’t remember the name of this red flowered shrub.  Todd knows.  (Update:  Reader Lori Baker identified it as Calycanthus ‘Hartlage Wine’.  Thank you.)



Ilwaco Saturday Market


Asparagus is the earliest crop on offer from De Asis Produce.


Salt Pub


Flowers delivered to Laila at Salt


Port Office garden; I pulled some spent bulb foliage


transplanted Eryngium doing fine because of watering from Port Office staff; thank you to Nancy and April.

Pink Poppy Bakery and my self-imposed obligation to take photos for Discover Ilwaco are the two things that get me to the market even if I am not in the mood.


I bought Pink Poppy chocolate cupcakes with whipped cream topping.


I had been tipped off to a new piece of art at the Don Nisbett Art Gallery.


Outside the gallery, Peter played The Teddy Bears’ Picnic, a favourite song of mine.


Jenna and Don with a new art piece called “The Crabby Gardener”


view out of Don’s gallery door

They gave me a tile with the gardener design.  I told them I AM a crabby gardener, which I am sure came as no surprise.


my tile of garden crabbiness

at home


Frosty at the window 

Jenna (Queen La De Da) had given me another present; she thought I needed cheering up after the gardening struggles lately.


a literary candle; thank you, Jenna, Queen of Hearts!

My determination to get a lot done in the garden did not result in much at first.  I blamed the daunting cold north wind.  I managed to get potting soil dumped into the two large terracotta pots that I got from the Anchorage (with broken tops) and got all of four plants put into each (including  two birthday present Asphodelines from Dave and Melissa) along with Calibrachoa ‘Lemon Slice’ and Diascia ‘Blackthorn Apricot’).  My energy was low.

As often happens, my energy kicked in at about 4 PM and I accomplished two front garden goals.


The energy may have come from this lunch that Allan made (tomato soup with blue cheese).  And from the Pink Poppy cupcake.


just inside the gate, before, infested with a stinky weedy pink flowered mint relative


and after


east side garden before


and after; in the background is my new Seven Sons tree that Debbie Teashon brought me last fall; also recommended by Seaside gardener Pam Fleming


clematis on front arbor

The deer are getting in to the front garden somehow.  In case they are squeezing in over the gate, I tied a couple more bamboo poles next to it and added more along the front fence.


Could they be squeezing between these poles?

They may have come in sometime when we were in the back yard with the front gate open, browsed a couple of roses, and never gotten through the bamboo stockade at all.

Sadly, I decided to cut down the taller than me Melianthus major.  It was hanging over the fence halfway across the sidewalk, and shading out good plants in the garden.  The new growth should grow faster now.


Allan’s photo.  It was windy.  Again.


a sad and battered area at the moment


front path looking east

Allan worked on his new arbor for most of the afternoon.


It will go over the top of the garage door.

All this time I had thought that having to put two posts on the concrete driveway would be a problem.  You cannot “puncture the seal” by nailing into the wall of a manufactured home without creating terrible problems, we have been warned.

Turns out there is a space just the width of a post between the concrete and the house wall.  His photos:


problem solved!


two posts in place


1998 (age 74):

May 7: I planted the 100 “special offer” glad bulbs—all red and white.  I planted some in patio bed in background and the rest in tam and pink rhody background.  My back hurt by 3:00 so I left the rest of the glads for tomorrow.  I got my stool and pulled weeds in the upper driveway along the road till 5:00.

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