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Monday, 21 May: As always when my friend Carol arrives on one of her twice or thrice yearly visits, we spent a day walking around Astoria, where I was, naturally, obsessed with the gardens.  I found the lower slope of a garden which I am sure is one I toured on the Astoria garden tour about three years ago, a garden which abounds in rebar grids which are constructed with twisted wire fasteners rather than welded.  I could do that, given time and patience!  Because of the astonishing Astoria landslide, which has taken out the street at the end of this block, we could not figure out how to get around to the top side of this garden to eye it from the front.  I think that this challenging slope has been developed as a garden since the garden tour:

I would like to replicate the rebar grid.

Across the street was a house with a sign saying some kind of studio, and something about the window shutters suggests music!  The front garden had a floral sculpture and a tiny water bowl with shiny rocks.

So after admiring a parking strip of Oriental Poppies, we returned to Carol’s car and drove up and over to Niagara Street where we stopped at a little deli for juices and then recommenced our walkabout.  Now we were too high above our targeted area of old houses, in the more modern section of 40s era houses, none of which had wonderful gardens, as if the more modern houses resisted anything but carpets of junipers and lithadoras. So after a long loop on winding streets we returned to the car and to another attempt to access that certain magical neighbourhood.  Our first loop put us right back to the one exuberant gardenin the modern section, a collection of gnomic figures in a profusion of lilies.  Our second attempt found us some good old houses but no more amazing streetside gardens.  By then, I was rather tired…Astoria is all up and down, and reminds me pleasantly of the way Seattle was when I was a more energetic youth.  We found an enticing steep stairway and path but decided to save exploring it till next time.

Oriental poppy parking strip and a path of deep mystery; a secret vegetable garden was behind the hedge to the left.

Oriental poppy parking strip and a path of deep mystery; a secret vegetable garden was behind the hedge to the left.

A trolley ride along the water front sounded enticing, especially the sitting down part, but was not to be as at this time of year it runs Friday through Sunday only, so we walked along the salty lovely riverwalk and made a 45 minute visit to the Maritime Museum where I got misty-eyed over the rescue feats of the Coast Guard, and then the Andes Cafe for Peruvian food.

love these Astoria sidewalk planters

I have a feeling someone does not know that the pretty, but stinky, noxious weed Herb Robert (Geranium robertissimum or Stinking Bob!) is a big part of the planting on the left.

Meanwhile, I have not figured out how to fit into the narrative flow the gorgeous show my Virbunum is providing right now, so here it is:

Viburnum plicatum ‘Mariesii’; double file viburnum

As always, I was impressed with the Astoria street planters, excellently planted and designed with wire sides and plants all the way around.

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